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Gun Confiscation Ramps Up As United Nations Recruits Disarmament Troops For U.S. Civilians

Need A Job?  UN Careers Post Job Listing . . .

New York UN Office Recruits Paramilitary Troops for ‘Disarmament’ and ‘Reintegration’ of US Civilians



The United Nations is now accepting job applications in New York City, New York for Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration officers to “contribute to security and stability in post-conflict environments.”

The job listing was posted to the U.N. careers homepage on Dec. 26, and notes that “female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for this position” because “the United Nations Secretariat is committed to achieving 50/50 gender balance in its staff.”

UN DDR forces operate under the intergovernmental organization’s Department of Peace Operations to “assist” the Member States, including the United States, in a boots on the ground capacity.


The job listing describes the UN’s core values as “.”

Applicants eager to conduct DDR “field missions” are required to have “seven years of relevant experience in disarmament affairs, political analysis or in national military or paramilitary service” and an “advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent degree) in disarmament affairs, military studies, political affairs, economics, international relations, or a related field.”

The UN describes the Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration protocol as “a complex process, with political, military, security, humanitarian and socio-economic dimensions.”

Key components of DDR as defined by the UN include disarming the civilian population and “the development of responsible arms management programmes” and the implementation of mass detainment camps:

"Disarmament is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons of combatants and often also of the civilian population. Disarmament also includes the development of responsible arms management programmes.

Demobilization is the formal and controlled discharge of active combatants from armed forces or other armed groups. The first stage of demobilization may extend from the processing of individual combatants in temporary centres to the massing of troops in camps designated for this purpose (cantonment sites, encampments, assembly areas or barracks). The second stage of demobilization encompasses the support package provided to the demobilized, which is called reinsertion.

Reinsertion* is the assistance offered to ex-combatants during demobilization but prior to the longer-term process of reintegration. Reinsertion is a form of transitional assistance to help cover the basic needs of ex-combatants and their families and can include transitional safety allowances, food, clothes, shelter, medical services, short-term education, training, employment and tools. While reintegration is a long-term, continuous social and economic process of development, reinsertion is short-term material and/or financial assistance to meet immediate needs, and can last up to one year.

Reintegration is the process by which ex-combatants acquire civilian status and gain sustainable employment and income. Reintegration is essentially a social and economic process with an open time-frame, primarily taking place in communities at the local level. It is part of the general development of a country and a national responsibility, and often necessitates long-term external assistance."

The UN website notes that “it is important to break outside of the traditional view of DDR participants as only being adult males carrying weapons, and remember that DDR participants and beneficiaries may fit all types of profiles including female ex-combatants and women associated with armed forces and groups, children, youth, the elderly and persons living with disabilities.”
UN hopefuls hoping to work in New York and contribute to security and stability in post-conflict environments” can submit their applications to become DDR officers December 26, 2019 through February 8, 2020.


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Read the report - 

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One of America's sell-outs, Strobe Talbott, writes Time Magazine Article "The Birth of the Global Nation" in 1992 and receives award signed by President Bill Clinton.


Learn more about our UN-American Military and the court-martial of Michael "Mike" New as he refused to wear the United Nation insignia on his uniform during deployment.  He is still awaiting Pardon from our U.S. President.




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Death By A Thousand Cuts - Report On The Utah Tax Restructuring 2019

Despite Gary Herbert and the Utah Legislatures Echo-chamber Utahan's are uncovering the lies and collusion concerning the Tax Restructuring Bill.

Outgoing, Governor Gary Herbert, signed in to law a MASSIVE, what they are calling "Tax Restructuring" bill, on December 18, 2019 (via Status tab).  The legislation SB2001 was proposed and sponsored by three Republicans, Lyle Hillyard, Francis D. Gibson and Kirk Cullimore.  Now, Utah advertises itself as a conservative "Red State".  Not so fast!  It is NOTHING of the sort!  For several decades now Utah has become less and less conservative, and the passing of this tax increase that touches every aspect of the "average Joe's" life, is banefide proof that is no longer a conservative, or fiscally conservative state, for that matter.  SB2001 was introduced during the 2019 legislative session.  It received so much push back from the general public that the bill could not be passed under the watchful eye of The People.  I, myself, sent several corespondents to representatives and the Governor.  I predicted that they would try to hold a special session in order to pass it in the cover of darkness when the public was no longer paying attention as they normally do during the regular session.  I warned those representatives NOT to do it, but you and I both know they are not going to listen to me.  So, for several months throughout the spring and summer the Governor and the Legislature went on a Public Relations Tour across Utah trying to "sell" this monstrosity to The People.  They paraded their posse of advocates in front of public saying, "how great it will be" as lines of Utahan's lined up behind the mic to tell them, "we won't stand for this"!  Utleg made YouTube videos telling everyone how great it was going out there, despite what citizens on the ground were demonstrating and reporting.  In other words; it was no secret Utahan's were not in favor of this tax increase!  Not to be deterred by the "average Joe", a Special Session was scheduled during the Holiday Season.  Once again, they assumed Utahan's would be too involved in holiday preparations to show up to oppose the bill.  They scheduled several hearings (via Status/Hearings tab) that were orchestrated to have the majority of time occupied by their cronies and special interest groups who took to the mic and spoke at length that they advocate for the tax restructuring.  The public showed up en mass, despite the holiday hustle and bustle, to wish for a change to address the legislative committee in opposition to the tax increase that, like an octopus has it's tentacles into every aspect of their lives, went away disappointed because, although the meetings were while Utahan's were still at work and quite lengthy, running several hours, they were unable to speak in great numbers and were only limited to 2-3 minutes unlike the propaganda posse.  Once again, the legislature knew this was unpopular and The People were against it, they ramrodded it through.  It passed, and was sent to the Governor for signing by December 16, 2019.

The local media acted as the Legislative and Executive branch's echo-chamber only reporting on how the tax increase would benefit Utah and used only advocates of the hike to parrot the governments propaganda.  The Legislature spent $177,000.00 on their "listening tour" where $150,000.00 of that went to a public relations firm, Penna Powers, who were paid to propose the scope of work, to create consistent messaging to convince the residents of Utah that a tax increase is needed, develop a communications plan in which would be spread by "online influencers", social media and a website "Stronger Futures".  Penna Powers also provided all the "slick advertising" passed out on the "listening tour" in the form of infographics, displays, handouts and the presentations made during the town halls.  Get ready Utah for the next propaganda tour by Utah government.  Apparently Penna Powers may be retained by the Utah Legislature and is currently looking for a Community Outreach Coordinator for the state of Utah as of January 2, 2020 who will be assigned to work on the next public relations tour for the upcoming education bill.  In short, if the Utah Legislature is going to spend our hard earned tax dollars on a "listening tour" were they spend a $177,000.00 to pump the public full of their propaganda, can we really trust them to fight for the right of Utahan's to live unencumbered by more taxes?
At the outset of this tax proposal many "watchdogs", business owners and average residents of Utah went to work uncovering the debacle this "tax restructuring" is.  New groups were organized and Utahan's, in general, united to oppose this "bullet train to enslavement" the minute it passed the Legislature on December 16, 2019.  Two filings for a Referendum were filed, one by Fred Cox former state representative from West Valley City and, The People's Right headed by Steve Maxfield.  Some in Utah are saying, "don't sign the referendum because they will only ask for money and data mine your personal information use it to further nefarious causes".  The truth is, many times this is the case, and some are now warning people to expect a call, (or robocall), from someone in Utah Government asking you if your want your name removed from the referendum or threatening you in some other way.  Utahan's should not let this deter them.  If a crime is committed in the process we will take action then, but this is the only REAL way the residents of Utah can decide IF they want the tentacles of this octopus in their lives!

At one meeting I attended one person asked, "who is behind all of this and, what have they to gain from it"?  There were a myriad of answers given by mulitiple people in the meeting but, one thing is for sure, it started in the Executive Office!  The Governor's Office concocted the plan and asked two government departments to create the documentation they need in order to tell The People "the sky is going to fall if we don't increase taxes"!  GRAMA Requests were filed to get the working files of these two committees which included The Office of Management and Budget and the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force.  They created the "crisis" and the government executive office and legislature will provide the solution.  A big problem with this, and other legislation is, our Republican form of Government is not working to protect us!  The Executive and Legislative Branches are grafted together INSTEAD OF checking and balancing each other!  They colluded with each other to exempt themselves from the public eye by denying information they created from being seen through GRAMA Requests.  Now, if Governor Herbert and the Legislature were not afraid of the truth about this tax increase agenda they should not be withholding it from the public instead, they have deployed once again their "problem, reaction, solution" Delphi Technique Agenda in order to further enslave us with their red tape and death by a thousand cuts, human capital assembly line, using religious caveats like "Noah's Ark" to get us to comply without complaint.


Utah has been co-opted by a select group of individuals and organizations NOT a part of our elected government officials.  It is the vicious circle of diabolical forces including in our Executive and Legislative Branches of government, the Kem Gardner Institute, Wasatch Front Regional Council, The Chamber of Commerce and Envision Utah for starters.  It's our own "Council of 300" or Council on Foreign Relations.  Progressive Neocons who want to restrict and enslave you and take away your God Given Rights!  If you look at Kem Gardner Institutes website they are currently displaying the next "policy agenda" of Governor Herbert, you can already hear him trumpeting it now, "air quality".  (Image displayed below).  Please wake up to the fact that these NGO's are laying the tracks to their Agenda 21 dream and using the "Population Bomb" to accomplish their schemes!

A good synopsis on the Tax Debacle is presented by the watchdog group Utah Legislative Watch, which I am including here.  This presentation in video form, shows that a bill HB441 is in the pipeline and will tax ALL SERVICES.  For people who would like to connect the dots, it is a good source of information.  If you'd like to find a Referendum to sign here is a good site that posts locations all across Utah.  Don't be silenced by opposing voices.  This truly is a VOTE!  You are strong enough to deal with the "naysayers" and anyone who may contact you to discourage you by phone or other means.  Take a stand as we stand together to keep our Representative Government in the Republican form.  Governor Gary Herbert and Utah Legislature you have been exposed!

Governor Herbert nor the Utah Legislature understand what the Boston TEA Party was all about!  They are forgetting what led to a Revolution!  They quote The Constitution when running for office and in public meetings, but they won't defend it or abide by it, let alone the Utah Constitution!  Let's educate ourselves and then hold'em to it!

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J. Ruben Clark & Orrin Hatch & The Law That Never Was - 16th Amendment

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Imprisioned Political Prisoners Praise The Lord This Christmas Season

Those suffering injustice in prisons across America humbly honor The One Who Suffered Injustice like them.


As you and I celebrate this Christmas season, I cannot help but hearken back as to the "whom" we are celebrating. In my current accommodations, there are no Christmas tree, stockings or a fireplace to hang them over. We have no eggnog, holiday songs or presents to exchange. But what we do have is the Person in whom we commemorate the celebration to, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, the Savior of the world and my Lord and my God. When Simeon held up the Consolation of Israel, he exclaimed, "for my eyes have seen your salvation" and that he was "now ready to die in peace."

An anonymous author penned an interesting description many years ago of our Mighty God. Enjoy.

“More than nineteen hundred years ago there was a Man born contrary to the laws of life. This Man lived in poverty and was reared in obscurity. He did not travel extensively. Only once did He cross the boundary of the country in which He lived; that was during His exile in childhood.
He possessed neither wealth nor influence. 

His relatives were inconspicuous, and had neither training nor formal education. In infancy He startled a king; in childhood He puzzled doctors; in manhood He ruled the course of nature, walked upon the billows as if pavements, and hushed the sea to sleep. He healed the multitudes without medicine and made no charge for His service.
He never wrote a book, and yet all the libraries of the country could not hold the books that have been written about Him. 

He never wrote a song, and yet He has furnished the theme for more songs than all the songwriters combined.
He never founded a college, but all the schools put together cannot boast of having as many students.
He never marshaled an army, nor drafted a soldier, nor fired a gun; and yet no leader ever had more volunteers who have, under His orders, made more rebels stack arms and surrender without a shot fired.
He never practiced psychiatry, and yet He has healed more broken hearts than all the doctors far and near. Once each week the wheels of commerce cease their turning and multitudes send their way to worshiping assemblies to pay homage and respect to Him.
The names of the past proud statesmen of Greece and Rome have come and gone. The names of the past scientists, philosophers, and theologians have come and gone; but the name of this Man abounds more and more. Though time has spread nineteen hundred years between the people of this generation and scene of His crucifixion, yet He still lives. Herod could not destroy Him, and the grave could not hold Him.
He stands forth upon the highest pinnacle of heavenly glory, proclaimed of God, acknowledged by angels, adored by saints, and feared by devils, as the living, personal Christ, our Lord and Savior.”

May God bless you in this time of celebrating the birth of our Lord and may we always give thanks for the bountiful provisions He provides. I heard once that we will only have tomorrow the things we give thanks for today. With that in mind, I walk this prison with little to complain about as I'm always giving thanks for the things He's provided. Try it! You'll have very little time for complaints. God bless.

Todd Engel

Please remember those political prisoners this year.  Send a donation to Todd at http://www.paypal.me/Freedom4ToddWrite Todd - Todd Engel 18427-023
USP Lompoc - U.S. Penitentiary  3901 Klien Blvd. Lompoc, Calif. 93436-2706

Learn More About Todd's Case:

Facebook Posts Convict Idaho Man In Nevada Trial - First Amendment Be Damned! 

StandUp at Bunkerville Nevada Tier 3 Trial #1 Coverage

More Whistle-blower Memos Being Withheld From The American People - Wooten Letter #2

Ammon Bundy Urgent Callout To Nevada Grand Jury & Trial Jury For Tier #3 Defendants

Donate to Jeff Weinhouse:  Donate
Donate to Schaeffer Cox:  Donate 
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Enjoy this Christmas Message:

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YouTube Follows Through With Threat To Delete Channels Who Are Not Economically Viable - Censorship

Agenda21Truth YouTube Channel

Deleted 6 Days Before Predicted Apocalypse

of December 10, 2019 


I discovered today, December 4, 2019, that my YouTube Channel has been deleted!  I heard yesterday that Owen Benjamin's YouTube Channel has been deleted and it appears that my channel has met the same fate!  The same exact thing happened as I was trying to access my own channel as what happened when I was trying to subscribe to Owen Benjamin's Channel two days ago!  Oscillating connection circle resulting in an error from the browser indicating "it could not connect with the server" or "there was a internet connection error".  I made a short video about my channel being relegated to the "ash-heap of history" by YouTube control freaks.  I hope you'll watch it and share it on social media.  Any content creators who are truth oriented will experience the same fate and you'll all be left with only crazy cat and failed stunt videos to watch. . . but maybe you love "bread and circus"?

YouTube Deletes Channels Who Are Not Economically Viable, (Lining Their Pockets).  That is their claim anyway.  Click the Photo to Watch my Video.

YouTube deletes OwenBenjaminComedy & OwenBenjaminLive. Subscribe to Unauthorized.Tv #YouTubePurge

 *Note - December 4, 2019 - I have asked others to try to access my channel on YouTube and tell me what happens.  I heard back from someone that they are able to access my channel and see my content.  This leaves me to believe that, I for some reason, am being blocked from the platform.  This is STILL CENSORSHIP!

Update - 
Last night, December 5, 2019, after 10:00 p.m. I was allowed access to YouTube again from my laptop, although I've been denied access from my phone.  It appears that my channel is still visible.  The only explanation I have is that I was, once again, denied access by the "YouTube gods" much like in October of this year when Google blocked all access to my accounts including YouTube and gmail and blogger for 4-5 days.  I had to submit a request to have my accounts reinstated and that process took 4-5 days, as they had to have someone personally review my accounts, (that's what they claimed in an email to me anyway).  This denied me access to my blog, so I was unable to make corrections and add video to my new article about "Utah Witchhunt".  I do think if I am going to be blocked from accessing my accounts I deserve at least an email.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Utah Families Caught In Mexican Ambush - 3 Mothers & Their Children Shot & Burned!

Reality Hits Home As Terror Unleashed In Third World Sonora Mexico By Cartels.



It was last night, November 4, 2019, when I saw a post asking for helicopter assistance for an ambush of several mothers and their children in La Mora Mexico.  

Details were sketchy as I searched for more information.  All I knew is that, given the events described, this would take a military like rescue because those Mexican Cartels were armed to the teeth and unleashed indescribable terror on these innocent people!  I thought about them all night as I wondered who could help.  This morning I got up and found more detail as it related to this third world horror.

This is a map of the area these families resided in.  The man filming the burned out vehicle (which is posted below) says, "La Mona".  They typed reports say "La Mora".  La Mona Mexico is outlined here.  It is hard to say if it is a "typo" on the internet, but there is a Mexican town of "La Mona" Google says exists on the Baja Peninsula FAR from this town in Central Mexico.  Conflicting reports for sure!

This morning I came upon this post shared by Jeanette Finicum on Facebook.

"To the citizens of the Untied States of America, Mexico and to human beings across the world. . . . This is a developing story that is happening now!  New details are arriving by the second.  This is ongoing!  As of November 4 7:00 p.m. Central Time.  It is with heavy hearts and unspeakable sadness we inform you that the two missing mothers Christina Langford and Dawna Langford along with many of their precious innocent children have been slaughtered and gone to their rest.  We've had no help from the powers and authorities that be as of yet.  One of the older boys escaped with 6 of his siblings and he was able to run home to La Mora Municipio Bavispe Sonora Mexico after leaving his wounded, bleeding and bullet-ridden brothers and sisters hiding behind trees from the ongoing shootout between the cartels.  Teenagers and adults have been scrambling into the mountains to find our loved ones. . . risking their own lives. . . . where help is nowhere to be found.  GOD HELP US IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY!

Attention - all of the world!  We are a community of U.S. Citizens that live and operate between Mexico and the United States.  We are under attack as we speak, by the cartels in Mexico.  We have been petitioning the American Embassies in Mexico all day long to no avail!  We need this to be shared and the whole world to witness the atrocious, inhumane and barbaric acts that were committed against us today!  Rhonita Miller and her four children were shot up and burned to death in this vehicle, and at this very moment that are two more Suburbans with two of our families, totaling two wives and 10 children, that are missing and or kidnapped by the cartel.  We Need Help Immediately"!
                                            ~ Lafe Langford Jr.

With this accompanying video.

Later this post appeared via facebook.

"On the morning of November 4, 2019 three mothers in three vehicles, with fourteen children between them, set out from La Mora, a small family community in the mountains of Northeastern Sonora.  Two of them to see family in Chihuahua, and one of them to pick up her husband from the airport in Phoenix, Arizona, they never made it!  They were ambushed by the Mexican Cartels; shot, burned and murdered in cold blood!  These were innocent civilians, American citizens simply trying to live peaceful lives.

Chihuahua located by the red pin and surrounding area including Sonora, Texas & Arizona.

For 11 hours, their families all over Sonora, Chihuahua, and the Midwestern US waited in fear and horror for any news of possible survivors. The first vehicle was found full of bullet holes and completely ablaze. Nita and the four of her seven children she had taken on the trip were burned to mostly ashes and only a few charred bones left to identify that all five had been inside. It appeared that one tried to escape as the front passenger door was open and the remains were partially in and out of the vehicle.

On another part of the road, about 10 miles ahead, were Christina, with her baby Faith in her vehicle, and Dawna with nine children in hers. They both were fired upon from ahead and Christina jumped out waving her arms to let the attackers know that it was women and children in the vehicles. She gave her life to try and save the rest. Dawna and two of her boys were also killed in the gunfire.

After witnessing his mother and brothers being shot dead, Dawna's son Devin hid his 6 other siblings in the bushes and covered them with branches to keep them safe while he went for help. When he took too long to return, his 9 year old sister left the remaining five to try again. Devin arrived in La Mora at 5:30 pm, 6 hours after the ambush, giving the first news anyone had heard of his and Christina's families.

Devin's uncles armed themselves with guns and returned to try and find the hidden children, knowing many of them were injured. They didn't get far before realizing they would be risking death, since there had been continual shooting for hours, all over the mountains near LaMora. The group of men waited a while for reinforcements, and around 7:30, found the hidden children. They found Christina's baby Faith with the vehicle around her riddled with bullet holes. Somehow she had remained untouched, and alive. She was in her car seat, which looked to have been hurriedly placed on the floor of the vehicle by her mother for protection. 

The search didn't end there. Mckenzie, the 9 year old who'd gone for help, was missing. Soldiers who'd by then arrived, and the men of La Mora and nearby towns searched for two hours in the dark until they found her around 9:30.

The five of Dawna's children who were injured were picked up by a waiting ambulance and treated at the local hospital until a helicopter sent by Mexican military came to pick them up. Their father David who had by then arrived from Tucson, Arizona, accompanied them to be life flighted to another helicopter waiting at the US border, from there to be transported to Phoenix.

Devin, his brother Jake, and Christina's baby Faith, all uninjured, are now in the care of their aunts and grandmas in La Mora.

We lost 9 today. Right now we are waiting, for the morning, for answers, for justice.

Rhonita Maria Miller September 15, 1989, 30 yrs
Howard Jacob Miller, Jr. July 12, 2007, 12 yrs
Krystal Bellaine Miller, September 25, 2009 10 yrs
Titus Alvin Miller, March 13, 2019 - 8 months
Tiana Gricel Miller, March 13, 2019 - 8 months

All shot and burned in their vehicle. Only ashes and a few bones remain.

Father/husband is Howard Sr, who was in North Dakota at the time of attack. The three siblings left behind in La Mora being babysat at the Miller grandparents: Tristan, Amaryllis, and Zack.

Christina Marie Langford Johnson - November 23, 1987, shot dead, 19 days away from 32 years.

Faith Marie Johnson April 9, 2019, 7 months old - was found in her car seat that seemed to be put on the floor, by her mother to try and protect her, uninjured.

Dawna Ray Langford, June 19, 1976, 43 years
Trevor Harvey Langford April 4, 2008 11 years old,
Rogan Jay Langford, February 17, 2017 2.5 years old
All shot to death.

Kylie Evelyn Langford, March 8 2005, 14 years - shot in the foot.

Devin Blake Langford, July 6 2006, 13 years - uninjured, walked approximately 14 miles to La Mora to get help, after hiding his bleeding but living siblings in the bushes, and covering them with branches.

Mckenzie Rayne Langford, January 12 2010, - 9 years - grazed on her arm- sent by her sister Kylie for help when Devin didn't return soon enough, got lost, and walked approximately 10 miles, for about 4 hours in the dark before she was found by the search parties.

Cody Greyson Langford, October 1 2011, 8 years- shot in the jaw, and the leg, his condition was worrying, but at last word, not critical.

Jake Ryder Langford, May 22 2013, 6 - uninjured.

Xander Boe Langford, June 4 2015, 4 - shot in the back.

Brixon Oliver Langford, February 15th 2019, almost 9 months - shot in the chest, open flesh wound, bullet graze on wrist".
                                          ~ Kendra Lee Miller

These families had Utah roots and their story was FINALLY given a voice in mainstream media.  Here is the FOX13 Utah report.

There is some discrepancy on the name of the town these families were residence of.  The man filming the burned out car says "La Mona".  The facebook posts typed out "La Mora".  They are both in Google Maps as Mexico towns.  As I came upon the calls for help; and accounts of what happened, I noticed the last names of the individuals and could not help but question if they were of Mormon Fundamentalist origin.  I found a website that has a short history of these names as they associate to La Mora Mexico.  Although it seems to be the only thing the media and people who like to comment on these posts are focused on, the fact that they do have roots in fundamentalism, they don't focus on the tragedy itself or the mayhem caused by Mexican Drug Cartels.  The story, in my opinion, does call into question the fact that some of the LaBaron family members have been very vocal about the terror of the cartels and the violence they use indiscriminately against innocents, and their publicly calling upon the government for more security for the residents of the area, may have brought about the violent killing of these families.  It may have been a case of mistaken identity, as many times large vehicles are used to transport Mexicans throughout the region, but it may have been a "targeted killing" also.  Anyway, I just wanted to post a detailed map of the region and the roads they may have traveled.  The red pin signifies the town/area where the killings took place.  The highlighted route maps out the road they may have traveled from La Mora to Chihuahua and beyond.  I am sure this is not the end of this story.  I will post updated information as I come across it as some individuals on the internet are suggesting this was a "hoax" to further brainwash those who identify as "religious" in any way.

Stay Tuned!

It has been reported that the ambush of these families took place in Bavispe Mexico.  This map shows Bavispe pinned and the route the women took from their home town of La Mora Mexico.

Update -
November 9, 2019
It appears that I was correct in some of my suspiciouns about the deadly attack on Fundamentalist Mormons settled in Mexico.  Members of the group posted a video of an 18 vehicle caravan leaving the area known as Colonia LaBaron, some in tears stating, "some may never return".  The families were reported to have left for Arizona.  The following report was made by the Arizona Daily Star.

"On Saturday, families went in and out of a gas station in Douglas near the port of entry as the sun began to set.  They filled up on gas, and put air in their tires and got food before getting back on the road on their way to Tuscon and Phoenix.  Their trucks were loaded with boxes, spare tires and bags.  All their belongings packed as they left their communities in Mexico that their families have called home since the 1950's.  The families had lived in two hamlets in Mexico's Sonora State, La Mora and Colonia LaBaron.  Other residents of the hamlets plan on leaving in the coming days.

The spread-out community traces its roots back to the end of polygamy more than a century ago by The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, forcing Mormon families in the U.S. with multiple wives to establish offshoots elsewhere.

Bryce Langford, who's mother was one of the women killed, told the Daily Star Saturday that he was on his way to visit his brother at a hospital in Tuscon.  Lafe Langford said the community has learned more about cartel hit men in the area in recent months, and people had been considering moving.  After Monday's Ambush, they had decided it was something they had to do for their own safety.  Having to leave so suddenly feels like something he's seen in the movies but never thought would happen to his family.  Most of the families are traveling to Phoenix, others are heading to Tuscon.  They are not sure where they will settle down in the long term.  Langford who was raised in La Mora but now lives in North Dakota said, "it wasn't easy for [his] family to leave the land they've called home for more than 50 years", continuing, "the assets they've acquired down there are tremendous, and to have to up and leave from one day to the next and leave all that behind, there's definitely a lot of sad people here".           
                                        ~ The Detroit News

A caravan of friends and relatives of the LeBaron family arrive at the site where nine U.S. citizens, three women and six children related to the extended LeBaron family, were slaughtered when cartel gunmen ambushed three SUVs along a dirt road near Bavispe, at the Sonora-Chihuahua border, Mexico, Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019. (Photo: Marco Ugarte, AP)
 Click the Photo above to Watch the Video.  Families leaving after Mexico violence arrive in Arizona - November 9 2019 on my BitChute Channel.