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Utah Families Caught In Mexican Ambush - 3 Mothers & Their Children Shot & Burned!

Reality Hits Home As Terror Unleashed In Third World Sanora Mexico By Cartels.



It was last night, November 4, 2019, when I saw a post asking for helicopter assistance for an ambush of several mothers and their children in La Mora Mexico.  

Details were sketchy as I searched for more information.  All I knew is that, given the events described, this would take a military like rescue because those Mexican Cartels were armed to the teeth and unleashed indescribable terror on these innocent people!  I thought about them all night as I wondered who could help.  This morning I got up and found more detail as it related to this third world horror.

This is a map of the area these families resided in.  The man filming the burned out vehicle (which is posted below) says, "La Mona".  They typed reports say "La Mora".  La Mona Mexico is outlined here.  It is hard to say if it is a "typo" on the internet, but there is a Mexican town of "La Mona" Google says exists on the Baja Peninsula FAR from this town in Central Mexico.  Conflicting reports for sure!

This morning I came upon this post shared by Jeanette Finicum on Facebook.

"To the citizens of the Untied States of America, Mexico and to human beings across the world. . . . This is a developing story that is happening now!  New details are arriving by the second.  This is ongoing!  As of November 4 7:00 p.m. Central Time.  It is with heavy hearts and unspeakable sadness we inform you that the two missing mothers Christina Langford and Dawna Langford along with many of their precious innocent children have been slaughtered and gone to their rest.  We've had no help from the powers and authorities that be as of yet.  One of the older boys escaped with 6 of his siblings and he was able to run home to La Mora Municipio Bavispe Sonora Mexico after leaving his wounded, bleeding and bullet-ridden brothers and sisters hiding behind trees from the ongoing shootout between the cartels.  Teenagers and adults have been scrambling into the mountains to find our loved ones. . . risking their own lives. . . . where help is nowhere to be found.  GOD HELP US IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY!

Attention - all of the world!  We are a community of U.S. Citizens that live and operate between Mexico and the United States.  We are under attack as we speak, by the cartels in Mexico.  We have been petitioning the American Embassies in Mexico all day long to no avail!  We need this to be shared and the whole world to witness the atrocious, inhumane and barbaric acts that were committed against us today!  Rhonita Miller and her four children were shot up and burned to death in this vehicle, and at this very moment that are two more Suburbans with two of our families, totaling two wives and 10 children, that are missing and or kidnapped by the cartel.  We Need Help Immediately"!
                                            ~ Lafe Langford Jr.

With this accompanying video.

Later this post appeared via facebook.

"On the morning of November 4, 2019 three mothers in three vehicles, with fourteen children between them, set out from La Mora, a small family community in the mountains of Northeastern Sonora.  Two of them to see family in Chihuahua, and one of them to pick up her husband from the airport in Phoenix, Arizona, they never made it!  They were ambushed by the Mexican Cartels; shot, burned and murdered in cold blood!  These were innocent civilians, American citizens simply trying to live peaceful lives.

Chihuahua located by the red pin and surrounding area including Sonora, Texas & Arizona.

For 11 hours, their families all over Sonora, Chihuahua, and the Midwestern US waited in fear and horror for any news of possible survivors. The first vehicle was found full of bullet holes and completely ablaze. Nita and the four of her seven children she had taken on the trip were burned to mostly ashes and only a few charred bones left to identify that all five had been inside. It appeared that one tried to escape as the front passenger door was open and the remains were partially in and out of the vehicle.

On another part of the road, about 10 miles ahead, were Christina, with her baby Faith in her vehicle, and Dawna with nine children in hers. They both were fired upon from ahead and Christina jumped out waving her arms to let the attackers know that it was women and children in the vehicles. She gave her life to try and save the rest. Dawna and two of her boys were also killed in the gunfire.

After witnessing his mother and brothers being shot dead, Dawna's son Devin hid his 6 other siblings in the bushes and covered them with branches to keep them safe while he went for help. When he took too long to return, his 9 year old sister left the remaining five to try again. Devin arrived in La Mora at 5:30 pm, 6 hours after the ambush, giving the first news anyone had heard of his and Christina's families.

Devin's uncles armed themselves with guns and returned to try and find the hidden children, knowing many of them were injured. They didn't get far before realizing they would be risking death, since there had been continual shooting for hours, all over the mountains near LaMora. The group of men waited a while for reinforcements, and around 7:30, found the hidden children. They found Christina's baby Faith with the vehicle around her riddled with bullet holes. Somehow she had remained untouched, and alive. She was in her car seat, which looked to have been hurriedly placed on the floor of the vehicle by her mother for protection. 

The search didn't end there. Mckenzie, the 9 year old who'd gone for help, was missing. Soldiers who'd by then arrived, and the men of La Mora and nearby towns searched for two hours in the dark until they found her around 9:30.

The five of Dawna's children who were injured were picked up by a waiting ambulance and treated at the local hospital until a helicopter sent by Mexican military came to pick them up. Their father David who had by then arrived from Tucson, Arizona, accompanied them to be life flighted to another helicopter waiting at the US border, from there to be transported to Phoenix.

Devin, his brother Jake, and Christina's baby Faith, all uninjured, are now in the care of their aunts and grandmas in La Mora.

We lost 9 today. Right now we are waiting, for the morning, for answers, for justice.

Rhonita Maria Miller September 15, 1989, 30 yrs
Howard Jacob Miller, Jr. July 12, 2007, 12 yrs
Krystal Bellaine Miller, September 25, 2009 10 yrs
Titus Alvin Miller, March 13, 2019 - 8 months
Tiana Gricel Miller, March 13, 2019 - 8 months

All shot and burned in their vehicle. Only ashes and a few bones remain.

Father/husband is Howard Sr, who was in North Dakota at the time of attack. The three siblings left behind in La Mora being babysat at the Miller grandparents: Tristan, Amaryllis, and Zack.

Christina Marie Langford Johnson - November 23, 1987, shot dead, 19 days away from 32 years.

Faith Marie Johnson April 9, 2019, 7 months old - was found in her car seat that seemed to be put on the floor, by her mother to try and protect her, uninjured.

Dawna Ray Langford, June 19, 1976, 43 years
Trevor Harvey Langford April 4, 2008 11 years old,
Rogan Jay Langford, February 17, 2017 2.5 years old
All shot to death.

Kylie Evelyn Langford, March 8 2005, 14 years - shot in the foot.

Devin Blake Langford, July 6 2006, 13 years - uninjured, walked approximately 14 miles to La Mora to get help, after hiding his bleeding but living siblings in the bushes, and covering them with branches.

Mckenzie Rayne Langford, January 12 2010, - 9 years - grazed on her arm- sent by her sister Kylie for help when Devin didn't return soon enough, got lost, and walked approximately 10 miles, for about 4 hours in the dark before she was found by the search parties.

Cody Greyson Langford, October 1 2011, 8 years- shot in the jaw, and the leg, his condition was worrying, but at last word, not critical.

Jake Ryder Langford, May 22 2013, 6 - uninjured.

Xander Boe Langford, June 4 2015, 4 - shot in the back.

Brixon Oliver Langford, February 15th 2019, almost 9 months - shot in the chest, open flesh wound, bullet graze on wrist".
                                          ~ Kendra Lee Miller

These families had Utah roots and their story was FINALLY given a voice in mainstream media.  Here is the FOX13 Utah report.

There is some discrepancy on the name of the town these families were residence of.  The man filming the burned out car says "La Mona".  The facebook posts typed out "La Mora".  They are both in Google Maps as Mexico towns.  As I came upon the calls for help; and accounts of what happened, I noticed the last names of the individuals and could not help but question if they were of Mormon Fundamentalist origin.  I found a website that has a short history of these names as they associate to La Mora Mexico.  Although it seems to be the only thing the media and people who like to comment on these posts are focused on, the fact that they do have roots in fundamentalism, they don't focus on the tragedy itself or the mayhem caused by Mexican Drug Cartels.  The story, in my opinion, does call into question the fact that some of the LaBaron family members have been very vocal about the terror of the cartels and the violence they use indiscriminately against innocents, and their publicly calling upon the government for more security for the residents of the area, may have brought about the violent killing of these families.  It may have been a case of mistaken identity, as many times large vehicles are used to transport Mexicans throughout the region, but it may have been a "targeted killing" also.  Anyway, I just wanted to post a detailed map of the region and the roads they may have traveled.  The red pin signifies the town/area where the killings took place.  The highlighted route maps out the road they may have traveled from La Mora to Chihuahua and beyond.  I am sure this is not the end of this story.  I will post updated information as I come across it as some individuals on the internet are suggesting this was a "hoax" to further brainwash those who identify as "religious" in any way.

Stay Tuned!

It has been reported that the ambush of these families took place in Bavispe Mexico.  This map shows Bavispe pinned and the route the women took from their home town of La Mora Mexico.

Update -
November 9, 2019
It appears that I was correct in some of my suspiciouns about the deadly attack on Fundamentalist Mormons settled in Mexico.  Members of the group posted a video of an 18 vehicle caravan leaving the area known as Colonia LaBaron, some in tears stating, "some may never return".  The families were reported to have left for Arizona.  The following report was made by the Arizona Daily Star.

"On Saturday, families went in and out of a gas station in Douglas near the port of entry as the sun began to set.  They filled up on gas, and put air in their tires and got food before getting back on the road on their way to Tuscon and Phoenix.  Their trucks were loaded with boxes, spare tires and bags.  All their belongings packed as they left their communities in Mexico that their families have called home since the 1950's.  The families had lived in two hamlets in Mexico's Sonora State, La Mora and Colonia LaBaron.  Other residents of the hamlets plan on leaving in the coming days.

The spread-out community traces its roots back to the end of polygamy more than a century ago by The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, forcing Mormon families in the U.S. with multiple wives to establish offshoots elsewhere.

Bryce Langford, who's mother was one of the women killed, told the Daily Star Saturday that he was on his way to visit his brother at a hospital in Tuscon.  Lafe Langford said the community has learned more about cartel hit men in the area in recent months, and people had been considering moving.  After Monday's Ambush, they had decided it was something they had to do for their own safety.  Having to leave so suddenly feels like something he's seen in the movies but never thought would happen to his family.  Most of the families are traveling to Phoenix, others are heading to Tuscon.  They are not sure where they will settle down in the long term.  Langford who was raised in La Mora but now lives in North Dakota said, "it wasn't easy for [his] family to leave the land they've called home for more than 50 years", continuing, "the assets they've acquired down there are tremendous, and to have to up and leave from one day to the next and leave all that behind, there's definitely a lot of sad people here".           
                                        ~ The Detroit News

A caravan of friends and relatives of the LeBaron family arrive at the site where nine U.S. citizens, three women and six children related to the extended LeBaron family, were slaughtered when cartel gunmen ambushed three SUVs along a dirt road near Bavispe, at the Sonora-Chihuahua border, Mexico, Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019. (Photo: Marco Ugarte, AP)
 Click the Photo above to Watch the Video.  Families leaving after Mexico violence arrive in Arizona - November 9 2019 on my BitChute Channel.


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Milking Your Own Cash Cow - Quinn Sperry - Conflict Of Interest - Utah

Quinn Sperry Running Midvale City For Maximum Profit - Conflict Of Interest and More!


Quinn Sperry has lived in the Midvale area for more than 30 years.  Quinn received his bachelor’s degree and juris doctorate from the University of Utah.  He is a founding partner of the Midvale based law firm Morris Sperry focusing on real estate law with an emphasis on litigation and community associations law (condominiums, townhomes, planned unit developments, etc.).

ATTENTION Midvale City Utah Voters!

*It's time we put a stop to Utah Politicians social engineering our cities, towns and state to suit their own needs.  Put a stop to Quinn Sperry milking Midvale City Taxpayers for his own benefit.  He is playing a key role in bringing MASSIVE amounts of "Stack-n-Pack" Section 8 Housing, also known as Multi Use Development, (in the 70's - 90's this was known as "the projects"), to the small bedroom town of Midvale City.  

*As you can see in the photo above, Quinn Sperry is an Attorney specializing in Renter's/Owners litigation and services.  Sperry just voted this spring to increase Midvale's current development of stack-n-pack housing by 1000 units!  

*Quinn Sperry is also on the Sewer District also known as Midvalley Improvement Distric's Board that voted to raise local taxpayers service fees by 82%, cow-towing to EPA Bureaucrats and salesmen Bowen Collins who construct the new plants using government subsidies.  

* Last fall Sperry joined in constructing another MAJOR housing development spiking housing numbers to enormous proportions claiming "it's all for Main Street", who's retail business' run only about the length of a football field!   The speed limit is a maximum of 35 miles per hour in Midvale and the increase of traffic do to these monstrosities are going to wreak havoc on Midvale roads bringing traffic to a CRAWL, then they will say you can no longer drive your car, "it's just not sustainable"!

*Midvale Taxpayers PUT A STOP to Politicians who won't stand up to the dictates of BIG Government and it's Agencies who want to tell you what is good for you! 

*Send a message to Quinn Sperry, and those like him, who are social engineering Midvale's bedroom town into Transit Oriented Development that puts your tax dollars and his litigation fees into his pocket at your expense!  Quinn Sperry has a HUGE Conflict of Interest and no one is holding him accountable!

*Please print this as a flier and post it and hand it out to everyone you know in Midvale City limits.  We must stop this madness! 

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Utah Headhunters Deploy Witch-hunt That Results In 14 Year Sentence For Utah Man - Rick Koerber



Holding true to Constitutional Principles will make you a target of Utah's Elected and Elite.  This is an overview of what happened to one man who was gaining favor amongst Utahan's who organized to uphold Constitutional Principles in local government.  The case of Claude Rick Koerber Franklin.

This is the tragic story of Rick Koerber, a man who believes in constitutionally based government and a free capitalist society rooted in the founders belief that "all men are created equal" and that the Constitution and Bill of Rights stand to protect every mans "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness".  A man who was gaining support of local Utahan's in holding the nations elected to those standards.  He hosted a local radio program where these beliefs were taught and discussed, a website where like-minded Utahan's could connect with his efforts and donate to the cause.  Koerber's first major milestone in keeping government closest to the people was his advocacy in passing local legislation supporting Utah tax dollars supplementing tuition for parents choice in educating their children in private schools.  This upset the "apple cart" as Utah Education organizations and Elected began loosing control of their "cash cow", as they perpetually run for election using Utah kids and low wages in education as their platform.  Koerber's second offense against the elite was rejecting the state republican's buy for electing John McCain as President.  Koerber consented to hosing a fundraiser here in Utah for McCain at which McCain's progressive liberal views were unveiled.  Many present began asking hardball questions of McCain resulting in embarrassing McCain and Koerber abandoning his support of McCain in favor of Rudy Giuliani for a presidential run.  Thirdly, while being dragged through enormous legal wrangling, Koerber offered legal help to Ammon Bundy of Burns Malhuer Oregon fame.  As Ron Wyden once infamously said, "this virus must be stopped"!  And so the demise of Rick Koerber was sealed.

Here is a synopsis for what transpired as Utah Elected, including Judges, conspired to silence Rick Koerber and quash is constitutionally minded message.

Ammon Bundy Statement on Rick Koerber October 15, 2019:
"I am reading my words because of the need for accuracy. 

Almost all of us standing here today, including those of you who are here to support Rick, are wondering if Claude Roderick Koerber Franklin is guilty of fraud?  Many of us still believe that government officials would not lie, cover up, conspire.  Many of us still believe that government officials have had good reason to indict and prosecute Rick. 

Because of this doubt Rick Koerber Franklin is guilty! 

He is guilty of putting his faith in the courts and not loudly informing people of what is happening to him.  He is guilty for letting the U.S. Attorney's Office control the narrative and not rebut the lies and the slander they were spreading.  Rick is guilty of failing to inform the media of the facts and leaving the lazy reporters to glean the easy story as it spews forth from the U.S. Attorney's.  Rick is guilty of trusting the courts over the people.  Trusting the courts to hold themselves accountable without the voice or action of the people. 

I pray today that Rick is sent home to his family as a free man, but I do not believe that the Federal Judges that are deciding Ricks future possess the moral compos to do what is right on their own.  It is only when the people hold officers of their government responsible, personally responsible and accountable, it is only then that they return to the correct moral path. 

To start this process, and to chase out your doubts towards Rick today, I will present to you the truth of Rick's Case. 

By 2005 Rick Koerber Franklin was successfully becoming involved in politics.  Rick became a "mover" and a "shaker" in promoting the "Utah School Voucher Bill" HB148.  If passed this bill would have allowed the allocation of half the funds per student to go to the private school where the student was enrolled.  The bill was aggressively opposed and feared by the Utah Education Association (UEA). 

While pushing this voucher bill Rick witnessed how John Huntsman [Jr.], the governor at the time, was playing the people on both sides of the issue.  Rick organized his supporters and successfully replaced four state representatives endorsed by Huntsman.  This caused great contention between Rick and the governor of Utah. 

To fuel the fire further the Republican Party requested that Rick raise funds for John McCain at a dinner event.  Rick felt obligated and helped to raise $70,000.00, however during the event John McCain expressed his liberal views and Rick and the "Free Capitalists" in the audience began asking real questions, ultimately embarrassing John McCain in front those attending.  This infuriated the leaders in the Republican Party, including the Governor John Hunstman. 

After the John McCain Event, Rick and the Free Capitalists would not support John McCain for the Presidential Election, and they threw their support to Rudy Giuliani.  Rick invited Giuliani to Utah and held a dinner/fundraiser at Rick's home, where they raised around $250.000.00.  The leaders of the Utah Republican Party were not invited to the event, however, Utah Lieutenant Governor at the time, a man by the name of Gary Herbert [Lt. Gov.] representing the Republican Party invited himself to the meeting where Rick almost did not let him in.  As many of you know, Gary Herbert is the current sitting Governor of Utah. 

The amount of funds raise for Giuliani vs McCain, and the lack of invite, embarrassed Utah Republican Leaders and further infuriated them against Rick and the Free Capitalists.  They implied, many times, that Rick did not have authority from them to have the support dinner event with Rudy Giuliani.  Official court documents show the the Republican Leaders, shortly after these events, sent Francine Giani, Director of the Utah Department of Commerce, on a "witch-hunt" against Rick and the Free Capitalists.  Records show that they told her to "take him down any way possible", she also met with John Hunstman, where he said, "no matter the cost".  Over the next few years Rick spent upwards of $400,000.00 to defend himself and the Free Capitalists. 

Fed up with the political assault, Rick took the story public to his radio show and informed nearly 1 Million listeners of what was going on.  The party leaders expressed despise toward Rick for exposing them and the information Rick revealed on the air was used by opposing camps inside the Utah government. 

Then on August 30, 2007 Rick's Attorney got a call from Wayne Klein, Director of the Utah Division of Securities, informing them that the State of Utah Attorney's Office was looking to indict Rick for fraud. 

Mr. [Mike] Heinz, former head of Enforcement for the Division of Securities, and lead investigator in Rick's Case, asked Rick to meet with them.  During the meeting he informed Rick, "if you plead guilty to one count of fraud they will drop the entire investigation".  They wanted Rick out of politics, and knew that a fraud conviction would discredit him.  Rick recorded the meeting, and when listened to the recording, you can hear Mike Heinz say, "you have not committed any crime or broken the rule of law". 

After a short time on the case Mike Heinz could see that this was just a political prosecution, and he told Rick and his Attorney's that, "he was not part of this, there is no evidence he has broken any law".  Director Wayne Klein also said to Rick's Attorney, "normally we get evidence first, but your client went on the radio as if we were doing something wrong and painted me in the corner, I have to do something". 

Mike Heinz warned Rick to, "stop meeting with the Task Force because they are going to do whatever it takes to trap you". 

Francine Giani prepared a 44 count Indictment and took it to the Utah Attorney General and wanted him to prosecute Rick.  Attorney General Mark Shurtleff met with Rick at Mimi's Cafe in Sandy Utah.  During the conversation Mark said, "if you broke the law I am going to put my foot in your ass, but if this is a witch-hunt, and Francine Giani is known for that, then I won't support it"! 

Mike Heinz shortly after, wrote a detailed official report debunking Francine Giani's 44 count Indictment, in the report he wrote, "the accusations are long on conclusions, but short on facts". 

Mike Heinz, after writing this report, was terminated from his position.  The Salt Lake Tribune reported on this termination.  They wrote, "A Fired Top Utah Regulator Gave Special Treatment To Those Suspect Of Violating State Investment Laws According To His Former Boss". 

Attorney Rick VanWagoner called the allegations, "silly". 

Rod Snow, one of Utah's top Attorney's said in an email, "anyone who knows Mike Heinz and has worked with him can attest the assertion is unfounded.  Mike was always professional, but did not play 'hide the ball'". 

It is good to know that the Utah Division of Securities is a division of the Utah Department of Commerce, and Mike Heinz' former boss, who accused and terminated Mike is Francine Giani. 

It appears that Francine Giani continued her obvious actions against those who work for her, but did no agree with her, or agree with her politics.  In August 2016 the Deseret News published an article with the headline, "Verdict, Utah Department of Commerce Director Wrongfully Fired Assistant". 

The article further read, "a jury decided Friday that Francine Giani Executive Director of the Utah Department of Commerce wrongfully terminated her executive assistant in January 2013.  The ordeal began because Giani mistrusted her executive assistant, Rebekah Connor, who's husband was a Special Agent with the Utah Attorney Generals Office.  The Jury Verdict concluded that Giani wrongfully fired Connor do to her political affiliations.  They further concluded that Giani continued with conduct that was not only intentional, but in knowing violation of Utah Law". 

Judge [Matthew] Bates said that, "Giani had committed acts of impropriety during her employment". 

Former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff responded to the Deseret News report and wrote on Twitter, "Finally, Francine Giani is held accountable for abuses".  He included the hashtag #TipOfTheIceberg. 

After much concern for the actions of Francine Giani Utah Legislators approved and audit to investigate her.  What they found was so damning to the State of Utah's Department of Commerce, and Francine herself, they decided not to release the report to the public. 

BYU Marriot School of Business Advisory Board reported that, "during her tenor, Francine Giani implemented sweeping changes after a Legislative Audit and Internal Investigation". 

After the audit and coverup, an election came and went and the Audit Report was swept under the rug.

Failing to get the Utah Attorney'S Office to prosecute Rick, with a personal chip now on her shoulder, fed by the spite from several powerful people in Utah, Giani took Rick's Case to the U.S. Attorney's and asked them to prosecute. 

However, being that Rick made many public comments on the Federal Government's overreach and violation to the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Attorney's Office was more than willing to engage in the prosecution of Rick. 

However, they immediately ran into trouble when the Grand Jury declined to indict Rick because of "lack of evidence".  Sometime later the U.S. Attorney's went back to the Grand Jury again and were rejected the second time because they "did not have sufficient evidence that Rick committed fraud".  After obtaining information illegally, the U.S. Attorney's convinced a new Grand Jury to indict.  One of the jurors later was called to be a witness in the legal proceeding and testify that, "there was no evidence against him". 

A presiding Judge in the hearing on the case said, "the Court agrees that the discovery practices of the government in this case have been puzzling".  He also went on to say, "the government also refused to admit they had relied upon defendant's attorney client privilege information in obtaining the initial May 26, 2009 Indictment, and it continued to use defendant's privileged information even after a promise to sequester it, specifically incorporating that information in the superseding indictment filed November 10, 2009.  Moreover, Prosecutors and Investigators refused to admit they knew defendant was not  represented in February 2009 when they schemed to interview him ex-par-ta". 

District Judge Clark Waddoups later through out the evidence that was obtained by the U.S. Attorney's Office illegally.  In a 2014 Ruling Judge Waddoups said, "the Court has already found significant problems with this substantive prosecution of the case, essentially amounting to a pattern of wide spread and continuous misconduct by the U.S. Attorney's Office". 

The Federal District Judge also pointed out how the U.S. Attorney's withheld exculpatory evidence from Rick "defendant has tried in vein to obtain information from the government about what the basis of the prosecution will be.  And, only after the Hearing on this current motion to dismiss, has the government produced an additional 1400 pages of Supplemental Discovery to the defendant.  Most of the evidence was between 1 and 4 years old and, clearly, has been in the government's possession for a long time.  There was no explanation for the late production, no description of the content, no table of contents and no index". 

But through the craftiness of the U.S. Attorney's in this case, the indictment remained and Rick has been forced, over a decade, to defend himself. 

All in all, Rick's Case has gone through 7 Grand Jury's, 5 different Indictments, 16 U.S. Prosecutors, 4 U.S. Attorneys, 2 Federal Jury Trials, and every single Federal Judge in Utah District has either presided over the case and recused themselves or refused to take the Case.  The Case has been Dismissed with Prejudice and Overturned by the 10th Circuit.  The Proceedings have gone on for over 10 years.  Towards the end, no Judge in Utah would, or could, take the Case.  So, a Judge from New York was sent out to preside over the case, and hopefully, settle the matter. 

In a 2014 Ruling to Dismiss the Case with Prejudice, Judge Waddoups rebuked the Prosecutors by saying, "the prejudice [he], Mr. Koerber, has suffered, has been legal, personal and real".  He goes on the say, "personally, Mr. Koerber has been under Pre-Trial Release condition for 5 years.  This includes being deprived of the Second Amendment Rights, the abridgement of his First Amendment Rights to associate freely, and his general ability to live, work and raise his family.  He has faced financial ruin, family issues and health issues as a result of being subject to the abuse by process and misconduct by stewards who hold the overwhelming resource of the Federal Government.  These are not small things.  And, with the passage of time the prejudice grows". 

He further says, "this incident is another violation of law by Federal Prosecutors, who through the pattern of conduct of this Case, have been strikingly unwilling to confirm their own conduct to the Constitution.  To allow the government a 4th chance to re-indict would be unjustified and a tactic form of tolerating this kind of Prosecutorial Misconduct". 

After the Ruling Judge Waddoups, suspiciously recused himself, for unknown reasons. 

With the Case dismissed with prejudice, Rick and his family thought, maybe, this "terrible ordeal" was finally over and, with almost nothing to their name, they began to pick up the pieces and put their lives back together.  Rick's business was completely destroyed.  All of his assets were still being seized by the government, and had lost almost all of there value.  But, Rick was free, humbled and optimistic about building his life back, living simply and in peace. 

However, after watching what was going on with the Hammond Family in Harney County Oregon, and watching how the government had incarcerated the Bundy Family and was threatening them with a lifetime of imprisonment, Rick was moved to come and help the Bundy Family in their effort to "shine the light" and help them return to their families. 

Rick contacted Ryan and myself and began assisting us in our legal proceedings.  He introduced me to his attorney Marcus Mumford, and together, we began to expose the corruption and build a strong legal defense for all that were arrested in Oregon. 

For approximately 10 months Rick, Marcus Mumford, my brother Ryan and myself prepared to expose the truth to a Jury.  In a very public 10 week trial, the Jury Acquitted all the Defendants in the trial on all charges.  This Verdict "infuriated" the U.S. Prosecutors and the government officers involved in the Bundy Case.  Minutes after the Jury Acquitted the Bundy's, and many others, U.S. Marshall's charged Marcus Mumford in the Court Room.  They threw him to the ground, tased him, and arrested him. 

Watch "The Injustice Of Marcus Mumford In Oregon" Video Below.

After Judge Waddoups Dismissal with Prejudice, and then Recusing himself, a new Judge was assigned to Rick's Case.  And, the very next day, after we were acquitted in Oregon, Judge [Jill] Parrish ordered the U.S. Attorneys to Re-Indict Rick for the fourth time.  Even though it would condone the egregious misconduct of the U.S. Attorneys Office and further prejudice the defendant.  It is clear to all, that honestly understand the proceedings of Rick's Case, that this re-indictment is a gross political retaliation for Rick's involvement in the Bundy Defense. 

Judge Waddoups implied in a 2014 Ruling that, this case has the potential of eroding the faith of the citizens in the U.S. Governments ability to administer justice.  Listen to his words directly.  "It is unfortunately true that the court granted the Motion to Suppress to prevent the erosion of citizen's faith in the even-handed administration of the law".  Judge Waddoups' concerns have, unfortunately, come to full fruition in this case.  And, as more people become aware of the truth, history, and facts of Rick's Proceedings, the confidence in the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Federal Judicial System altogether is, and will, continue to decline. 

The questions are, "will Officers of the Federal Government continue their abuse and political unjust actions until the confidence of The People in them is so low that The People reject the Federal Judicial System altogether"? 

And, "does the U.S. Judicial System have the capability to correct the actions of their own Officers and, will they do it before The People's faith in the system is eroded to the point of no return"? 

Immediately after Judge Parrish ordered the Prosecuting Attorney to Re-Indict Rick, Judge Parrish Recused herself from the Case.  Judge [Dee] Benson was then put on the Case but soon also Recused himself from the Case because of "knowledge of what the Utah District Judges had in mind to do to Marcus Mumford", Rick's Attorney.  Being fond of Marcus, he wanted nothing to do with it, and distanced himself from the entire ordeal. 

Judge [Robert] Shelby, was then assigned to the Case, and the January 2017 Trial was set.  Knowing of Marcus Mumford's ability to defend his client, Judge Shelby tried to force Marcus off the Case due to Rick's financial ruin and the need for Public Funds to pay for his defense.  The conspiring District Judges and the U.S. Attorneys knew Rick did not have the resources to pay for his defense after 9 years of extreme prosecution.  The Judges refused Defense Funds to pay for Mumford's services and they tried to force Rick to take Public Defenders instead of Mumford.  In order to stay on the Case and defend Rick, Marcus continued as a "pro-bono" counsel, or in other words, without being paid.  The Judges plot did not work and Marcus Mumford sacrificed his own income to ensure that Rick would not be "railroaded".  Marcus later said, "I could not leave Rick alone". 

During the trial many unorthodox procedures took place.  Motions of Illumine' by the government were granted and much evidence was not allowed to be presented to the Jury.  Rick's key expert witness was not allowed to testify and, several times Judge Shelby made conclusions that appeared to be intended to bias the Jury against Rick.  However, during this several week trial Marcus and Rick fought diligently to get the Jury the truth.  Even Judge Shelby seemed to begin to see the truth and show more kindness and respect toward Rick and Marcus. 

At the end of the trial the Jury went to deliberate, to decide a verdict.  Judge Shelby came off the bench and shook hands with Rick's Family and Friends and expressed some regard and respect for them.  After 5 days of Jury Deliberation the Courts called everyone together.  The anticipation was to hear the Jury's Verdict.  But, instead of Judge Shelby on the bench another Judge was in his place!  Judge Shelby was nowhere to be found!  And, Judge [David] Nuffer was sitting in his chair!  Judge Nuffer informed everyone in the Court Room that "the Jury was locked".  He immediately declared a Mistrial and dismissed the case without prejudice, giving very little explanation.  Rick and Mumford were a bit taken aback by the new Judges presence and his "hasty actions" to dismiss the Jury and declare a Mistrial. 

The question remains unknown.  Would the Jury have Acquitted Rick if given instruction by the Judge to keep working on a unanimous verdict?  Either way, Judge Nuffer's hasty decision to dismiss without prejudice permitted the U.S. Attorney's Office to Re-Indict Rick and send him through the arduous prosecutorial process once again. 

And, so it was.  The U.S. Attorney's Office, once again, Indicted Rick.  And a Trial was scheduled with Judge Nuffer presiding.  Much like before, the Presiding Judge wanted Mumford off the case.  Mumford had a way of getting the truth to the Jury and was building a reputation of valiantly defending his clients, even at his own risk.  With Mumford on the Case the U.S. Prosecutors and the Judges would, somewhat, be held accountable to the Jury.  They would not easily "march Rick to the gallows" with Marcus as his Defense Counsel. 

So, as devised, through a disgusting, immoral, and unethical maneuver, Marcus Mumford was removed from the Case.  Judge Nuffer, before trial started and as the Presiding Judge, filed a secret complaint against Mumford to his fellow Judges in the District of Utah.  The complaint put the Judge and Marcus Mumford in a position of "conflict of interest".  One of them had to "Recuse" from the Case.  Judge intentionally would not recuse himself from the Case and tried to force Marcus to recuse.  Marcus refused, and a secret three Judge Panel arbitrarily ordered Mumford to withdraw from Rick's Case and all other cases in the District of Utah.  In this "secret ruling" the Judges called Marcus, "a threat to public safety", because he "defended people such as Ammon Bundy and assisted them to be released".  Then to add salt to the wound, after Marcus Mumford was removed from the Case, Judge Nuffer "shockingly" Recused himself, and a Judge from New York was brought in to preside over the Trial.  Still to this day, Marcus Mumford is secretly not allowed to practice in the District of Utah! 

With Marcus Mumford out of the picture, and Rick exhausted and broke and emotionally drained, the now, 16th U.S. Attorney on the Case, and Judge Frederick Block from New York were finally able to walk Rick to the gallows.  The Trial was a "one band show".  Rick's newly appointed Public Defender did not have the knowledge or the will to put much up for a fight.  Most of the evidence was never presented to the Jury, and Rick was convicted on 16 Counts of Fraud.  Just as Judge Waddoups ruled in 2014, "the unique facts and circumstances of this case undermine Defendant's possibility to receive a fair trial".  One man said after the trial, "it was like watching a High School football game where the referees wore the same uniforms as the opposing team". 

You may find it interesting that in the Court Gallery, the day Rick was convicted, was someone Rick had not seen for many, many years.  She was there to finally taste the victory she had so desired for a decade!  Somehow, she knew, that this day would be that day.  After the conviction of Claude Rodrick Koerber Franklin, the Director of the Utah Department of Commerce, Francine Giani, walked out of the Court Room.  I end with this. 

To the people who reside in Utah.  For anybody who cares about Utah, I say this, "where there is the greatest light, there is also the greatest darkness".  Thank you"! ~ Ammon Bundy

Before the Sentencing Hearing and Ammon Bundy Press Conference I read that a judge from New York was brought in to preside over the case.  This was a head-scratcher!  In hearing Ammon's Statement about not one Utah Judge taking the case I realized that "the goal" was to make sure the Jury saw Rick as a "Bernie Madoff"!  And, in some of the reports by courtroom observers, Bernie Madoff's name was brought up!  Another thing that I caught on to from courtroom observers was that the long line of "victims" that were in the courtroom to speak at sentencing, the Judge asked each, "did you lose money"?  Although each responded, "[they] had", they continued, "but I'm not a victim"!  It dawned on me that the Judge was planting that seed again and again to demonize Rick in everyone's eyes.  Most "victims" were their to support Rick and speak on his behalf.  Their testimony, for the most part, was silenced by a Judge from New York ready to give Rick a "Bernie Madoff Sentence"!  Those who stood on Rick's behalf told courtroom observers that, "they were not victims of perpetrated fraud".  They saw their financial losses as the mere "risk on investment".  These witnesses were people with money, many were millionaires.  They had invested in Rick's Company and were not vengeful toward him for that loss.  It was their risk to take.  As stated by many of them, "Rick was doing what he could to minimize their loss".  These are the "sticky" facts the media and the Judicial System will not tell you, they suffered loss but WERE NOT VICTIMS!

No matter where you are across America, this pattern of injustice is being repeated in every Federal Court.  It is evident that Attorneys don't practice law anymore.  They fill their pockets with cash and their caps with feathers as they coerce defendants to make a plea deal and if twisting their arm doesn't work they will scrap your defense, and remove your Attorney from your case!  They can not win if you defend yourself with the Constitution.  If the Jury hears the facts and the Constitution they will acquit, and Judges and Attorneys can't stand for that!  It is clear they will break whatever rules we thought were in place for a fair system.

To Utahan's.  Will you now wake up and stand, to tame an out of control party system?  An out of control ruling class?  An out of control bureaucracy?  An out of control judicial system?  Will you share this story with everyone you know and do everything you can to expose those who wish you harm and to do evil upon you, to bring you into submission under their corrupt system?  Will you name names of those you witness practicing this evil for their own gain and who whip you into submission?  This evil goes right to the top!  And, it's been going on for decades!  I applaud Ammon Bundy for calling these corrupt people and organizations out for the evil they have meted upon just one man, Rick Koerber!  From the Governor's John Huntsman and Gary Herbert, the Utah Legislature in hiding the truth about Francine Giani and the "get'ya" tactics for challenging their "cash cow" the educational tax dollar.  To the Utah Education Association's vindictive plan to conspire to eliminate Rick as a voice of parents choice in the political process, to the Utah Republican Party (UTGOP), (Dave Hansen/James Evans) infiltrating Rick's group Free Capitalists in order to game elections not only in Utah, but nationally!  It is time Utah wakes up to the fact that the Department of Commerce (Francine Giani), and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (Lane Beattie), do not have the best interests of Utahan's at heart, they also are gaming the system for their elite friends and want nothing but to enslave you!  The "good old boy's" network of BAR Attorneys and Judges, who's investments include systems that profit from incarcerating you, are also gaming the system to add to your demise!  Luckily in Utah, many of our Judges are elected!  And, if we can remove bad Judges who are not upholding the Constitution we can, hopefully, prevent appointments to the higher courts of UN-constitutional Judges!

Those Utahan's who are "awake" realize our system of government is controlled, even "rigged", but we must not let that keep us from voting.  There is a "fix" for this system, but it takes We The People to reclaim our system of government through the vote!  It's something you are not taught in school.  You are not encouraged to put in to practice in adulthood.  But, registering to vote is the vehicle to get us rolling!  Because, it is registered voters who are "called for Jury duty"!  If we can get Utahan's to "wake up" and see through the lies and corruption being fed to us in media and through our government "officials" when we sit on these Jurys we can "judge the facts AND THE LAW"!  Never mind the Judges admonition to just do as he says!  I challenge you to watch these videos I am posting here, and learn HOW our system was set up by the founders to work, for our benefit!  It's easy to get discouraged and just drop the ball and refuse to play, but we have a very sacred power based on God's Law and this power can break the shackles that bind the innocent accused by a corrupt government at all levels.  So, learn the truth, and stand ready to defend it.  May God bless us in our efforts!

Jury Nullification - The Jury Is A Power Unto Themselves - The Reason To Register To Vote!  Click this Photo to Watch the Video.

Grass Roots Plan To Fix America - The Fully Informed Jury  Click this Photo to Watch the Video.

The Tiny Dot - Manipulation Of The Masses  Click this Photo to Watch the Video.

Rigging An Election - Electronic Voting Experiment  Click this Photo to Watch the Video.

Vote Scam - The Stealing Of America - Election Fraud Diebolt Rigging  Click this Photo to Watch the Video.

You may also like to see what went on in the Federal Cases against The Bundy's in Oregon where Marcus Mumford was successful in getting the first trial defendants acquitted.  See this page: "Oregon StandUp Trial Coverage".

Watch "Ambush On Highway 395" a witness of the murder of LaVoy Finicum and wounding of Ryan Bundy on a mountain road with a cell phone dead spot and a "United Nations Free Zone. 

Take a look at what went on in Nevada as the Federal Government tried "The Bundy 17".

Document Dump -

Rick Koerber's Case was Dismissed in August of 2014 With Prejudice.  View that document here.

Judge David Nuffer, filed a Compliant against Rick Koerber's Attorney Marcus Mumford, and had it Sealed.  View that document here.

*Although I spent over 24 hours transcribing Ammon's Statement to the Press on October 15, 2019, being unsuccessful at getting a request for the Statement in print, I later (after my original release), found it had been posted to the internet.  My transcription is from the words spoken at the time with a few minor corrections including Judges first names and some titles.  It may differ slightly from the original printed on the internet.

Take some time to watch the Mainstream Media Report on Rick's Case, Ammon Bundy's Press Conference where he read his statement and Courtroom Observers Reports including some Victim Testimony.    Thanks!

Ammon Bundy Statement.  Click the Photo to Watch the Video.


Thursday, August 8, 2019

E-Scooters - Compromising Safety For The Green Agenda

Has Sandy's Mayor Suffered a Brain Injury? A Ground Breaking Study by Austin Texas and the Center For Disease Control finds E-Scooters are a safety hazard!

Mayor Kurt Brandburn - Sandy City Mayor in promotional photo for Lime E-Scooter Program in Sandy Utah

Recently articles were posted on the internet about how "green" e-scooters are not.  I checked into a few, most of which mentioned a "safety study" that was done, none of the articles had operable links to the study but chose to focus on the "green" element.  I went to my mailbox to retrieve my mail two days later and what did I find?  The Sandy Journal, a local publication, with this article dawning the front page!  I red the article and decided to write my own.  I did some looking and actually found the research study information some of the internet articles mentioned.  I found some interesting statistics, but let's talk about Mayor Kurt Bradburn and this article he is quoted in.  "E-Scooters In Sandy" seems pretty innocuous, right?  I does unless you've been living in Sandy and are aware of what's going on administratively in the city over the years, and as Kurt Bradburn returned to Sandy after an absence he was heard saying, "he didn't like what Sandy had become" while he was away, and ran on a platform that included, not making Sandy the "second downtown", a phrase coined by former Mayor Tom Dolan, a Utah Stories article also contains a list of his election platforms. 
  • will eliminate all bonuses for the Mayor’s Office and appointees, and will give the money to front-line workers who deserve it more. Will increase funding for our police and fire departments to increase salaries and hire more first-responders.
    And, will eliminate salary increases for the Mayor’s Office. 


In February 2018 Mayor Kurt Bradburn gave himself a raise without approval of the City Council.  After the public found out about the 10% raise he reversed his decision and agreed to cut his salary.  The story was reported by local news KUTV and The Washington Times.

  • will appoint all new planning commission members from diverse backgrounds and areas of the city.  

I just mention this to bring it to the attention that these Planning Commission appointments are not elected positions.  It was pretty easy to see how Tom Dolan's appointments went on this commission, you need not look any further than to his campaign donations.  It is this group of people that are social engineering your neighborhoods throughout the city.  I had something to say in my article Sandy Welcomes Addicts.  The accompanying video is viewable below.

Click this Photo to Watch the Video.

  • will require a 10 percent cut in non-essential budget items before any new spending projects can be considered.

In the article in the Sandy Journal Bradburn mentioned Sandy spent the month of June constructing 45 electrical charging stations throughout the city.  He mentioned it again in his "Bradburn Brief" Mayoral Editorial in the August addition.  Bradburn has proposed a tax increase for this year.  Bradburn said "his administration went through the budget line by line" and cut $1.3 million from the budget including the amount of Christmas lights they will put up.  Question.  Are they buying new lights every year?  Is Christmas the holiday we want to celebrate less?  As far as the electric vehicle charging stations go, the money was secured by donations and grants, but one of the most troubling statements he made during the unveiling was this, “One of the things we harp on in our administration is one of the only ways we’re going to get things done is through public-private partnerships and bringing great ideas together from both the private sector and the government sector.”  It sounds all "touchy-feely" but the truth about PPP's is that it is FASCISM!  Those who "tow the party line" are the ones who get the contracts and the public is left out!  Those are the facts!  There is no public in PPP!  The decisions are made by government elected.  It further shrinks our economy and picks winners and losers.  It is just more of the same from the former mayors administration.

In the article on the E-Scooter I found some interesting things directly associated with Mayor Kurt Bradburn and they are these.  The article starts off with a term "downtown-ification", another term to add to the urban dictionary and your term list for Agenda 21.  The troubling thing about this term is that it directly mirrors the "second downtown" term coined by former Mayor Tom Dolan and rejected by Mayoral Candidate Kurt Bradburn!  In the Utah Stories article dated February 21, 2018 he is quoted as saying, "We look forward to restoring a balance of preservation and sensible growth to keep Sandy true to its community roots and not build a second downtown.”  But in August of 2019 we have "downtown-ification"?  In an ABC4 story Bradburn tells how he came to become a candidate for the 2018 mayor's race.  He and his neighbors where opposed to a multi-family apartment complex that was being proposed for building in his neighborhood.  He and his neighbors fought city hall, bringing about his candidacy.  Are these multi-family apartment complexes not building the "next downtown"?  Are they not "downtown-ification"?  Sandy City has only built these "stack-n-pack" housing for the last five years!  I have rarely driven past a building project that was for a single family home.  Everything else has been "joined at the hip".  There have been twin homes and condos but they are not "stand-alone" homes being built.  Multi-family dwellings with insufficient parking, because there are a lot of cars parked on the streets, reminiscent of Southern California.  There was a time when a planning commission would not approve a building permit unless there was sufficient parking, now it's a "we want to discourage people from using their cars, so let's eliminate parking".

Next is mentioned the "first mile, last mile problem".  This was the second term that caught my attention.  It sounded like another one of those "coined phrases" thought up by the sustainable crowd, so I went searching.  Turns out I was right!  Included in an article I found was this graphic, explaining a "problem" I didn't know we had.  The giveaway is that the graphic is void of cars!  THIS is the problem!  Wired Magazine also mentioned it in where they tell about those  who view the e-scooter as clutter and, who is keen to the idea including, those earning income under $50,000.  They also mentioned that City Councils all across America are using the term FMLM and are voicing concerns about the safety aspect sighting personal injury and "public safety nightmare" the e-scooter programs bring throughout the U.S.  Bradburn is quoted at saying, "The scooters are designed to solve the “first mile-last mile” problem, which is that most peoples’ homes and destinations aren’t quite close enough to a public transit stop(s) so they resort to driving in their cars.  This IS the problem in his eyes!  And, that's why there are these multi-family apartment complexes being erected en mass!  Most built within the "transportation corridor",  it's called Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) and UTA and WFRC (Wasatch Front Regional Council) a COG (Council of Government an arm of the Metropolitan Planning Organization) are all pushing the train down the track by controlling the Mayor.  They want you out of your car that provides you convenience, safety and security, and risking it all on an e-scooter, because it makes them "feel better"!

Mayor Kurt Bradburn mentioned the major attractions in Sandy like Rio Tinto Stadium, Hale Center Theater, The Shops at South Town and the Expo Center as places people can travel to and from on the e-scooter, because they are about a 10-20 minute walk from the TRAX Stations in the Cairns District, and "people just won't walk that far" when arriving by TRAX saying, "the city hopes more people will consider using public transportation to arrive in the general vicinity of their destination and then use one of the 200 Lime e-scooters now stationed in the city to make it the rest of the way".  Now that we've mentioned the company name "Lime", let me just say this.  In early spring we saw e-scooters arrive on Sandy streets.  These were not the Lime E-Scooters, these were all black similar to the ones pictured in the photo above.  We had the same problems depicted in the photo.  But, as other cities around Salt Lake County staged their own launch of Lime the black e-scooters in Sandy vanished!  Could it be that the mayor signed an exclusive contract with Lime?  It certainly provided the press coverage and photo op.  Is there not room for more than one e-scooter company?  Or is it more of that PPP (Crony Capitalism) Bradburn is so fond of?  It appears Lime is the only game in town now.

I go into some of the concerns about parking in a twin city to Salt Lake City with it's own parking problems in my video below.  I hope you'll give it a look as I go through the Sandy Journal article and mention, as a Sandy City resident for 40 years, I don't like the problems Salt Lake City has, therefore I chose to live in Sandy!

Click this Photo to Watch the Video.

The Sandy Journal article goes on to say, "As the area continues to develop into the valley’s “second downtown,” the ability to quickly navigate through it will be paramount".  And, “This sort of downtown feel only works if it’s accessible and people can move around easily,” said Bradburn. 
The mayor also touted the introduction of the e-scooter program as another way in which the city is helping combat air pollution.  I address this in the video also, but as this e-scooter was heavily publicized in internet articles last week most of the articles, as I mentioned, were focused on how they are "not so green".  The reasons they sited were that a vehicle with a tailpipe has to come and retrieve them, take them somewhere for charging, and then a vehicle with a tail pipe has to come to drop them off again.  Not such a "green" carbon footprint!   Not to mention a Car And Driver article that refers to them as "littering, parks and sidewalks".  As I witnessed the black e-scooters this spring they were left IN the sidewalk, lying down across sidewalks and parking lots.  How green is that?  Not to mention the safety hazard!  Mayor Brandburn also referred to them in this way, “We don’t want to have things littered and cluttered up sidewalks. So it’s going to be driven by how much demand there is,”.  (I am using Justin Adams' exact words in reporting).

Now, lets get to the "Safety Study" all of the articles touted but never actually mentioned.  The title of the CDC article is "Characterization of Dockless Electric Scooter Related Injury Incidents - Austin, Texas, September-November, 2018".  It states in part:
"We interviewed and reviewed the medical records of people who used emergency medical services from September 5th, 2018 to November 30th, 2018 for injuries associated with rentable dockless electric scooters. We learned about the types of injuries people had and the things that may have put them at risk for those injuries, as well as what things might have helped keep their injuries from being worse than they were. Almost half of the people we identified had a severe injury, such as a broken leg. Half of those we spoke to said a surface condition like a pot hole or crack in the street may have contributed to their injury. A little more than a third of injured individuals said they would use a dockless electric scooter again".
In short, the Car And Driver article notes a few of the results the Austin Texas and CDC published in their article entitled "The First Ever E-Scooter Safety Study Results Are In, and They're TERRIBLE"!  Stating, "among the confirmed injured riders, who were treated for head injury, 15% were found to have a traumatic brain injury".  It states that, "the most upbeat conclusion researchers came to" was,  that "none of the injured riders DIED during the study"!  The study began with a search for "e-scooter" related injuries in local emergency rooms, and although most injuries did not involve a motor vehicle, the study found 271 people with potential e-scooter related injuries.  160 patients were confirmed to have been injured on an e-scooter, 32 cases were probable, the rest were either "suspect" or deemed not to be related.  They were able to interview 125 out of 192 about their injuries.  They discovered that 48% suffered injury to the head and 15% of those were diagnosed with a traumatic injury to the brain.  The article also points out the obvious, that most were not wearing a helmet.  The CDC confirms this, noting that less than 1% wear helmets.  Other injuries included, 35% of riders suffered bone fractures were a common injury, excluding fingers, nose and toes.  19% of those suffering from fractures had multiple fractures to different body parts.  Also, just under half of the injured riders suffered severe injuries, with 1% of respondents reporting "sustained organ damage" and, 8% having spent at least 48 hours in hospital.  Now how sustainable is that?  The full report can be found here.  Respondents also reported that their injury involved a curb (10%), inanimate objects such as light poles or manhole covers (7%) and excessive scooter speed (37%).  The study also sites that 19% believed their e-scooter malfunctioned resulting in their injury, 50% believe their injury occurred due to surface conditions such as potholes and surface irregularities.  
"These scooters have small wheels, so if you think bad roads are rough on your car, imagine traversing them with wheels a quarter of the size, while standing up and traveling 15 mph".
                                                    ~ Car And Driver 

The study found that 1/3 of the injured suffered injury on their first ever e-scooter ride.

Kurt Bradburn Sandy City Utah Mayor

“This is a historic day in Sandy,” said Mayor Kurt Bradburn during a July 8 press conference at City Hall where the e-scooter program was officially launched. “This is a big part of our future.”  Getting people out of their cars is the only way we’re going to reduce air pollution,” he said.  Are you getting the picture?  His vision for you is you without your car!  Injured and asset stripped, 48 hours in a hospital with an income under $50,000 will do that.  It's his green agenda, otherwise known as Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and there is no place for you and your car in it!  There was one other campaign platform Bradburn ran on.

  • will propose term limits for Sandy government. 

Telling Sandy residents he will not serve more than 12 years or three terms.  I don't find much difference between Dolan and Bradburn, only that Bradburn can be found riding an e-scooter.  Maybe he should be a "one-termer"?  He may not have a head injury, but he sure is suffering some memory loss!

Learn more about Agenda 21 with updated documents titled Agenda 2030 but it still includes the goals of Agenda 21.  See posts in this blog with plenty of links.  Also check out some of my other articles here at Agenda21Truth@blogspot.com  Here's to your sustainable future Sandy!

A taste of things to come?  More information on this to come later.  Stay Tuned!  Autonomous Vehicles and Driver-less Cars.


State worker suffers facial injury on UTA autonomous transit vehicle.  Sorry for the play arrow on the photo, I can't find an internet photo of this man and his injury.


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