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Friday, July 20, 2018

Facebook Posts Convict Idaho Man In Nevada Trial - First Amendment Be Damned!

Todd Engel, Bundy Ranch Defendant, Sentenced Using Government Claims Unrelated To Charges To Which He Was Convicted.



July 19, 2018

Federal Court Las Vegas Nevada

If "speech" is a crime we may all be guilty, depending on who is making the rules.  It was a report by Cambridge Analytica that brought Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Congress in which he had to admit he and the team he employs was playing favorites with topics, groups and individuals who met Facebook criterion for progressive/left leaning views, while censoring others who were more conservative.  Although Facebook left videos up of individuals, who were committing REAL crimes like the group who kidnapped a mentally disabled individual and hazed them on Facebook Live, people like Diamond and Silk were deemed "unsafe" by Facebook.  Now that Social Media is our modern day "town square" government officials of all ranks seek to silence The People from speaking their mind.

Diamond and Silk labeled "Unsafe" by Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook

Judge Gloria Navarro presided in the Sentencing Hearing for Todd Engel (Idaho) for a conviction rendered him in Trial #1 of the Tier #3 (The Gunmen) portion of the Bundy Ranch Trial or the Standup At Bunkerville Nevada 2014 where Engel received a guilty verdict on charges of Obstruction Of Justice and Interstate Travel & Aide To Extortion, neither of which are firearms related, nor do they have enhancements attached.  Yet the prosecutors are trying to sidestep the actual trial, and sentence him to serve time for crimes for which he was not convicted.

On October 8, 2017 Todd Engel wrote to supporters outlining the details of his Pre-Sentencing Report explaining how the Probation Office did the Prosecutions bidding in including sentencing guidelines that were not included in the Jury's verdict recommending Engel serve time for crimes he was never guilty of.

The courtroom was packed today with BLM Agents, FBI and Secret Service and supporters were seated on both sides of the gallery. Today the Prosecution Team Consisting of Steven Myhre, Daniel Schiess and Nadia Ahmed who used this very report to garner a sentence for Todd for 14 years!  Most of the evidence presented by the Prosecutors in court at sentencing consisted largely of Todd Engel's Facebook posts, some of which were NOT posted by Engel but by others using his account.  In Todd's defense, in his own words, he accepted responsibility for them though he pointed out to Judge Navarro nothing he said was of a violent or threatening manner and asserted his inalienable right to the First Amendment.  Todd's Attorney, Warren Markowitz stood to defend his client by reminding Judge Navarro that Engel was in constant communication with the Nevada Highway Patrol on the bridge over the wash, did not threaten anyone and pointed his firearm at no one.  Markowitz was successful at getting the term "sniper" stricken from the documents, as Engel, along with hundreds of others, traveled to the wash expecting to see the cattle released when surprised to find the Bureau of Land Management and National Parks Service in a military formation with weapons drawn.  Engel simply asked NHP if they were aware of this and ultimately ducked behind a jersey barrier for cover, "no weapons pointing" in the words of Dan Love.

The Prosecution used the Facebook post of Cliven Bundy telling the public what was transpiring at his ranch for several days when the BLM accosted Davey Bundy, apprehended him after throwing him to the ground and grinding his face into the gravel on the shoulder of the road and interrogating him at a BLM office then driving him one and a half hours to Las Vegas hoping to find a way to imprison him but kicking him to the curb a day later with only a sack lunch.  Cliven told the public about the "First Amendment Area" the BLM had erected with construction fencing off a distant freeway exit far from the Bundy property and pestered people all across the Bunkerville area to go to the area if they had something to say, "the public land was not a place to do it".  The public saw video posted by many, of Margaret Houston being approached from the back and body-slammed to the ground by an out of control BLM Agent and Ammon Bundy tased three times as the crowd help fight off the electrified barbs while attack dogs were sicked on the people, but the Prosecution insisted that just by the public "liking" and "sharing" a Facebook post and showing up to support and defend the Bundy's against a clearly tyrannical government with firearms, this, was "threatening" to Law Enforcement, who Schiess told the Judge were a "protected class" and above the law.  It was very clear throughout the hearing that the government, including Judge Gloria Navarro, was hell-bent on making Todd Engel an "example" to scare off the hopes of anyone else ever standing up to a tyrannical government.  This was evident in the extremely harsh verdict handed down in court today.

It is evermore proof that the government, at all levels, considers The People guilty until proven innocent and, although a jury of your peers does not convict you, they will throw the book at you anyway.  Proof of this was exhibited as the Prosecutors brought up EVERY minor offense Todd was ever accused of back to puberty, demonstrating how all your past deeds will come back to haunt you.  One of the frustrating things about this hearing was that Daniel Schiess, who never presented ANY evidence in the trial Todd garnered convictions in, nor was he even a part of the Prosecution Team then, was allowed to present evidence not related to the convictions at all.  He spoke of "truth, justice and the American way" and was allowed to bring forth the "restitution" bill presented not by evidence, but by using the fictitious "cattle grazing fees" owed to the government plus punitive damages suffered by the BLM and requiring Engel be responsible for paying them back, and if the Prosecution decides to swing it, require the other Defendants who entered into Plea Agreements, to pitch in.  This was ultimately rescheduled for September 2018.  The Prosecution finally had to admit that it wasn't about spending 2.5 -3.5 million to recover a 1 million dollar BLM cattle rustling operation it was about getting the cattle off the land.  Scheiss accused Engel of trying to create another Ruby Ridge or Waco telling the Judge how Engel made demands of the BLM and threatened them "if they didn't back down this would continue".  Schiess told the court "we are a nation of laws" and "we solve our disputes in the courtroom" and "Police Officers and Law Enforcement are a privileged class with special protection".  Scheiss also told the Judge that Engel should suffer for not telling everyone on Facebook that the information Cliven was telling the public was not correct, despite there being BLM snipers on and around the Bundy Ranch for months prior to the day at the wash.  Scheiss also told the Judge that Engel made a visit to his local County Sheriff and told him he was "ready to wage a war with the Federal Government", yet NONE of this was presented as evidence in Todd's trial.  Schiess brought up the fact that Engel attended the protest at Sugar Pine Mine, where again, no one was hurt or injured, and how he traveled to Malheur Wildlife Refuge where LaVoy Finicum was assassinated by Oregon State Police and their operatives.  Schiess claims "they need a harsh sentence in order to have further respect for the law and law enforcement.  In this country we have a society where we resolve our disputes peacefully and we respect the law.  Obviously Todd Engel blames the Federal Government of where he is today".  Scheiss claimed that "the feds, the BLM and the police where hurt by this experience".  He told the Judge that Engel's actions were much worse that Jerry Delumus but closer to Greg Burleson's, who received 87 months and 68 years respectfully.  Scheiss said that Engel made threats and that "victims need justice which is a part of the judicial system".

Judge Gloria Navarro Obama Appointee Harry Reid Puppet.

Todd Engel stood to plead his own defense against the PSR and was told by Judge Gloria Navarro that he doesn't have the right to speak that his Attorney should speak for him.  Todd told the Judge "I would not be here today if I had not made those posts on Facebook.  I posted stuff on Facebook and it's going to put me in prison"!  Judge Navarro told Engel he is "still in denial and needs a therapist".  She silenced him right away, like she always does, and used this against him in his sentencing since he insisted on defending himself against the charges in the report.  Judge Navarro handed down the sentence of 168 months.  Todd's Attorney Warren Markowitz stood to defend Todd arguing that there is evidence being presented in this Hearing that was not presented at trial and that the person who wrote the damage report was not a part of the investigation.  Markowitz continued telling the court "we are a nation of laws and rules but we are also a nation of rebels.  We are a nation who stand and protest against injustice, this is the very core of our founding.  The People rise to show the government WHO they work for, and Todd is respectful of the law.  He goes to protest because he believes in our country and that the government DOES work for The People".

Todd Engel was escorted out of the courtroom and while exiting said, "freedom isn't free, and this is not over"!  Markowitz will appeal the case in which the government is not a victim, there were no shots fired and no one was injured.

Details of Todd Engel's Sentencing Hearing with Special Message from Ammon Bundy.  Click the Photo to watch the Video.

If there are any Grand Jury or Trial Jury Members from this case, please listen to this plea for help on behalf of Todd Engel and the other men convicted or entered into plea deals.  It is very important that you hear the certified evidence of this case so that may set these innocent men free.  Please visit this link.

How Facebook Censors Your Speech.  Click the Photo to Watch the Video.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me".

After the court hearing Kelli Cooper, sister of Todd Engel, released the following statement:

"Judge Navarro would not let family speak yesterday so I will speak now and forever until this wrong is made right.
Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform throwing an unarmed, defenseless woman to the ground.
Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform grinding a mans face in the gravel for simply taking pictures by the side of the road.
Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform pointing weapons at unarmed women and children.
Todd was not the one in a law enforcement uniform making fun of the protesters physical appearances and picking out which ones they were going to kill first.
Todd was the one on the bridge begging for help from the ones in a law enforcement uniform. The same ones who testified under oath that he was “helpful.”

Sign the petition for a Presidential Pardon of the the remaining Defendants who entered into Plea Agreements and are serving time in relation to the Bundy Ranch Case.  In my opinion, Micah McGuire should be added to this petition.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Growing Assault On Private Property Sounding The Alarm - Tom DeWeese

Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals, reached #1 Best Seller status in its category on Amazon.


Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.


Tom DeWeese, recognized expert on private property rights, has released a new book entitled Sustainable: "The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals". DeWeese’s book describes in detail the process being used at every level of government to reorganize our society through the destruction of private property.

According to DeWeese, the American system of free enterprise, private property ownership and individual liberty is under attack by a political force that, while plainly out in the open for all to see, is little understood and mostly ignored. Yet private non-governmental organizations (NGOs), city planners and federal agencies have teamed up specifically to change human society under the banner of Sustainable Development. It is gaining power in every state, county, and community under the false threat of Environmental Armageddon, demanding that we completely reorganize our economic system, our representative form of government, and our individual lifestyle.

While termed in positive sounding lingo, in reality Sustainable policy imposes massive government regulations enforced through state and local governments. These policies place severe restrictions on energy and water use. Development schemes seek to ban the use of cars, instead forcing ridership on massively expensive and inconvenient public transportation systems. Meanwhile, so-called “Visioning” programs follow enforcement of international policies to reorganize communities into a one-size-fits-all straitjacket.

In Sustainable, author Tom DeWeese clearly makes the case that such policies are a war on free enterprise, private property ownership, and individual choice.
  • Why private property matters
  • The only real solution to eradicating poverty
  • The lost definition of property rights
  • Who’s behind the transformation?
  • 10 real questions city planners should be asking the public
  • 10 vital questions to ask before signing a conservation easement
  • 10 facts every community needs to know about regional plans
  • Who takes the “Walk of Shame” in the destruction of property rights?
  • How to restore private property rights
…And much more

The assault on the inner cities – destroying hope-
Low income and ethnic neighborhoods have traditions, history and family ties. Yet city Smart Growth programs, funded by federal grants, attack with bulldozers, destroying small local businesses and private property. Massive high-rise condos and corporate businesses replace the original residents who are now unable to afford to live in their old neighborhood. Their fate is to be forced into government housing and welfare programs, from which there is little ability to leave or plan lives of their own.

Tools to move people off rural lands-
How do you remove people from the rural areas and herd them into the cities?  Make it impossible to live there. Control water and energy use as the land is locked away from human activity.

Selling an international agenda as “local”-
The agenda is being sold to the public as a “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” And it is exactly that. Yet, the public is being conned to believe it is being created locally. But all of the policies enforce international building, electrical and plumbing codes.

Is 2018 turning into 1984?-
Who really owns and controls your private property…you or Big Brother? Rules, regulations, taxes, licensing… It’s all governments at every level talk about. Rarely does one hear a word about protecting an individual’s property, or encouraging building the economy with free enterprise, or individual creativity. Such concepts have become a threat to well-laid government plans and projects. Those who propose such ideas of freedom are labeled as radicals. Meanwhile government invades every aspect of our lives — unabated.

Tom DeWeese argues that private property ownership is the single most effective tool to eradicate poverty, yet it is being systematically eliminated under these programs. For homeowners across the nation, property rights have been reduced to the obligation to pay taxes and the mortgage, while nearly every other decision about the use of the property is made by a government agency. Says DeWeese, “Without the right of use, property ownership becomes a barren right. Individual choice is eliminated by the dictates of the collective and free enterprise is replaced by partnerships between government and huge corporations. Those private corporations then use their collusion with government to help eliminate competition, all under the innocent sounding excuse of Sustainable Development.”  This is demonstrated in cases such as The Bundy's, Wayne Hage Family and The Hammonds and Joe Robertson.

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center suburban Washington, DC, passionately believes in the rights of the individual over a powerful, tyrannical, collective society. He is also the author of the policy book Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, and the fiction political thriller, ERASE. To promote his strongly held philosophy of free enterprise, national sovereignty, and limited government, he travels extensively across the nation speaking out as an advocate of private property rights and personal privacy protections. Recognized internationally as an expert in these fields, Tom DeWeese has been quoted in such national publications as the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, while making regular appearances on a large list of national and local radio and television news programs.

Purchase Sustainable: "The War On Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals" along with his other works here