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Oregon StandUp Trial Coverage


Much of the video I posted from YouTube has been removed during YT censorship program where videos deemed inappropriate or channels have been completely shut down, this continues today.  I will do my best to search for replacements, but this is what happens to freedom when the government and its crony's are at war with the people.  I do apologize for the inconvenience.


Your Source For Trial Coverage and Updates

Including Video, Articles and Source Documents

This coverage will begin as Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, David Fry, Jeff Banta, Kenneth Medenbach and Neil Wampler begin their defense against federal charges in which A total of 26 people were charged with conspiracy.  At this point, federal prosecutors for the DOJ, dropped charges against Pete Santilli, so 7 defendants remain.  This trial is expected to proceed throughout the month of November.  Please be aware that Judge Anna Brown and the US Attorneys Office have created a Media Blackout so to speak.  The court room is one of the smallest they could find, the gallery only limited to a dozen or so observers and only 3 press representatives have been allowed, 1-Oregon Live, 1-Oregon Public Broadcasting and the other was unidentified.  A separate court room has been set up with a video/audio feed.  Unlike the OJ Trial, the public has been shut out of their judicial system and their right to know.  Other trials will follow.


The way the information will be displayed will be the most current updates at the beginning of this page below this text.  Typed updates may include Hot Links, document and audio files.  Bookmark this page and sign up for email updates.


May God bless the proceedings and bring about His Miracles.


Sign The Petition To Impeach Judge Anna J. Brown

Her actions during this trial have been deplorable!

She is NOT serving as mediator, but practicing law from the bench.


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Update:  As of October 13 the government is trying to shut down the petition.  They have blocked Matthew's access to the petition he created.  It is a tyrannical government that silences its people.  Please continue to check for access and share! 


Let me introduce, a fellow Utahan, Todd MacFarlane, a Utah Rancher, Attorney, Writer on scene in Oregon for the trial.


September 13, 2016


Second Trial in Oregon Verdict March 9, 2017, a mixed bag.  Appeals will be initiated.





On October 27, 2016 A Jury of 12 found the First Tier of defendants Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, David Fry, Ken Medenbach, Jeff Banta and Neil Wampler NOT GUILTY for the stand they took against the injustice delbt the Hammond's in Oregon which protest took place at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  Upon the Jury uttering the verdict the government/court continued to place Ammon and Ryan Bundy under Federal Marshall control.  The law says, "you are free to go", but the government/court would not allow the men to walk free!  Ammon's Attorney, Marcus Mumford, petitioned the court for release of Ammon and his brother Ryan or produce legal documents that allowed the Marshall's to retain their custody.  Judge Anna J. Brown and the Marshall's could not, and would not produce the documents which resulted in Mr. Mumford insisting they let the men go, or produce the documents.  This resulted in the Judge exiting the bench without solving the matter and the US Marshall's assaulting Mr. Mumford in open court, surrounding him, twisting his legs, taking him to the ground and thereafter, deploying tasers upon him.  He was handcuffed and ARRESTED!  The video is a record of many eye witnesses who were in the court that day, each telling what injustice they saw.  The video includes the footage from the courtroom camera (without audio) of the incident, which shows an overbearing government NOT afraid of the people, excessive force and a cowardly government prosecution hightailing it out of the courtroom as the injustice continued.  Let it be said, "When a People fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the People there is Liberty".

Marcus Mumford, Utah/Oregon Attorney continues to fight his own court proceedings against a tyrannical government due to his stand in court for justice that day.


 View The Injustice of Marcus Mumford

  Share the video and get the word out that this injustice MUST STOP!


Update:  November 21, 2017

Daryl Thorn Sentencing Hearing took place today in Judge Anna J. Brown's court.  Only a few people showed up in support of Thorn, he asking, "where is everyone"?  Thorn was told that Duane Ehmer and his horse Hellboy were outside.  Courtroom Observers said that David Fry's Attorney and Jason Patrick's Attorney were both in attendance.  The proceedings began with some discussion about the level 5 for "Terrorism Enhancement".  The "Terrorism" charge was given the enhancement because Thorn was exercising his Second Amendment Right in view of Law Enforcement.  Judge Anna J. Brown lectured Thorn saying other Defendants got less time because they were not carrying weapons or they got down on the ground and kissed the feet of the government with their "apology".  Brown explained that terrorism is defined as when The People find their government to be destructive to their inalienable rights and exercise their right to "alter or abolish" that destructive government.  Brown continued by insulting Thorn by telling him, as he fought to defend himself against the charges that, he has no clue what is being discussed on his behalf and that, she and the Attorney's will have a discussion outside earshot of him and get back to him and tell him what it means.  Just another way to silence the accused in the courtroom insisting they use their court appointed BAR Attorney.  Observers say that Daryl's Attorney put together a video that was shown in court in which Thorn's Doctor appeared telling about Thorn's tragic upbringing and introduced a plan for rehabilitation and release, not making him a victim of the system.  It was reported that Judge Brown said "she was touched" by the video.  It was also reported that Prosecutor Ethan Knight referred to Daryl Thorn throughout the proceedings as "Mr. Thorn The Person".  In the end Daryl Thorn was sentenced to 18-27 months, with the level 5 enhancement and $5000.00 restitution.


Update:  November 16, 2017

Duane Ehmer's Sentencing Hearing took place today in Oregon.  He plead guilty to Destruction of Government Property and Degradation.  The Prosecution added a level six because of the estimate of the damage that had been done to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge for digging a ditch after LaVoy was murdered in order to protect themselves against a Waco style attack from the Federal government.  The damage was estimated to be between $40 -$70 thousand dollars, the cost of government employees sifting through the dirt to check for artifacts.  Anyone want to sign up for that sweet job?  The Prosecution wanted to add levels for using the excavator as a "deadly weapon", you heavy equipment operators see what's coming your way?  You terrorist you!  What does that say about the tanks that the government used at Waco?  The Prosecution claims they were used to intimidate Law Enforcement.  They claimed it was not a "fortification" because it was placed on the other side of the parking lot, which resulted in a plus 2.  The Defense argued for a minus 2 for a "minor role adjustment" because he only played a minor role, because he was only on the excavator for 5-8 minutes depending on how long Jake Ryan was on the excavator.  The Prosecution argued that Ehmer stayed on the property until the job was finished by Ryan and didn't leave promptly, so this should peg him into a major role not the minor role the Defense was advocating for.  The Judge did give the reduction by 2 for only playing a minor role.



Update:  November 3, 2016

In an article by the Oregonian November 2, 2016 they stated "The Bundy's were discharged from Multnomah County Detention Center about 7:45 a.m. Wednesday to the custody of US Marshall's.  The two are being flown to Nevada".  Although Ammon and Ryan Bundy have been acquitted, the US government continues to hold the two unlawfully for going on 9 months.  Ammon and Ryan were not taken to Nevada.  They are being held in the state of Washington at the Federal Facility known as SeaTac.  It is reported that the two will remain at SeaTac for the next month or so, although the inmate search says their release is "unknown".  The further away from thier family the better for the governments sake.  It is the governments plan to keep them far from their families for the holiday's.  The two apparently are being held in cells away from windows in a facility close to the Seattle Airport where the voices of supporters will be drowned out and daily fog will conceal the signs and flags displayed by supporters.  Lazaro Ecenarro was first to approach the PRISON to inquire about Ammon and Ryan and to provide documentation to the prison staff about the injustice and abuse being perpetrated upon the Bundy's.  He is keeping vigil outside the prison flying his flag and, at the top of his voice saying, "Free The Bundy's"!  We must remember that when government and it's operatives lie to the people and conceal their actions is when tyranny happens.  Please continue to pray for Ammon and Ryan and thier families, and that God will work his mighty miracles.




Act and Don't Be Afraid ~ Ammon Bundy





Bundy Attorney Morgan Philpot Account of Court Shenanigans


Mumford's Account of Take Down by US Marshall's



Utahan Rick Koeber's Account of Marcus Mumford Take Down & Arrest


  Marcus Mumford Tackled & Tased For Demanding Release of Ammon & Ryan Bundy

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Jury Member #11 BLM Employee Remains on Jury



 Jury & Court Update



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Clean Up the Patriot Community by Repenting



October 19, 2016


Closing Arguments continued today.  Ryan Bundy lead today's group for the Defense.  Much of what he wanted to say and do today was silenced by Judge Anna J. Brown.  Matthew Schindler defended each defendant, not just Kenneth Medenbach.  Schindler related a great analogy concerning the Prosecutions claim of the protesters "intimidation" at the Refuge, he described the conditions that are evident in the court and courtroom setting.  Schindler said he is intimidated every time I come to work in this building.  There are security scanners, armed "security guards", searches etc.  (Has the Fourth Amendment been suspended)?  Schindler also said, "in 20 years as a defense attorney I've never had a client who believed in God"!  ZERO!  He also said, "in 20 years he'd never represented a client who referenced the Constitution".  ZERO!  This is shocking to say the least! Defense Attorneys of the remaining defendants also gave closing arguments.  The Constitution was no allowed to be shown read or referenced by any of the Defense Attorneys.  (Does this tell you anything people?  The government has clearly subverted the Constitution and it's dead to them)!  As a side note, gallery viewing room 13 was evacuated for 45 minutes today during closing arguments because security said someone was eating Skittles!  They were all searched for any Skittles, M&M's or candy of any type before they were allowed to return to the viewing room.  Also, Kelli Stewart was escorted out by a US Marshall because she "was smiling too much".  It's good to know there's a bright spot even among the evil displayed by the US Marahalls, DOJ and Judge Anna J. Brown.


Report of Continued Closing Arguments


  Some Commentary About the Proceedings




Some Items Shared In Closing Arguments


Edwards vs South Carolina 


October 18, 2016


Judge Anna J. Brown and lawyers from both sides have been working to put together a Jury Instruction Booklet.  Brown asked both sides to examine the instructions page by page and raise any concerns they had.  Judge Brown submitted and instructions she helped create for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Some changes were suggested including Defense Attorney Marcus Mumford suggesting adding a sentence about constitutionally protected speech, to which the Judge said, "I don't think telling the jury about the words of the Constitution is very helpful.  They already will be told the First and Second Amendments offer protection to political speech but each have their limits".  Apparently she is unaware of the clause, "shall not be infringed".  Brown also suggested telling Jurors that, "under the Second Amendment, a person has a right to own and carry a firearm, including when lawfully exercising their First Amendment Rights.  BUT, the Second Amendment Right is not unlimited.  When it involves threats or intimidation it's no protected by the Second Amendment".  SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!   Later Brown had a clarification of her own.  "Is threat singular of plural"?  (Scratching head)!  The printout of the 30 page instructions is scheduled to be delivered to Jurors before Closing Arguments begin.

Prosecutors began their closing arguments with Ethan Knight asking Jurors to use "common sense" in the case against Ammon Bundy and the six others.  (And, we hope they do).  Knight continued, "it's not about their objections to more prison time for the Hammonds".  Knight argued, "their own words are testimony that their strategy to stake a claim to the Refuge through the principle of adverse possession supported the conspiracy charge".  The Prosecution then makes the Defendants case saying, "they told you they wanted to turn the property over to the people of Harney County".  It was clear that the Refuge Protest had a destabilizing effect on the county residents as the FBI and OSP were brought in to infiltrate the group with threats and intimidation and, through their agent provocateurs plant firearms and control the narrative.  Knight said defendants claim that Refuge employees could easily have shown up to work during the protest untrue, although through witness testimony it was established that some did come to the Refuge during the protest, and none were threatened or harmed.  Knight claimed that the defendants only welcomed people to the Refuge who supported their cause or fed them, and showed aggression by putting armed guards at the front gate, watchtower and conducted military-style firearms training.  Although, through witness testimony it was established that the public was invited to come to the Refuge in every press conference, and the "military-style training" was conducted by Agent Provocateur Fabio Minoggio aka John Killman.  Knight said, "people brought their guns to fortify themselves in a place that didn't belong to them, the message was very clear, stay away".  Knight then replayed the video of 10 men firing rifles at the Refuge Boat Launch saying, "this is not a firing range, this is a wildlife refuge that belongs to other people where not firearms are permitted".  The fact that the exercise filmed at the boat launch was instigated by agent provocateur Fabio Minoggio and that the Refuge pamphlets say hunting is allowed on the property which is public land seems to have escaped the Prosecution.  Prosecutors described Sheriff David Ward as heroic as he accommodated Ammon Bundy as FBI decisions not to make arrests right away and allow the agent provocateurs to completely infiltrate the group and organize the Ambush and destruction in the aftermath as a "calculated decision".  Ward's effort not to escalate the situation and "disengage" are absurd, as the Prosecution proved in their own case plans were put in motion before the Rally for the Hammonds on January 2, 2016.  Evidence shows that EVERYTHING the government did escalated the situation including the meetings orchestrated by Judge Grasty and Sheriff David Ward.  Knight said the reason the FBI didn't grab fingerprints off the 34 firearms paraded before the court early in the case of the Prosecution was because, "this case is not a whodunit".  Yet- isn't this a job we expect from an agency such as the FBI?  The truth is, the reason they didn't grab fingerprints is because they KNEW all but 2 of the firearms belonged to Law Enforcement and Idaho Police Department.  It wouldn't take a genious to figure out that one belonged to Ammon, since he has a scabbard with his name on it, and the other belonged to LaVoy, the man they murdered on Highway 395.  Any of us could have done a better job with the evidence in this case, as we have.  It begs the question, "what was the grand jury thinking when they were presented the evidence"?  Oh ya, the grand jury was not assembled to see the evidence!  Knight said Ammon was clearly the "leader".  Knight said Ryan operated heavy machinery at the Refuge in taking down a portion of fence with the permission of the property owner.  Yet, he also used that same equipment to haul tons of garbage and rat feces in the big cleanup the protesters were engaged in in every facility!  Knight said Ryan "aided and abetted" the removal of FBI cameras spying on the public.  Although there is a whole press conference where the FBI was invited to come and get the cameras.  Knight also said Shawna Cox was a leader.  That she had a thumb drive on her at her detainment that contained more than 5,000 documents "stolen" from the Refuge, forgetting these were digital copies!  An audio of an interview of Cox saying she was at the Refuge gathering records to help the Hammond's in their case.  Knight also played video of the ambush event in which Cox told LaVoy Finicum to "gun it", which meant to speed off as they had been fired at several times already, the first being the shot at Ryan Payne's hands as he placed them outside the window when they came to a stop.  Knight said, "it's not a bout beliefs and values".  One things for sure, that government in this case has none!  Knight moved through the other four defendants concluding with Kenneth Medenbach changing Refuge signs and decals on Refuge trucks that read "Harney County Resource Center" a clear message that the protestors were moving forward with their goal of Adverse Possession.


Prosecution Begins Closing Arguments


Other highlights.  Prosecution government witnesses numbered 46, 43 of which were paid by the government.  One, Butch Eaton, ended up being a witness for the Defense.  The Defense called 25 witnesses, including Paid Informants and government Provocateurs.  Ammon has said from the beginning, "Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant", in this case the government is STILL hiding the truth.  Ben Jones, FBI Agent, engaged in witness tampering DURING THE TRIAL, as he showed up on Duane Schrock's doorstep armed and accompanied by another agent to try to commit perjury in his testimony about firearms.  Prosecution forgets proticol as they repeatedly objected to closing arguments of Marcus Mumford.  A great quote by the Defense today, "government has become a lynch mob for the elite".  Sheriff David Ward's statement that the "Nevada Sheriff should have done his job" was laughable.  And the Bombshell revealed by the Defense today was that only 2 of the 34 firearms the Prosecution took a whole day to show the court belonged to the Defendants.  The FBI didn't even put forth the slightest effort to dust of fingerprints!  PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYING SEVERAL TIMES A DAY UNTIL THE VERDICT COMES IN, it would be appreciated.


Closing Arguments


October 17, 2016

Some of The Peoples evidence being censored by Judge Anna J. Brown and the US Attorneys Office/DOJ and MORE.  Thanks to the dedicated research of Lazaro Espenosa.


Part 1

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5



Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge obtained a lawyer to quash a subpoena Ryan Bundy submitted in order to obtain membership records.  In the motion the quash the subpoena Attorney David McDonald argued the records sought were not relevant to the case.  McDonald Suggested the court inspect the records privately and determine if they had value as evidence in this case.  To this point, the records remain private.  Chris Gardner (Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Board of Directors) visited the refuge January 9, 2016 to check on the Nature Store that the organization operates at the Refuge free of charge.


The Defense, in an attempt to expose 15 confidential sources and FBI operatives, want to call a man who goes by the alias of "John Killman" who was reported by the accused as participating in, and conducting, "firearms" and military-style maneuvers at the Refuge January 23 through January 26, and trained Jeff Banta in hand-to-hand combat techniques.  Killman was reported to have spoke with a French/South African accent.  Killman's Facebook profile included a majority of "friends" who attended the protest at the Refuge.  Marcus Mumford said, "We are dealing with a situation of a confidential informant who participated in the commission of the alleged offense".  As government does, they would not confirm or deny that Killman (ok, try not to laugh),was a government operative.  US Attorney Geoffrey Barrow said, "we aren't obligated to reveal it's sources".  Barrow asserted that if their operatives take the stand and say something outside what they are told to say by the government, the government is responsible for discrediting them on the stand.  Lawyer for the Defense, Tiffany Harris said Killman is adamant that he wasn't an FBI informant, but un-redacted records suggest he was acting as Confidential source number 2.  It was then revealed that "John Killman" was a Swiss Militaryman Fabio Minoggio.  Judge Anna Brown requested that a court appointed attorney be assigned to Fabio Minoggio to represent him in the case of criminal liability if called to the witness stand.  Norman Sepinuk was appointed as Minoggio's council and Sepinuk informed Judge Brown, in her chambers, that Minoggio intends to testify and will no plead the fifth.  Defense lawyers will now meet with Sepinuk. Fabio Minoggio said he did offer firearms classes to the protesters at the Refuge.  Fabio Minoggio was present during the firing of weapons from the boat launch, and apparently in charge.  Judge Brown says the confirmation of this information is "a very unique scenario" as Minoggio himself said he was "reimbursed" for his expenses.  As to the other 12 confidential informants, Judge Brown would not order the government to release their identities.  Matthew Schindler, Kenneth Medenbach's Attorney, argued the defense team has a right to know who these mystery people are, and who brought the 34 firearms to the Refuge.  Judge Brown will only allow the number of government operatives to be made known to the Jury.


Judge Anna J. Brown ruled today the the Prosecution can't call a government lawyer to report on the court orders that were in place regarding Cliven Bundy's case in Bunkerville Nevada.  Brown also will not allow BLM agent Jason Curry to report on the Bunkerville Standup known as Bundy Ranch.  US Attorney Barrow would like to have used the information to discredit Ammon Bundy's testimony concerning the incident.


Prosecutors called their first witness in the rebuttal.  FBI special agent Ben Jones challenged the witness for the Defense, Duane Schrock, who testified he was bullied and intimidated by Jones in regards to appearing as a witness for the defense.  Jones admitted he paid Schrock a visit on September 21, 2016 at the request of US Attorney Craig Gabriel.  Jones admitted to intimidating Schrock into testifying he had seen more than a "hand full" of guns.  During cross-examination Ryan Bundy and Marcus Mumford Jones admitted when he visited Schrock he was armed and accompanied by another agent.


Judge/Commissioner Steven Grasty was called to the witness stand, an important fact completely ignored by Maxine Bernstein.  Judge Grasty perjured himself when asked if he remembered Sheriff Lt. Brian Needham telling everyone in the meeting of government officials, including COWS representatives, that the protesters had not committed any crimes.  Maybe Maxine Bernstein could have reminded Grasty that it was recorded and posted to the internet by Oregon Public Broadcasting!

Listen to That Meeting By Clicking This Text. 

Grasty revealed during cross-examination by Defense Counsel Tiffany Harris, "is it true that you purchased 20 acres of "BLM Land"?  Grasty squirmed and tried to evade the answer, but he was forced to admit that he had made the purchase through connection to his brother, a BLM connection.


Benjamin Jones Lies Under Oath!

  Witness to John Killman's Bully "Training" As He Acted As Agent Provocateur.


Witness Tampering by US Attorney Gabriel Knight


Defense Forced To Rest It's Case.  At Least 9 Government Provocateurs Resided At Refuge Jan. 4-26


Bombshell! $100,000,000,000.00 Being Spent On Bribing Jury!


Fabio Minoggio aka "John Killman" exposed


More Detailed Account Pt 1

Pt 2

October 14, 2016


David Fry took to the stand to testify about what circumstances culminated in his trip to the Refuge, his duties while there and how he became one of the "final four".


David Fry's Testimony In Court.  The world according to Maxine Bernstein/Oregonian.


There were many important details left out of Maxine Bernstein's account at the Oregonian.  Some of which were these...David Fry's video of him reading from the Quran was shown to the Jury.  David tells about the two "Navy Seals" that arrived at the Refuge on January 25, 2016 and stayed through January 27th.  These agent provocateurs were described as rude, crude and did a lot of damage and destruction to the refuge before they left.  (These "men", possible informants, broke all of the rules set down by the protestors, wanting to show the utmost respect for the facilities.  This is why they deep cleaned and made repairs, an Fry also told how they found Indian artifacts outdoors in the snow and brought them in the building for safe keeping.  These provocateurs probably left the tobacco, booze bottles and destruction photographed after the "final four" surrendered).  The FBI cut off all phone service EXCEPT to the phone they slipped in to one of the vehicles forming a barricade outside the Refuge.  Fry testified that the tactics revealed by Ammon, Demonize, Isolate, and Destroy, where deployed on him.  Drone activity was the norm, as they were spotted overhead.  The FBI exposed him to cruel and unusual punishment as they called him three times a day, keeping him on the phone for three hours at a time.  Fry and Banta observe men in the woods with night-vision equipment.  At the time everyone else "bugged out" the Refuge was invaded by 20 army-type vehicles.  FBI continues to escalate Fry's situation as they call and announce new charges with all the final fours fortifications, instead of negotiating a way to conclude the circumstances they found themselves in.  Fry testified that on February 10, 2016, one day before his surrender, 8 Bear-cats were added to the Refuge arsenal.  Fry also found camera equipment on a tripod that was set up to photograph them.  While Fry tried to negotiate a release he gave the FBI a test.  It tested them by asking them if the FBI would negotiate a pardon with President Obama like President Clinton did with Marc Rich, who had fled to Switzerland to avoid US Prosecution.  Problem was, the FBI was either "playing dumb" or lying to Fry.  The FBI said that he can only be pardoned after conviction and while serving a prison sentence.  That was the catch.  Fry knew that Marc Rich never returned to US soil to be convicted and imprisoned, but Bill Clinton pardoned him anyway!  (In the linked story you'll also find the fact that Russia was allowed to purchase 20% of all US Uranium production.  Tying the Clinton Foundation to the mining and commodities market becomes very easy reading this article).  Fry said, "the FBI are bullies, and bullies don't negotiate a peaceful resolution".  Fry talked about the only ultimatums provided by the "government bullies".  He sighted "turn yourself in".  And I'll add, "get out of town".  He said the FBI was always trying to provoke a fight.  When cross-examined, Fry was asked about his opinion of getting the issues he was concerned about reported by the media.  He displayed brilliance when he said, "the media is supposed to be the watchdog of the people, but what they've become is  a lapdog for the government".  The "Bombshell" moment was when David Fry blew Maxine Bernstein's report of David having three guns in his car at the Refuge.  David was asked by Prosecutors if he owned guns?  And, if he brought them to the Refuge?  David testified that he "did not", he never touched a gun until after they moved out of the Refuge proper and started fortifying their surroundings after FBI aggression.  Fry was asked, "how were things at the Refuge after the leaders were arrested" and LaVoy was murdered?..."What was the atmosphere after the leadership was gone"?  Fry testified that he disputed their claim that, "all the leadership was gone".  He said, "I would say that those who were most organized were arrested".  He testified to the fact that everyone who fled the Refuge in the bug out was told, "they would not be arrested if they didn't have any weapons".  And, that everyone left was then framed because of the 34 weapons and ammunition left behind, sealing their fate.    


The Details Maxine Bernstein Won't Give You.


Part 2-The Intimidation of Duane Schrock (Audio Only)


Local Residents Visit Refuge Including Duane Schrock Filmed by Shawna Cox



October 13, 2016

Ryan Payne attorney Rich Federico made motion to withdraw the guilty plea in the Oregon Standoff Case.  The details of the court proceeding can be heard in the video below.



Russel "Rusty" Hammond (Son of Dwight Hammond, Brother of Steven) was not covered in full by Maxine Bernstein of the Oregonian.  Bernstein left out some of the most important testimony by Rusty.  Before Hammond took the stand there was a discussion about what he could, or could not say on the stand.  He was not to talk about his family or their horrible situation that sent Dwight and Steven back to Federal Prison.  NONE OF IT! Although that is the whole reason the Refuge Protest took place!  Hammond was not on the stand for long.  He was asked, "will you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" on the Holy Bible?  Rusty responded, "if you'll let me".  To which the Judge made him ref raise his answer to "yes".  He was asked where he lived?  If he met with Ammon Bundy and when?  He stated that he met Ammon December 15, 2015.  The Defense asked if he has received threats if they talked to Ammon Bundy ever again?  He responded, "yes"!  In the video below you'll hear an account of the public confronting Maxine Bernstein of the Oregonian about printing an accurate record of the court trial proceedings and not reporting her own bias she obviously displays about the protestors and their plight with the government overreach and turning a deaf ear to their grievances.  If you read her account, all she reports is the day she met Ammon for the first time and why he was in Burns to show support for their family.  Bernstein does say that the Hammonds did receive threats if they contacted Ammon again and said, "he didn't identify whom", which is a blatant lie!  The FACT is, the threats came from the FBI!  The video below shows the legal document, the sworn affidavit, the names them and what threats they received.  Her reporting is completely biased.



Other witnesses took to the stand.  Shawna Cox was successful at getting her video of the ambush on Highway 395 that resulted in the murder of LaVoy Finicum and the shoulder wound of Ryan Bundy submitted into evidence and presented to the Jury.  All reports from the gallery said Shawna did a great job, although Judge Brown cautioned the Jury "the evidence could be quite prejudicial", adding "the defendants pick and choose which laws they want to follow".  Shawna testified that as they drove the canyon road that day she saw a line of unmarked cars to the right as they were driving north.  Then she saw flashing lights.  She heard Ryan Payne say, "its' a setup"!  And, LaVoy Finicum say, "It's an ambush"!  Cox testified that when Finicum stopped his truck Payne rolled down his window and thrust out both hands showing his palms.  Suddenly a red laser appeared and a shot was fired.  Payne jumped out of the truck and yelled, "there are women inside"!  Authorities told the women they should come out.  After a discussion with Victoria Sharp they determined they would not get out because they just got shot at.  Cox said she was perplexed because the authorities did not attempt to approach the vehicle and ask for ID etc. as is customary in a normal traffic stop.  Cox then said, "we didn't exit the vehicle because it was our secure spot.  We were afraid to get out.  We felt like we were pinned down.  We felt like we were going to all be killed.  In fact, we were sure we were all in a death trap".  At that point Kenneth Medenbach stood to ask Shawna a question about jury nullification.  He was quickly shut down by Judge Brown saying, "stop, I'm not going to let a defendant ask any questions about jury nullification".  Medenbach's response was, "and the corruption continues".  During cross-examination the Prosecution asked Cox about Ryan Bundy having a revolver in his hand while they were "hunkered down" in the back of the truck after the shooting of Finicum.  Shawna responded, "I had no idea, I never saw a gun".  They then focused on her not exiting the vehicle when asked to.


Shawna Cox's video of the ambush/death trap played in court today.


Richard Mack (Former Sheriff) testified that he called Sheriff David Ward of Harney County Oregon at Ammon Bundy's request to "put the federal government on notice that he was in charge of the Hammonds".  Sheriff Ward is contradicting himself according to video footage and testimony from Ammon Bundy and Richard Mack that Ward believed the Hammonds should NOT go back to prison as testified by Mack.  It was also established during testimony that Mack participated in the support rally for the Hammonds on January 2, 2016.  Mack also told how he thought the Refuge protest was a bad idea and was afraid someone would get hurt.  He testified he thought Sheriff Ward was derilct of duty for not arresting Ammon Bundy at their open air meeting outside the Refuge.  The Judge struck his testimony at this point.  Mack finished by answering the question, "who serves as the top law enforcement officer"?  Mack responded, "it's the Sheriff, always has been".  US Attorney Ethan Knight asked Mack, "did Ammon Bundy ever mention adverse possession to you as one of his reasons for occupying the Refuge"?  To which Mack responded, "he may have, but I don't remember what that is".


Ammon Bundy and Sheriff Ward Meeting Outside Refuge.


Another Perspective.


Charmaigne Edwards, local Harney County Resident/County Commissioner testified for the Defense. Edwards testified that she attended the January 6, 2016 community meeting to see for herself what was going on at the Refuge.  She testified that she went back to the Refuge with friends in tow to interview Ryan Bundy.  She attended a 3 hour meeting in which Ammon Bundy read from a whiteboard and taught the Constitution and "First Claim Rights".  She was asked by the Defense if she heard talk of Adverse Possession?  Edward responded, "yes".  "Did you organize a meeting of your own in your own town to teach these issues"? the defense asked.  "Yes" she answered.  Edwards testified that she held the meeting at the local school, about 50 people showed up in a town with a population of five.  She only used "word of mouth" to publicize it.  Edwards drove 200 miles to listen to Ammon teach at the Refuge.  She traveled to Grant County/Jon Day on January 26, 2016 with her husband and planned to go to Ontario to hear Ammon speak on January 28, 2016.  Edwards testified she sat on multiple boards including 1 of 17 in the country on grazing rights.  Her main interest was Adverse Possession.


Linda Gainer (Harney County Resident Owner of The Narrows Cafe) The gallery reported that she seemed very scared.  Very uncomfortable.  Gainer is a restaurant owner in The Narrows.  Gainer testified to the view from the road leading to the Dunbar property and the fact that you cannot see the watchman's tower from Dunbar's property, impeaching their FBI/government bribes to report on Refuge protestors and their activities.  This will be taken up in court later in the proceedings.


Linda Gainer Interview

This video has now been deleted by YouTube.  

That is how damming this evidence is.

This Video Also Validates the Fact LE Would Not Respond To 911 If Called


Rebecca Kingen testified that she visited the Refuge with her children January 7, 2016.  Kingen wanted to "learn for herself if the protestors were just like we are".  The Defense asked Kingen, "was it safe"?  She responded, "yes, why not"?  Ryan Bundy presented a copy of the article and photos Kingen's son produced for his school paper called The Desert Rat under the headline, "The Bundy Family Makes a Stand at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge", to which the Prosecution objected saying it was irrelevant.  Kingen further testified she visited the Refuge twice and saw Ammon arrive at a community meeting January 9, 2016 and saw him get out of the car.  The Prosecution objected, and it was sustained.


Kingen's Visit to Interview Ryan Bundy Documented here.


Diane Marie Holthaus of Idaho testified for the Defense that she visited the Refuge twice including a weeks stay from January 10-17.  Holthaus said she spent most of her time there cooking and cleaning.  Neil Wampler was often in the kitchen while she was there.  She testified she and Wampler never talked about wanting to prevent federal employees from doing their work at the Refuge.


Travis Walker, also never mentioned by Maxine Bernstein's Oregonian article, was witnessed by the gallery to be very uncomfortable, and his voice was very shaky.  He faced questioning about something called "Quick Pics", in which everyone that visited the Refuge was subject to.  It's some sort of surveillance program or process in which everyone is tracked.  It was unclear weather this is done by computer algorithm or by persons behind a desk.  This process also documented relationships to other individuals.


Charles Stephenson (Former FBI Agent) testified that most of the weapons he saw pictured in photos from the Refuge occupation appeared to be in an "at rest, secure and non-threatening position".  Stephenson testified that drawing a conclusion about someone's intent based on a frozen moment in time without knowing the totality of the circumstances is impossible.  US Attorney asked, "would it matter if a person were to carry a firearm ina place where they had no lawful right to be"?  Which violates the Second Amendment, Stephenson's reply was, "yes".


Also discussed with motions was upcoming testimony of Duane Schrock (Member of The Committee of Safety in Harney County) the Defense said Schrock is receiving intimidation from FBI Agent Ben Jones to control his testimony, which could jeopardize his own testimony if the Prosecution really decides to go after him.  There was also discussion about admitting a letter, possibly written by LaVoy Finicum from a notebook in possession of, possibly, Melissa Cooper.  A motion of complete disclosure of the governments informants was also discussed.  The DOJ asserted they have the right to conceal the identities sighing the Brady Bill.  The DOJ is apparently unaware that the Brady Bill was ruled unconstitutional do to a Supreme Court Case Mack/Prinz vs USA.  Maybe Sheriff Mack can return to the stand to testify to this fact. 


Some testimony you won't hear from the Oregonian


Another brief synopsis of trial session


Last Minute Shenanigans.  Marcus Mumford, Attorney for the Defense Motion to submit damning email where Governor Kate Brown and her cohorts Brett Brownscombe and Richard Whitman and Judge/Commissioner Steven Grasty, among others make plans to "stop the virus".  The plans for the Ambush/Kill Stop were born.

Listen to the highlights of the proceedings and a portion of the email communication. 


October 11, 2016


Court resumed today after the Columbus Day Holiday.  The Defense continued calling witnesses including another FBI informant Terri Linnell.  It was established that Linnell was befriended by a San Diego six months before she was asked to travel to the Refuge to supply the FBI information about the protesters and their activities to which she received $3000 from the government.  Her assignment included reporting on six specific individuals, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper, Jon Ritzheimer and Joseph O'Shaughnessy.  Her MO was "Mamma Bear" cook and cleaning help at the Refuge January 12-23.  Linnell testified to the fact that there were no drugs or alcohol at the Refuge, and that she did not see Neil Wampler, Shawna Cox or David Fry carrying guns and that Shawna Cox played and "administrative roll" not as leader.  Since Linnell was testifying for the Defense, the Prosecution treated her as a "hostile witness".  US Attorney Geoffrey Barrow pointed out during cross-examination that she had reported to the FBI January 14, 2016 that she "herd talk among the people at the Refuge about taking over another federal facility in Burns".  To which Linnell responded, "WHAT"?  "What report are you looking at"?  Barrow also read from a report that Linnell told FBI January 19, 2016 she was uncomfortable with children being at the Refuge.  She testified to the fact that she didn't think it appropriate for children to be out of school.  Barrow asked about her report to the FBI January 21, 2016 that people at the Refuge where conducting patrols while armed, to which she responded, "they were carrying little six shooters".  Linnell also reported "sovereigns" at the Refuge and that some were saying they could authorize others to become US Marshals.  Linnell also testified that the FBI asked her a lot of "irrelevant questions".  Defense Attorney Per C. Olson (David Fry's Attorney), asked Linnell if the FBI asked her to report any illegal activity?  The which responded, "Yes".  Olson asked, "did you see any"?  Linnell answered, "No".


"I'm nobody, I'm just a Mom".  Terri Linnell FBI Informant



Ryan Bundy, fought back emotions as he called his wife Angie to the stand.  Angie established through questioning that Ryan traveled to Oregon with LaVoy Finicum January 2, 2016 for the Hammond Rally.  Ryan asked Angie, "what were my plans on returning"?  Angie answered, "you told me you'd be home Monday at the latest.  I packed one change of clothes for you".  Angie testified she wanted her husband back home, that "you had duties at church, and as husband and father to our kids".  


Sheila Dutton (Cousin of Shawna Cox) was called to testify.  Dutton testified that Shawna Cox had called her around 9:00 p.m. New Years Eve and asked her to accompany her to the Rally for the Hammonds.  Cox picked her up around 6:99 a.m. on New Years Day to drive to Burns Oregon.  Dutton described the rally as, "a walk around the block".  Dutton testified that she was with Shawna the entire time in Burns, and that neither of them attended any planning meeting regarding the Refuge protest.  Dutton and Cox eventually did drive out to the Refuge together saying, "we've driven this many miles, we might as well see what started this whole thing".  Dutton returned home January 4, 2016 while Shawna stayed in Oregon until her and her traveling companions were ambushed on Highway 395 in Oregon where her friend LaVoy Finicum was murdered January 26, 2016.


Donald Cox (Shawna Cox's Husband) was called to testify that Shawna did not want to travel to Oregon because of concern for his health, yet he encouraged her to go.  "It is only for a few days", he testified.


Michelle Gutyon (A Forensic Psychologist who evaluated David Fry) who diagnosed him with Schizotypal Personality Disorder do to the death of LaVoy Finicum, testified that David Fry had, "felt a voice telling him Mr. Finicum would not survive this incident, and that he wanted to meet him".  That he felt, "it was giving him a premonition that he had to come out to Oregon".  And that, "he was concerned that he was going to be harmed and killed".


Janalee Tobias (Women Against Gun Control & Save Open Space) Utah resident.  Characterized by Lisa Maxfield Neil Wampler's Attorney as a "tree-hugger" and second amendment advocate, testified she traveled to the Refuge January 7, 2016.  Tobias attended a meeting with the Bundy's and Finicum that next day.  She told the men she was "concerned about the perception people would have from displaying 'long guns and ugly guns' a the Refuge".  Tobias said, "when people see long guns and guly guns they were being perceived as the aggressor".  US Attorney Geoffery Barrow cross-examined Tobias asking, "in your opinion, would the world perceive the occupiers with long guns as threatening or intimidating"?  The which Tobias responded, "yes".  Upon redirect, Tobias said, "I believe they were there to educate people about the Hammonds and the Constitution and they were not the aggressors at all".  Although Tobias was a witness for the Defense it is hard to tell.  My opinion is that, just as in her visit/meeting with the Bundy's and LaVoy, she is playing both sides, and you can't have it both ways.  In Utah she's been found playing both sides on the second amendment too as she advocates for women's rights and gun ownership on one hand and then invites Clark Aposhian to speak at her rally on the State Capital steps.  Clark Aposhian purports to be a second amendment advocate in Utah but, makes backroom deals with Governor Herbert to undermine them.  And, just like Oathkeepers, tried to take control over the Oregon Protest at the Refuge, going so far as telling them what words and phrases to use, trying to control the narrative.  I will post a video of her visit in which she, along with LaVoy's brother Guy and sister Charla Christie, Todd MacFarlane, Steve Maxfield among others un-named lecturing the men on how to conduct their protest.  This article says they went there to "De-escilate the situation".


Utahan's Travel To Refuge In Oregon


Utah Delegation Game Plan

Pt. 1

Pt. 2


Vicky Davis (Voice of Idaho) also testified that while at the Refuge January 4, 2016 she saw a man wearing a US Fish & Wildlife Service uniform get into one of the agency vehicles.


Example of Vicky Davis' work.  Interviewing Thom Davis Oregon Rancher



Kenneth Memenbach, Oregon Resident demonized by Oregonian reporter Maxine Bernstein as a "land rights preacher", also took to the witness stand to testify for the Defense, along with Rodney Glen Cooper (Sheriff Dave Ward's Cousin).  Their testimony can be heard in the video below.



Matthew Deathridge (Coos Bay Oregon) also testified.  His testimony and cross-examination is contained in the videos below.  He's the individual who started the petition to Impeach Judge Anna J Brown.  Maxine Bernstein of the Oregonian reported that, "Geoffrey Barrow (US Attorney) introduced a 'ZINGER'"!  Only people who read the Oregonian are unaware of the petition...there's your "ZINGER" Bernsteirn! And the observation that Judge Brown simply "took notes and didn't show any response" is an out and out lie!  Several witnesses from the public sitting in the gallery testified that Judge Brown was embarrassed turning red and putting her head in her hands..."ZINGER"!



Matthew appears in this video and comments on his testimony.


October 7, 2016

Ryan Bundy calls Ammon, his brother, to the witness stand.  Ryan, through questioning, established his life long relationship with Ammon and the gospel teaching to, "Love Thy Neighbor".  Ryan established that he spoke to Ammon about supporting the Harney County Oregon family, the Hammonds, but did not speak about the protest at the bird Refuge.  Ammon relates the knowledge he had of Ryan and LaVoy Finicum traveling to the rally for the Hammond's together.  Ammon testified to the fact that Ryan came to Oregon unprepared for the cold weather and that he did not share his idea to "take a hard stand" at the Refuge until the morning of January 2, 2016 at the Old Castle Restaurant involving 30 others.  Ammon told how he was inspired by God to take the stand after being ignored by Harney County Officials to protect the Hammonds from being taken to serve a second sentence for domestic terrorism for starting a back-fire to protect their property and resources.  Ryan asked that a government exhibit be shown to Jurors showing a list of names and the duties they were there to perform that was confiscated from Ammon's phone violating the fourth amendment.  The "notes" were dated January 7, 2016.  "Why is my name under 'claim'"? Ryan asked.  "Because you volunteered", was Ammon's reply.  "Is staking a claim to the land part of the Adverse Possession process"?  Ammon responded in the affirmative.  "It is a form of political protest, seeking to reclaim the land known as the Refuge property for the people of Harney County through the Adverse Possession principle".  Ryan asked Ammon, "how did you think the Refuge occupation was going to end"?  Ammon responded, "either the land would be transferred to the people and ranchers of Harney County of the government would 'trespass us', we welcomed both those outcomes".  "Has this land issue been going on for decades"?  Ryan asked.  To which Ammon responded, "yes".  "Does it affect many people in the Western Untied States"?  Ryan asked.  "Yes", Ammon responded.  The Prosecution, during cross examination asked Ammon about alleged changes made to the Refuge during the protest including the alleged building of a new road to the bunkhouse.  To this Ryan upon redirect after objecting to the questions by the Prosecution asked that the Jurors be shown a Google map photo of the Refuge from May 8, 2015.  The photo showed two faint paths leading to the bunkhouse.  Ryan asked Ammon to circle both paths.  Ryan later establishes that they help improve the wheelchair access.


October 6, 2016


It was another day of testimony mostly from Ammon Bundy including cross examination by the Prosecution.  The Defense showed several video clips and photos of prayer sessions, training sessions on land rights and visits from local ranchers among others.  The Prosecution only cross examined Ammon for approximately 15 minutes and trying to con volute things by asking about use of the building and contents, but Ammon distinguished between a non profits items and the public facilities and grounds.  It was quite laughable since the governments dispute has been that the public lands are public...BUT, don't try to use them.  Sound familiar?  Although Matthew Schindler is Defense for Kenneth Medenbach, he seemed to try to stick Ammon with the theft of the maroon pouch filled with valuables found in Medenbach's possession when he was arrested.  Made me scratch my head.

Here's an example of the meetings they were holding with the Oregon Locals.

Listen to the rest of the highlights of the proceedings in the video below.


Although Jeanette Finicum took the witness stand practically NOTHING was reported about it.  She testified of the course of events that took her husband to Oregon to Rally for the Hammonds and later led him to travel to the Refuge.  She tried to discourage him from staying at the Refuge.  She proceeded to request his return to their home in Arizona.  Her husband LaVoy Finicum said, "I have committed to stay because local ranchers are urging me to do so".  She testified to later visited the Refuge the weekend of January 22, 2016.  Jeanette planned to meet up with her husband again in Idaho, but her husbands Ambush Murder prevented her from doing that.


Here is a video mentioning Jeanette's appearance on the witness stand.



October 5, 2016


The day started out with a Mumford/Brown exchange about video evidence Mumford wanted to provide as evidence two local ranchers described to Ammon.  The ranchers told how the Obama administration was proposing a national monument in their county, and how it was going to destroy their livelihoods.  The interview took place in Linda Beck's office at the Refuge of which the Prosecution presented evidence of damages caused by the protesters.  Judge Anna Brown refused to let the Defense play the video.  Mumford objected that the Prosecution had presented many photos of the location as evidence, so why not allow the video?  Judge Brown ruled that the rancher's story was not relevant to the case.


Here's the Video, You Decide!

Here's an Additional Video that Tells the Same Story Filmed in the Same Office

These videos are from Shawna Cox although I have seen the same video above shot from the perspective of Ammon's location.


Another exchange that blows the mind is when Mumford wanted to have Ammon relate a conversation he personally had with Dwight Hammond, to which he references in a video he filmed in November 2015.  While on the witness stand Ammon started to talk about that conversation when Prosecutor Ethan Knight objected saying it was "hearsay".  Judge Brown sustained the objection.  This is ludicrous because Ammon was present for the conversation!  He was one of the two having the conversation.  In what would does this make sense?  Judge Brown continued to quiet Mumford several times, and that she would take it up out of the Jurys presence.  Mumford asked for a mistrial do to the fact that Judge was limiting the evidence the Defense wants to provide.  Brown said she would reconsider his argument and allowed Ammon to tell how the Hammonds felt threatened and how Hammond expressed concern for Ammon's safety as well.


Here is the video Mumford wanted to play.


The following video is a record of the rest of the proceedings.  I hope you'll listen.


Jason Patrick briefly stood before Judge Brown shortly after lunch to declare "I don't plan to invoke my Fifth Amendment Right if called to testify in the current trial.  Patrick's Attorney, Andrew Kohlmetz, tried to convince Patrick not to speak on the stand.  Patrick declared, "he does not speak for me".

Michelle Fiore also took the stand.  Although the news reports don't really say what was asked of her, the Judge, Prosecution and Oregon Live were greatly annoyed by her testimony.  One thing that was mentioned was her, being a member of COWS (Coalition of Western States) they met with Harney County Representatives to see how to resolve the protest.  Judge Grasty, FBI Agent Eric Barhart, among others, and although Sheriff Ward was not at this important meeting, he sent a representative.  State Representatives from COWS from Idaho, Nevada and Washington were in attendance.  Fiore testified, "the FBI and State Officials verified that the Refuge occupiers hadn't broken any Oregon Laws".


Here is the meeting Michelle Fiore was testifying to.


The day ended with US Marshall Troy Gangwisch attending to Ammon Bundy while he sat in the courtroom after trial proceeding waiting to consult with his lawyer, went online, using his counsel's computer, to sent his wife a love note.  Gangwisch telling him to, "stop and get off the computer".  Ammon told him, "I am not going to do what you want", as reported by Maxine Berstein of the Oregoian.  Subsequently,  Ammon was forced into a hearing with Judge Robert E. Jones by the US Marshalls Service, moving to restrict Ammon and his Counsel from meeting in person within close proximity together and in conjunction with his brother Ryan.  Before the trial began Ammon petitioned the court to require he be allowed to meet regularly with his brother Ryan and testify that he was being denied meeting with his defense counsel.  Ammon won the motion.  Judge Jones listened as the US Marshalls Office moved to END the special accommodations previously allowed by the court.  Jones judgement was to "maintain" the restrictions.  Jones told Mumford they will only be allowed to meet with his client in the courthouse interview room where Ammon is separated from his lawyer and only visible through a "see-through scree".  Jones also told Mumford, "I hope you tell your client it's stupid to make remarks like he did".  This incident, once again, shows how the government will violate it's own rules in order to accomplish their evil designs, the total lack of compassion Tray Gangswisch showed during this incident demonstrates how government workers will use the system to benefit themselves.  Sending a note to your wife to let her know you love her is not detrimental to conspire against government workers.


October 4, 2016


William Fry (David Fry's Father) took the witness stand telling the court how he tried to discourage his son from going to the Refuge.  David told his father he wanted to let the world know about the injustices that the ranchers faced.  Fry told the court his son is a computer wiz, not a gun enthusiast, he had three guns and two were given to him as gifts from him and his grandfather.  He testified all he saw his son pack to go to the Refuge was a computer, cellphones and technical equipment.

Judge Brown requested the public and Jury leave the courtroom for a "sealed in camera"session, but wouldn't tell anyone why.

John F. Witzel was called to the stand by Jeff Banta's lawyer.  Witzel testified that he had made the 2012 video of the Miller Homestead Fire in Oregon, posted to YouTube, (this video is shown below), in which it depicted the BLM drop-torching fires in the area for days that resulted in loss of property and vegetation as will as scorching and killing of cattle.  This is the video that prompted Banta to return to the Refuge after his first visit in support of the Hammonds.


Here's an interview of John Witzel at the Refuge


Chris Briels (former Fire Marshall) Committee of Safety member took to the witness stand to tell about his dealings with Ammon, the Protestors, Judge/Commissioner Steven Grasty, the Sheriffs Department and the FBI agent provocateurs.  Briels told about his nomination to the newly formed Committee of Safety in December 2015.  He told about visiting the Refuge and being forced to quit his job as Fire Marshall do to Judge Grasty mistreating him partly because of his involvement in the Committee of Safety.  Briels told how he and the Committee were trying to arrange for a meeting to take place where Ammon and the Committee of Safety could work out an "exit strategy".  Judge Grasty refused to let the community meet in any public building which led to the difficulty LaVoy continued to talk about in his interview.  Briels related the well known incident in which he encountered men lurking around the Armory in Burns.  His suspicions were confirmed as these men were actually federal agents.  He witnessed them walking around the Armory one day, and when he approached them to ask them what they were doing?  They drove off.  At that point Briels followed their two vehicles, which split up in opposite directions, until one later parked.  He approached the vehicle, introduced himself.  The men in the vehicle would only identify themselves by first name.  After his conversation with them he wrote down their license plate information and went directly to the Sheriffs Office to tell David Ward personally what he experienced and provide the plate information.  He was told he could not meet with Sheriff Ward, which was unusual because previously he'd experienced an "open door" policy.  Briels resulted in calling the county dispatch to report the license information which resulted in a Sheriff's Deputy, Burns Police Chief and two other officers to respond to the Armory.  When Briels was asked by Ryan Bundy to describe what the suspicious men were wearing, the Prosecution objected.  Judge Brown said the question was irrelevant and sustained the objection.  It is important to note that the reason the clothing was important is because Briels in interviews described the men as mascarading as militia members acting as agent provocateurs as a plan to ignite a confrontation or false flag event.  Bundy ref-raised his question, "were the men dressed", which prompted laughter from the gallery and defense, with the Judge saying, "it's irrelevant, move on".  Then came a warning to the gallery that, "I will reomve every last on of you if I hear anymore laughter or outbursts"!  Briels concluded his testimony that, "fear in the community was coming from the FBI, not the Patriots".

Pastor Butch Interview With Chris Briels February 1, 2016


Judge Steven Grasty Puts A Bullet Through The Head Of Community Exit Strategy

  Part 2

Lisa Tyler (wife of a local rancher) then testified that she visited the Refuge several times after her participation in the support rally for the Hammond family.  She testified seeing County Commissioner Dan Nichols a the Refuge during the protest, she brought cupcakes and cakes to the Refuge several times.  "When you brought cakes to the Refuge, did you believe you were providing support to tcriminal conspirators"?  Defense Lawyer Matt Schindler asked.  Prosecutors objected and the Judge told the Jury to disregard it.  

Judge Brown consented to allowing the Defense to show some video of 2014 Bundy Ranch Event, but only to show how it related to Ammon's state of mind regarding the Refuge occupation.  The Prosecution objected with Ethan Knight calling the Bunkerville evidence a "Pandora's Box".  "Once we go down this road we are embracing more that a 'mini trial' of events that are not before the court".  Brown acknowledged the governments concerns by saying "it's a reality in a case like this", "Prosecution will be free to rebut the Defenses relevant evidence".  Judge Brown vowed to instruct the Jury to make her wishes clear.

Ammon took to the stand, with Bible in hand, wearing his prison scrubs and pocket constitution in is breast pocket, as he has been found displaying many times.  It is really disgusting to read Maxine Berstein's account and description of Ammon's testimony.  She paints a picture representing the caricature represented in the artist renderings of Ammon on the Oregon Live website in which they make him look like a cross between a sad puppy or Dennis The Menace.  The fact is his has lost a lot of weight do to cruel and unusual punishment in jail.  I feel this is being done on purpose for several reasons, one he's strong as an ox as he demonstrated in 2014 video fighting off 4 stun gun attacks and they want subdue him.  The other reasons, well, they are just sinister.  Without rehashing everything in dialog, I'm going to post a video link which includes the dialog without all the sarcasm of Bernstein.  I hope you'll take a listen.


When Ammon said, "this is the dangerous point the federal government doesn't want anyone to know...we DO have rights to these lands".  Ammon was making reference to what Angus McIntosh was not allowed to testify about as summoned by Shawna Cox early in the trial.  Judge Brown completely BLOCKED her being able to submit his testimony as evidence in the trial.  I am posting a link to the video that shows what Angus has evidence to and Ammon was referring to.



October 3, 2016

Judge Anna Brown dismissed charges in Count 2 Possession of a Firearm do to the DOJ not being able to produce sufficient evidence that Shawna Cox brought firearms to the Refuge granting Cox's acquittal.

Defense Lawyers called Sheriff David Ward to the witness stand.  The Defense played several videos where Sheriff Ward was the center figure.  First was video of him taking a "by show of hands vote" of weather the protest should end peacefully OR if they want the protestors to go home, two questions as presented by the Defense as they showed how hands went down at the point he asked if they wanted the protestors to leave.  Sheriff Ward asserted it was one question.


Fast Forward to 27:30 to hear Sheriff David Ward's Lies and Propaganda.


11:58 Sheriff Ward Tells Lie of Wife and Parent Threats & Abuse Captured by Shawna Cox's Camera.


It is difficult to find the vote on video, but here is an edited version by the AP Propaganda Machine.  Pete Santilli's video above talks about the vote being split, as witnesses told him after he left the meeting in disgust after Sheriff Ward said he couldn't do anything about the Hammond's.


The Defense continued to question Sheriff Ward about conversations, meetings and email between he and Ammon Bundy in which he repeatedly asked Sheriff Ward to intervene on the Hammond's behalf, in which Ward insisted he couldn't interfere in a 'lawful court order".  Sheriff Ward was asked by Ammon to contact Sheriff Palmer from Grant County, in which the city of Jon Day is located, Ward agrees to do so.  November 28, 2015 Ammon accuses Ward of funneling information to the FBI.  December 18, 2015 Ward confirms he has summoned the FBI, the State and 5 surrounding agencies.  Ammon urges Ward to "defend the Hammond's Rights and truly represent the people".  Mumford asked if there was unrest in the community because of the plight of the Hammond's?  Ward deflected and said the unrest was caused by people outside the community.  Mumford also asked Ward if he knew about the plan to arrest Ammon on January 26, 2016?  Ward replied, "I hoped he was going to be", which drew laughter from some in the gallery.


In this video you will here about a personal experience in which Sheriff Ward was personally asked about the ambush.  Fast Forward to 9:19 - 15:00 you will hear how Sheriff Ward expected the protestors going to Jon Day to be KILLED! Apparently LE has nothing better to to but surf Facebook and track people down and harass them. 


Sheriff Wards testimony for the Prosecution was played in which he stated, "there was a lot of bad decision making" during the Bundy Ranch Standoff, and responded negatively to the question, "did you make any arrests related to the Refuge protest"?  Ward was cross examined by Shawna Cox and Ryan Bundy but, Oregon Live Maxine Bernstein didn't think it relevant to the public, she has a duty to report, to relay them, only saying Judge Brown asked the Jury to disregard them because they were "irrelevant" or "argumentative".  The one question she reports being asked is, "do you recall anyone having made any threats to federal employees, including staff of the BLM and USFWS"?  In which Ward answered "no".   And, maybe that's all we need in regards to the charges against them.


Judge Anna Brown also tried to discourage Ammon Bundy from taking the stand this week in his own defense.  Ammon stated, "I have no other choice to get the information to the jury but to take the witness stand" since the Judge will not let him speak about Adverse Possession.



The Defense also called several Burns Committee of Safety members and a Kim Rollins who challenged Sheriff Ward's "straw poll vote" and supported the protesters staying at the Refuge.  He also testified he'd brought his family to the Refuge in 2015 and "scooped up the children" do to the rodent droppings enmass on the floor.  Listen to his "two cents" at the community meeting below.

The Prosecution, during cross examination of a Committee of Safety members Travis Williams and Melodi Molt Craig Gabriel asked, "is the Committee of Safety recognized by Harney County" and "was an election held by the registrar"?  To which Williams answered "no".  To here a short history of the Committee of Safety by Melodi Molt, listen below.

 It is important to note that The People don't need permission from government to organize Committees of Safety.  The Founders knew this and they are our example.  View the Town Hall Meeting Held in December 2015 in which the community gathered and formed their Committee of Safety.

To learn more about the Committee of Safety nation wide effort to restore the Constitution and keep government in check visit this link.


Also today, Pat Horlacher testified of his visits to the Refuge.  After paying the protesters a visit, he returned several times bringing eight to ten others with him to, "see for ourselves if this is a legitimate threat", as the rumors around town trumpeted.  Horlacher testified as to the "laid back" environment putting to rest rumors in town of a "tense armed standoff", in contrast Horlacher described the heavy presence of Armed Law Enforcement throughout Burns, "it was akin to a scene out of Red Dawn"..."it was rediculous"!  


September 30, 2016


Tiffany Harris (Standby Council to Shawna Cox) filed a motion to acquit on Count 2 (firearms charges).  Judge Anna Brown will give the DOJ until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, to produce in writing, solid proof, "concrete evidence" that Shawna carried firearms at the Refuge.  Judge Brown demonstrated predjudice by saying, "you must point to specific proof beyond that she is a good conspirator".  Prosecuting attorney Ethan Knight rebutted Brown saying Cox didn't have a gun but she "aided and abetted" firearms while at the Refuge.  Knight also pointed out that ammunition was found in the back of Cox's van and her drivers license being found in the back seat of a Refuge vehicle in which a gun was found in the front seat.  Knight insists that because she made statements in support of the protest, was present at the Refuge while firearms where on site and sought to OBTAIN Federal documents, the charge should stick.  Judge Brown asked Knight, "what did she do to encourage people to come to the Refuge with firearms?  What she cheering on her co-defendants as they asked others to come with firearms"?  Judge Brown had a stroke of sanity when she told Knight that, finding ammunition and her drivers license LONG after her arrest was not sufficient to warrant Count 2.  She asked Knight who he expected the Jury to convict unless they engaged in "rank speculation".  Knight filed a response on behalf of the DOJ that they have no other proof other than that they have already produced.


September 29, 2016


Marcus Mumford and Morgan Philpot (Attorneys to Ammon Bundy) filed a motion to put the trial on hold citing Judge Brown's ruling preventing them from mentioning "Adverse Possession" in which someone occupies someone else s land in order to gain ownership.  Also discussed is Ammon's continued detention during a trial in which he is considered innocent until proven guilty.  Philpot also contends that he and Mumford are unable to consult with Ammon during breaks, and that Ammon has not been given access to pen/pencil or paper to take notes during trial and that he is not getting adequate nourishment during trial contributing to, "physical and mental fatigue beyond what is normal and allowable under basic principles of fairness and decency".  Looks like our "corrections system" continues to abuse the inmates.

Reverend Franklyn Graham took the stand to testify of the role he played in negotiating the release of the "final four" that somehow, "missed the order to evacuate".  Remembering Waco and Ruby Ridge and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, Graham was concerned that more lives could be lost.  At first Graham was a third party to the FBI's daily calls, but later Graham was allowed to call on his own.  Graham made calls to Jeff Banta's daughter and David Fry's father in order to get to know them better.  Reverend Graham told of his experience onsite the day the final four emerged from their holdout camp into FBI custody.  When defense attorney Schindler asked Graham, "what did you rely on to get you through this tense situation"?  Graham responded, "God", supported and acknowledged by the gallery.


Jeff Banta took to the stand to testify that he came to the Refuge in support of the Hammonds and to make a connection through Ammon to work on the Hammond ranch.  He testified of two "white bearded men" who he encountered during his final days at the Refuge that inferred they were Navy Seals and accused them of being "Satan's puppets".  He said he didn't feel comfortable about the FBI just letting them out of there, since they had experienced two weeks of drone activity.  Banta also suggested that the two white bearded men were sent by the FBI to, "make them look bad" and that those men dug the trenches and vandalized the Refuge.  Banta testified of his desire to have Reverend Franklyn Graham help in negotiations to free them from FBI tyranny.  When cross examined Banta told of being involved with some militia training and described the two weapons he brought to the Refuge.  Prosecutor Barrow also asked him if he ever made the connection with Ammon and the Hammonds in which he responded, "you guys arrested them before I had the chance".  Banta was also very moved by the BLM deliberate setting of fires in the area and as it related to the Hammonds.  Banta also testified he didn't want LaVoy's death to be "for nothing" and that he didn't believe the FBI would let them out of there.



September 28, 2016


The defense began their case by calling a slew of FBI agents that revealed their plans to spy on the protesters, intimidate those who visited the refuge and those who spoke to them.  They also uncovered Harney County Sheriffs Lt. Brian Needham's lies and putting fourth a false narrative that Ryan Payne made threats to remove Sheriff David Ward by "any means" including killing him.  FBI Chadd Lapp made the same mistake as he made a flying leap in an email in communication with the Chief Regional Refuge Law Enforcement Office in which, as his infiltration into the patriot movements rally for the Hammond's days before the protest began, intelligence from four people within the militia indicated "there were plans to take the Refuge".  During Lapp's testimony acknowledged Mark McConnell was paid, as he had seen the bureaus proposal to pay McConnell, but didn't know how much and that there were several informants at the Refuge during the occupation.


The Defense also revealed FBI agents were sent to attend the local branch of the LDS/Mormon Church.  FBI agent Ben Jones, and another unnamed agent, attended services January 10 following Ryan Bundy there to, "see if he was recruiting people there" for the protest at the Refuge.  As agent Jones was approached by superiors in the bureau to infiltrate the local Burns Ward, he told them, "I was going to go as who I was".  And, although he and the other officer identified themselves as "Mormons", he said, "they were not attempting to hide who they were". Do to his testimony though, it shows the bureau won out.  There was no "loving they neighbor" there or "do not bear false witness against they neighbor" in play in church that day.

Although many witnesses were called, not much is said about them or their testimony on the protesters behalf, until you get to Sheila Warren (Nurse having ties to Indian and Veteran Affairs) seeing mainstream media reports on the artifacts being held in the basement at the Refuge and wanted to see for herself if the artifacts had been harmed in any way.  She was very descriptive and open as she testified of the rate/rodent infestation and the dirt and dust, but noted the artifacts had not been damaged.  She also testified, "I noticed they were not tearing things up, a lot of areas had been cleaned up".  She testified she had not heard the protesters make any threats to employees and said, "it was just the opposite, they were not threatening or hurting anyone".  The Judge, several times becoming frustrated with the witnesses openness and descriptive nature, reprimanded her with, "Ma'am please stop speaking out" and, "you must not continue to volunteer answers beyond the scope of the questions or you will cause a mistrial".  The Prosecution tried to discredit Ms. Warren stating, "the local Siletz Tribe disavowed your visit to the Refuge".  In which Warren responded, "I am not speaking on behalf of the tribe".  Warren also testified she had been contacted by the FBI several times, agent Ronnie Walker contacting her in May, but didn't talk to him because she felt threatened.  She also indicated not wanting to speak to other agents when contacted because, "five of them where under investigation for lying"!



A video conversation between FBI agent Christopher Luh and Ammon Bundy that took place on January 21.


Tiffany Harris (Standby Council to Shawna Cox) urged the court to, "maintain a strict interpretation of the language of the statute" approved by Congress and signed by President Abraham Lincoln 1861 after the outbreak of the Civil War.  The language refers to a conspiracy to impede "Officers of the United States".  In this light, it leads one to think this applies to, say, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (in today's Military Industrial Complex) or the head of the Department of State, but as Harris put it, "federal employees are not synonymous with federal officers".  And, "the statute was never intended to prevent a conspiracy against the Capital Hill lunch lady or the grounds crew at the National Mall".  "Congress was careful in crafting this statute and the Prosecution should not be allowed to stretch it".  The Senate debate in 1861 included concern over the Postmaster General in times of war and secession not employees, and although Per C Olson (Attorney for David Fry) contending Article 6 of the Constitution that, "only those sworn by an oath to the Constitution" would be included in the statute, Judge Brown denied the motion throwing the wet blanket of the 9 Circuit Court on the matter.  Not sighting a single case to justify her ruling.

Using this statute in the way the DOJ is doing is a stretch!  Stretching it so far as to include themselves because they are totally annoyed with having to deal with the protesters in this case.  But, I say, like in the land grab dispute, PROVE IT!  Prove that NONE of the government employees DIDN'T  get paid one red cent!  If the defense can show that not only were they told to go on vacation, they were paid!  The charges should be dismissed!  They were paid for doing as instructed by their employer.  This is why government jobs are so sought after.  Like during the "government shut down" when they closed all the national monuments and parks so that the general public couldn't take a few days off to experience their "public lands", in which they charge a entrance fee.  The only people who suffered was the average individual.  Although Obama and his minions complained that no work was getting done and the government employees were sent home, THEY STILL GOT PAID!  This point alone should be enough to have these charges dropped!  The local LE driven my the FBI had foreknowledge about the Refuge protest.  They instructed everyone to go home and take a vacation until the "powder keg" they were intent on creating BLEW UP!  The only people who were adversely effected were the towns people as the Berlin Wall was erected in their town.  So, I hope the defense will focus on this fact, that the only people that stood in their way was the government itself, and I don't remember hearing about any of the Refuge employees demanding to show up to work because they needed the money to meat their daily cost of living...because they were told they would be paid no matter what!    


September 27, 2016


The Prosecution started the proceedings allowing FBI agent Ronnie Walker to run the "gun show" as he paraded all the weapons and ammunition found at the Refuge after the protestors ran off in the middle of the night when hearing about LaVoy being murdered and those on route to John Day being ambushed.  The Prosecution gave their "government has deemed these firearms safe" mantra for the Jury and FBI agent Nick Vanicelli was handed each piece of evidence describing in detail the make, model, what type of rounds it held where it was found on site at the Refuge and weather it was loaded or not.  This in conjunction with evidence of bumper stickers, NRA membership and advocacy was used to show how intimidating the protesters where do to owning firearms and ammunition.  The very fact that many of the weapons where found lying around in a "hap-hazzard" way is proof of two facts, they were NOT running a military style occupation and, they were so scared "Ruby Ridge" was coming their way, the weapons were not that important as their lives!  All in all 22 rifles and 12 handguns along with 18,331 live rounds and 1627 spent casings were introduced as evidence the protesters were violent and intimidated Refuge/Government employees from doing their jobs.  The prosecution tried to create a "OJ Simpson" type event when they took a recent rifle purchased by Ammon Bundy in 2012 and placed it in a soft leather zip up case displaying Ammon's name.  Mumford objected, stopping the FBI Jury manipulation.  Although the FBI/DOJ intended to use "shock and awe" to their advantage as far as the Jury was concerned, the only firearm that they did a trace on was Ammon's rifle and tried their "guilt by association" tactic by charging Shawna Cox with firearms charges because her drivers license was on the rear passenger seat of a Refuge vehicle that contained a handgun and ammunition, NEVER checking to see if it was hers!

If this "show of force" was supposed to show the malicious intent of the protesters, once again, what was the local Sheriffs Office, FBI, OSP saying with their barricades, checkpoints, battle fatigue, automatic weapon carrying personnel?



Although Ryan Bundy asked agent Vanicelli if, "any of the guns and ammo were illegal"?  And, Matthew Shindler asked if, "how many rounds were fired at Refuge employees"?  ALL Defense Attorney's MISSED an opportunity to teach the Second Amendment!  Bring in the Constitution AGAIN and use it, and the oath the FBI agents swear to, to acknowledge the weapons and ammo are not illegal in any way and that the "guilt by association" gig is up!  That how the right to keep and bear arms PROTECTS THE FIRST!  And this was the whole point of the Refuge Occupation...Opportunity missed!  Or they could have used the old, "if it fits, you must acquit" strategy. 

The Prosecution had another showing of Jason Blomgren's privately shared video of the boat launch target shooting incident, with Ryan Bundy concluding with making statements to Vanicelli that, "their case rests on photos of guns and ammo" and asking, "what are the American People supposed to do to protest the governments improper actions"?

Matthew Schindler (Attorney for Kenneth Menenbach) made motion to acquit.  It was denied by Judge Brown stating, "defendants are not on trial for their beliefs, but that they took their beliefs to illegal stages by engaging in this conspiracy".  Once again, overstepping her duty as mediator and playing judge, jury and executioner. 


September 26, 2016


The Prosecution continued it's parade of firearms and ammunition to show the "violent intent" of the protestors.  The video of Jason Blomgren and others firing weapons down by the Refuge boat launch was shown.  The Judge continued practicing law from the bench instead of being mediator, when Marcus Mumford pointed out before the court that firing alone is not an act of force, but Judge Brown said, "any juror could conclude that it provides the evidence for the defendants intent to conspire".  If this is the case, then should we as Americans conclude, as we have, that the governments "show of force" mounting a standing army in Burns with their helicopters, armored vehicles, weapons, ammunition and men wearing "battle rattle" meant to bring about a "Ruby Ridge/Waco Style" end to the occupation?  Even Forbes points out Homeland Security's twisted malicious intent against Americans with it's purchase of Armored Vehicles and 1.6 Billion rounds of hollow point bullets.  I guess, we as the jury, are "rational enough" to figure out their intent! 

FBI agents testifying for the Prosecutions said, dozens of cases of ammunition were left, along with rifle cases.  Cut padlocks and notes with tactical terms written on them like "formations, drills, guard duty, riflemen and medic".  Although when Christopher Chew was asked by the Defense, "if they found any evidence of targets or anyone being shot", he answered "no".  



September 22, 2016


Judge Anna Brown threatens Marcus Mumford (Attorney for Ammon Bundy) $1000 fine each time he mentions LaVoy Finicum's Murder in front of the Jury.  Once again, the Prosecution can mention LaVoy and the circumstances of his murder all they want, but if the Defense utters a single syllable they are threatened and fined.  We can only hope that the Jury, in the end, will be so confused about what the Judge is doing in silencing the Defense, that the Jury during deliberation will request all kinds of information on LaVoy Finicum and the ambush.  Hopefully they are taking good notes so they can say, "who is this LaVoy Finicum, and why won't the Judge let the Defense talk about him and has threatened fines to the lawyers who do so"?  We can only pray that they do so.

Dunbar's (Andy & Tucker) confess to receiving $2000 each for playing turncoats for FBI.  Receipts were presented as evidence.  Dunbar testified to "shots fired" at the Refuge Boat Dock.  Said, "it didn't sound like hunting for birds".  During his testimony he said, "if I showed up with a gun at the Refuge, it would be taken away from me", although the Refuge literature states they do allow hunting on the Refuge.

Andy & Tucker Dunbar Ranching In Oregon

 Jason Blomgren (Joker J) apparently now a witness for the Prosecution, FBI captured video evidence of he and others, firing off rounds at Refuge Dock, posted to facebook by Blomgren, will be shown in court.  I don't have access to the video, but here's a video Blomgen shot with Jon Ritzheimer.


The FBI testified of spying on the "final four" at the Refuge via plane and a tripod mounted camera.  They portrayed Jeff Banta and David Fry as gun toting government haters, and parroting Banta's descriptive terms of Fry and the Patriots as, "disorganized, having their screws loose and, a joke".

FBI Agent Jennifer Lohmeier tells how she did a daily "welfare check" on the phone with the "final four" only to be hung up on several times.



September 21, 2016


In court today, Judge Anna Brown repeatedly warned defendants, and their Attorneys, that they were not to discuss circumstances around LaVoy Finicum's murder, stating that is was "off limits".  Addressing Ryan Bundy directly telling him, "you are forbidden from raising the subject before the jury", and, "I will remove you from the courtroom if yo do not follow my orders".

Judge Brown then went on as the Prosecution witnesses testified to all kinds of information related to the murder of Finicum without reprimand from her.  Only when the defense brought it up did the Judge interject to instruct.

Jeremiah Beckert (Oregon State Police Officer) said Mark McConnell (FBI Informant and accessory to LaVoy Finicum's murder) gave evidence of the occupiers vehicles, location and a "basic threat assessment", leading to the kill stop on Highway 395 January 26, 2016.  Beckert described "lying in wait" for Finicum's truck and McConnell's Jeep. Beckert's testimony to the "high risk traffic stop" and surrender of Bundy, Cox and Sharp continued peppered with details associated with Finicum's death.  Beckert testified, all of the occupants in the Jeep complied with orders and the ONLY person who was armed was Mark McConnell, exposed FBI Informant, who was wearing a semiautomatic hand gun.  Beckert was allowed to tell the Jury that he witnessed LaVoy Finicum's lifeless body as he lay on his back 30 feet from his Dodge truck as Beckert proceeded forward to the kill stop on Highway 395.  Beckert was allowed to talk about 40 mm "plastic canisters" being fired into Finicum's truck upon arrival, and the subsequent surrender of Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox and Victoria Sharp, testifying Ryan was taken to the hospital where he was treated for "shrapnel".  Upon cross examination by Marcus Mumford Beckert acknowledged Finicum was killed by law enforcement.  Mumford stated, "in fact, he was shot 3 times in the back"!  Prosecution objected, Judge asked the jury to disregard.  Mumford brought up Ryan Bundy's wound stating, "that was based on another shot from law enforcement into the truck".  Again, Judge Brown cut him off saying, "jurors are not litigating here, what happened to Mr. Finicum or the extent of the shooting".  Under cross examination of Beckert Ryan Bundy asked, "so the round that was shot into my shoulder, was it lethal or not"?  The Prosecution objected and the question was not answered.  Ryan appealed to the court that the jurors be allowed to learn that he was shot by federal snipers who, "picked up their brass and lied repeatedly about the shooting".  He argued the FBI's actions and coverup of the shooting shows bias of how the FBI was allowed to investigate the Refuge occupation saying, "the government is trying to control the narrative by barring discussion of FBI deception and what went on there".  US Attorney Gabriel said the information was irrelevant since the prosecution will not be calling FBI/HRT agents who are under investigation stating, "bias goes to the individual and not to the entire agency".  Brown denied Ryan's request stating, "the righteousness of it or not remains irrelevant in this case".  Judge Brown further stated, "the great weight of evidence the government has presented in this case are from the defendants own statement".  She continued, "it's Ammon Bundy himself in front of a microphone, it's Ryan Bundy himself in front of a microphone".


Ron Brown (Deschutes County Sheriff) was allowed to hold up a loaded 9 mm Ruger semiautomatic handgun claimed to have been in a pocket in Finicum's denim jacket stating, "it has one round in the chamber", adding a knife was found tucked behind Finicum's belt.  Sheriff Brown also testified of a .30 caliber revolver found on the floorboard behind the seat, he held up the gun for jurors to see.  Prosecutor Gabriel removed 2 black Smith & Wesson .224 caliber semiautomatic rifles from long cardboard boxes and handed them to Sheriff Brown to identiry.  Brown said they were found beneath the seat of Finicum's truck, each with 25 rounds and one having a bullet in the chamber.  Brown testified the firearms had tactical pepper spray residue on them after police had fired into the truck breaking out ALL the door windows.  Markus Mumford during cross examination established that there was NO SIGN the firearms found in Finicum's truck had been recently handled or fired. 


September 20, 2016


Prosecution witness Lucas McLain (Harney County Sheriff Sargent) testified to chain of events after occupiers detention on Highway 395 where LaVoy Finicum was murdered and Ammon, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Shawna Cox, Victoria Sharp, Brian Cavaleir and FBI Informant Mark McConnell were detained and transported to jail.  Assistant US Attorney Craig Gabriel told the court Ammon made a cell phone call to his wife, was stripped of $8,031 in cash, Victoria Sharp urinated in the back seat of the van because she was repeatedly denied the request to relieve herself.  Video from Ammon's phone was played for the jurors of a meeting Ammon and Shawna Cox had with a David Thomas, in which Cox says, "this is the time to stand".

Oregon State Police audio was played for the jury in which Trooper Joshua Walcott-Petersen arrested Kenneth Menenbach for driving a Refuge vehicle to Safeway to purchase groceries.  Menenbach said, "it was unlocked and the keys were in it".

Ryan Curtis (Forestry Technician) testified his desk, computer and personal belongings were identified in a video in which David Fry was present, and that the fire trucks at the Refuge "had everything stripped" when he returned to work in February 2016.

Jess Wenick (Refuge Manager of Haying, Grazing and Water Management) identified the Refuge Truck he used on assignment as the truck used to travel to the location where Blaine Cooper filmed Ammon, LaVoy, and Jon Ritzheimer cutting barbed wire stating, "taking down the fence, liberating the area".  Prosecutors played the video for the jury.


Wenick testified of a messy desk and office when returning to work in February.  Some of the Hammond records were missing, but found a scanner that didn't belong to the Refuge.  He describes an office next door as a "technological sweatshop", including a "disgusting odor".  On cross examination Marcus Mumford tried to repeatedly get Wenick to discuss the federal governments authority to own the Refuge and maintain fences and burns on the Hammond Property.  Prosecutors objected, and Anna Brown sustained.  Judge Brown confines him only to testimony offered by Prosecution.

Shane Theall (Refuge Fire Officer) described fire station and equipment.  Fire Truck was disturbed, Pocket Constitutions on site, fire clothing and new electronics missing, bunkhouse "smelled terrible".  Stated they were unable to perform a prescribed burn in January.  During cross examination by Ryan Bundy, Theall admitted while performing prescribed burns they often burned more area than they intended.  Ryan then asked, "have you ever been prosecuted as a domestic terrorist for that"?  The Judge asked jurors to disregard.

Edward Moulton (Refuge Maintenance Mechanic) testified he was the last person at the Refuge on December 31, 2015, he said when he returned on February 14, 2016 he found beds/cots and "tobacco rolling" station in his office.

Jeffrey Cleveland FBI Pilot testified he flew aerial surveillance during the occupation in which he spent 23 hours flying above the Refuge on January 18, 2016 alone.  During cross examination Ryan Bundy asked, "so do you spy on the American People a lot"?  The Judge sustained an objection by Prosecutors.


Eyewitness Reveals His Personal Knowledge of Damage & Indian Claims



September 19, 2016


Governments witness Linda Beck (Fish Biologist), testifies of planning to remove carp from the Snow Lakes in January when the water would have been frozen.  When cross examined Beck admitted it was actually planned for April.  She also testified the USFWS had used poison, dinomite and electric shock to destroy carp eggs in the past, the cost of which was millions of dollars over several decades.  Beck testified she was not prevented from doing her job, as she continued work and received pay just as the other Refuge employees.  She testified that when she returned to work in February she found her office a mess, but testified she didn't know who made the mess, the occupiers or the FBI.  Defense Attorney Mumford brought to her attention her white board which had the words "Adverse Possession" written.  She said neither her nor other Refugee employees had written it there.  This was the principle Ammon Bundy was pursuing to regain control of the Refuge property.

Prosecution witness Carla Burnside (Refuge Archeologist), testified that the Refuge was built on an archeological site.  She testified there were 10,000 Indian artifacts stored in the basement, and that they have NEVER been displayed, and that there were no plans to display them.  As video was shown of rat/rodent infestation in the stored artifacts Burnside testified when she returned to the Refuge February 15 there were no rodent droppings, nests or cobwebs.



Several videos were shown: 

Jon Ritzheimer the night 5 Warrants were issued for Refuge Protestors.


Ammon Bundy, "We have exhausted all prudent measures and have been ignored".

Nick Bleuler was the Prosecutions next witness testifying, "he went to the Refuge to support the Hammonds and to protest land grabs" unarmed.  He said he helped take down FBI Cameras installed at the Refuge which recorded all license plates entering the area.  He told how he returned to the Refuge twice to do guard duty in the watchtower.  Bleuler was agitated by Defense Attorneys and was found laughing and not making eye contact with anyone who spoke to him.


FBI Warned By Protestors Of Camera Removal



Ryan Bundy personally acknowledged Beck and Bleuler during cross examination.  In Beck's case he greeted her with, "I've heard your name, I've seen your name, It's good to finally meet you".  After questioning Bleuler, "I appreciate it Nick".



September 16, 2016


Prosecution Witness Jeff Rose BLM Burns District Manager Admitted It Was Decided Well Before Occupation To Close The Office In Heinz.  Rose Was Influenced by Social Media he Came Across About Bunkerville, He felt Afraid, Threatened and Concerned, But When Asked, "If He Felt Threatened By Ammon Bundy"?  He Said, "No".

Jason Curry Reveals That The BLM Office In Heinz Posted "Closed" Signs On Headquarters Building PRIOR To The Occupation.  After Occupation It Was Closed Permanently, As It Was Already Closed For A Week.



Relaying Jeff Banta's Personal Account Of His Connection To The Occupation Protest.



Outlining The Case Against Social Media Posts by Defendants.

4 FBI Agents Were Specifically Assigned To Monitor Social Media, Facebook In Particular, Looking For Threats To BLM and Characterizing Their Search Criteria Of Recruiting, Threatening and Scary.  Felt Threatened by Military Meme.



 Judge Anna Brown Rules On FBI Facebook/Social Media Evidence, "In a conspiracy case like this, if one person makes a statement and others identify with is by linking to it, ALL are responsible for it, no matter what it is".

Motion For Mistrial Filed and Ruled On by Judge Anna Brown.

Ruling From The Bench...Testimony From Chad Karges and Sheriff David Ward NOT Prejudicial In Which David Ward Blurts Out During "Yes and No" Questions Concerning Researching Ammon/Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne, "They were in Bunkerville, and we all know bad stuff happens in scared the HELL out of me"!  And, Chad Karges Doing The Same, Voiced Fears About Bunkerville Participants Kidnapping A BLM Employee.

Defense Attorney Marcus Mumford In His Motion For Mistrial States That, "Ward and Karges were adverse witnesses coached by prosecution and were 'lying in wait' to blurt out prejudice".  





DOJ Prosecution Sequesters Brian Curry Testimony Due To Upcoming Case In Bunkerville Nevada-Bundy Ranch.

Prosecution Witness Jeff Rose BLM District Manager In Heinz Oregon Instructed To Close Office On December 30th.  Government Agencies All Involved In Decision To Close Heinz Office Which Resides On PRIVATE Land Leased by BLM.  Testifies Of Many emails, Including Rhonda Karges, Wife Of Chad Karges Asking Rose To Investigate Treatment Of The Hammonds Even Going As Far As Asking For A Congressional Investigation.

Karges' Instrumental In Terrorizing Hammond's & Much More!



September 15, 2016


Chad Karges Star Witness For Prosecution Testifies He Went On Vacation January 7th.  Was Not Aware Of Request For Occupiers To Leave Via FBI/OSP/Sheriff/BLM/USFWS Or Department Of Interior.  Tells How Ranchers/Hayers Benefit Bird Habitat.  FBI/LE Cause Him Concern About Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne Coming Into Burns.

Refuge Manager Was Key To Government Setup Of Protest




Chad Karges Star Witness For Prosecution Testifies He Only Verified Visitor Center Locked On His Last Visit To Refuge.

Witness Testifies Of Refuge Left Open Keys On Desk

Debate About Refuge Land Ownership.

A Non-Profit Group Has Been Using Refuge Buildings and Assets Free Of Charge, "How is that different than the occupiers"?



Chad Karges Refuge Manager and Star Witness For Prosecution Testifies His Last Day At the Refuge Was January 1st.  BOMBSHELL~ He Was Instructed Before Occupation December 31st NOT To Go To Work.  Karges Sends Everyone He Supervised Home Early On December 31st, "Don't come back until notified".  Via FBI/LE Intel.


Refuge Manager & Wife Instrumental In Vendetta Against Hammonds


This alone rests the case of the prosecution, since it was not the occupiers who kept BLM from working, but our own government via OSP/FBI ! 



Butch Eaton Star Witness For Prosecution Testifies Of FBI Visit January 3rd, Used Fear by Intimidation.  "I was a 'Pussy' and left refuge, yet when I returned, occupiers treated me well".  Occupiers Did What Harney County Residents Wouldn't Do In Defense Of Hammonds.



Butch Eaton Star Witness For Prosecution Testifies Wife Made Him Call 911 To Report He Had Been At Initial Occupation Of Refuge.  Dispatch Tells Him, "They already knew" do to FBI/OSP Servielance.  Testifies Of Harney County Martial Law After LaVoy's Death.



Butch Eaton Star Witness For Prosecution Testifies, "It was not a military style takeover".  Wooses Out, Calls Wife To Come and Get Him. Later Returns To Refuge To Offer Supplies.




September 14, 2016


Butch Eaton Testifies Ryan Bundy Only Had A Winchester Riffle At The Refuge.

Lt. Brian Needham Relates Ryan Payne Vows To Have Sheriff David Ward Removed From Office If He Doesn't Inter-seed In Hammond Situation. 



Sheriff David Ward Testifies FBI Was Telling Him What To Do

Protesters  Tell Sheriff Ward, "If you don't act on behalf of the Hammonds, we will bring others here to admonish you to stand".

Harney County Town Hall January 2nd Scheduled by Sheriff David Ward Set Up As OSP/FBI Psyop.

The Longer The Occupation Went On The More Locals Supported It.



Sheriff Ward Testifies He Was NOT Threatened by Peaceful Protest

Government Officials From Top On Down Unsympathetic To Hammond Plight UNTIL Refuge Protest.



Sheriff David Ward Not Threatened by Ammon Et Al

Government Overreach Common In Harney County

FBI Already Involved and Directing Sheriff Wards Actions



Sheriff David Ward Admonished To Intervene In Hammond Situation



Teaser On Testimony Day 2



Frisked and Searched, Phones, iPads, Photos, Computers Not allowed



 Setting the Scene...Limiting Public Oversight.


Trial Day 1


Jeff Banta...It was all about the Hammonds



More On Opening Statements.  Matt Schindler Rural America Under Attack



Opening Statements



Homeland Security and Local LE Show of Force

A great job by Ryan Bundy in opening statements.