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Saturday, February 3, 2018

What You Don't Know WILL Hurt You - Cannibalism Sanctioned By The FDA & SEC


Some of Americas Largest

Food And Drug Corporations

Use Aborted Fetal Matter

In Their Products




This is an important update:

An April 15, 2015 Article in Natural News entitled “Major Food Corporations Use Tissue From Aborted Babies To Manufacture Flavor Additives In Processed Foods” states…

Every time you purchase mass-produced processed "food" from the likes of Kraft, PepsiCo, or Nest-lee, you're choosing, whether you realize it or not, to feed your family not only genetically engineered poisons and chemical additives, but also various flavoring agents manufactured using the tissue of aborted human babies. 

It's true: A company based out of California, known as Senomyx, is in the business of using aborted embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals, both savory and sweet, which are then added to things like soft drinks, candy and cookies. And Senomyx has admittedly partnered with a number of major food manufacturers to lace its cannibalistic additives into all sorts of factory foods scarfed down by millions of American consumers every single day.

Known as "HEK-293," the aborted human fetal cell line used by Senomyx is manipulated to evaluate how the human palate will react to synthetic flavors used in the production of processed foods. Since most processed foods on the market today are hardly food to begin with, and typically lack any real flavor or appeal on their own, chemical companies like Senomyx are hired to develop artificial ones (which are often deceptively labeled as "natural flavors") in order to make them taste like real food.


Senomyx stands for Sweet - Embryo - Nuggets - Offering - Minute - Youngsters’ - X-crements

Because these ingredients can be legally disguised with vague descriptors like "artificial flavors" and even "natural flavors,” both terms approved by the FDA Food And Drug Administration.   Most consumers have no idea that these additives, in some cases, are actually made using the cell tissue of unborn babies that were murdered through abortion. It's sickening but true, and people must learn the truth in order to avoid partaking in what says amounts to a satanic ritual.  Although, as of November 2017 PepsiCo and Kraft/Cadbury no longer using Senomyx.

"What they don't tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 -- human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors," Debi Vinnedge of the pro-life group Children of God for Life said about the ugly truth of the flavoring chemical industry. "They could have easily chosen animal, insect, or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors.” 

Vaccines, "beauty products" loaded with chemicals made from unborn babies murdered via legalized genocide.  Processed food isn't the only hidden source of additives made using aborted human fetal tissue — many so-called "beauty products" and vaccines are also loaded with aborted baby tissue-derived additives. According to, Neocutis "beauty" products and anti-wrinkle creams are made from aborted male baby cells collected after a 14-week gestation period.

Many vaccines, including Merck & Co.'s MMR II vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, as well as ProQuad (Merck), Varivax (Merck), Pentacel (Sanofi Pasteur) and Havrix (GlaxoSmithKline), also contain derivatives of aborted human babies.

The following list outlines processed "food" products, vaccines and "beauty products" known to contain ingredients derived from aborted human babies (and there are likely many more; your best bet is to avoid all processed foods in general):

All coffee creamers
Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

Nescafe Classic Coffee, Decaf, Taster's Choice, Nescafé Gold

Including CANDY- Aero, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Cailler, Crunch, Kit Kat, Orion, Smarties, Wonka

DRINKS- Juicy Juice, Nesquik, Milo, Nestea

INFANT FOOD- Gerber, Graduates

FOOD- Hot Pockets, Lean Cusine Frozen Food, Pasta Buitoni, Herta, Maggi, Stouffer's, Thomy

CEREALS- Cini Minis, Cookie Crisp, Fitness, Nesquik

WATER- Pure Life, Perrier, S.Pellegrino

MILK- Carnation Coffee Mate

VITAMINS- Boost, Nutren Junior, Peptamen AF, Resource High

Nestle Ice cream including Dreyer's, Extreme, Hagen Dazs, Mövenpick

PET FOODS- Alpo, Baker's, Benful, Bloom, Cat Chow, Chef Michael's, Dog Chow, Fancy Feast, Felix, Friskies, Gourmet, Purina ONE, Purina Pro Plan

SPORTS NUTRITION- Power Bar Performance

WEIGHT- Jenny Craig


Neocutis uses aborted male baby cells after a 14-week gestation period in their anti- wrinkle creams. The following creams they sell contain aborted fetal cells, but we need to boycott all their products.

Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee

Bio-Serum Lumiere

Bio Restorative Skin Cream

Decouverte Cosmetics- A French Company.  Most of their advertising is in french, but their products contain embryonic stem cells.


ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox -- Merck)
Varivax (Chickenpox -- Merck)
Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HiB -- Sanofi Pasteur) 

Vaqta (Hepatitis-A -- Merck)
Havrix (Hepatitis-A -- Glaxo SmithKline)
Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B combo -- Glaxo)
Zostavax (Shingles -- Merck)
Imovax (Rabies -- Sanofi Pasteur)

Adenovirus 5,7 (Barr Laboratories)

MMR II - Measles + Mumps + Rubella (Merck)

Acambis 1000: Smallpox (Acambis)

Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis -- Genetech)

Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis -- Amgen)

rhFVIII, rhFVIX, Nuwiq for Hemophilia (Octapharma)

G-CSF: White blood cell stimulant (Octapharma)
Pulmozyme: Cystic Fibrosis (Genetech)
Abciximab/Repro (Eli Lilly)
Aranesp, Procrit Darbepoetin alfa Epogen, Epoetin alfa (Amgen)

In March of 2012, Under Obama, the Security And Exchange Commission ruled PepsiCo cannibalizing aborted fetus' is “ordinary business”

Shareholders will not be informed or allowed to vote on the resolution.  In a shocking decision delivered Feb 28th 2012, President Obama’s Security and Exchange Commission ruled that PepsiCo’s use of aborted fetal remains in their research and development agreement with Senomyx to produce flavor enhancers falls under “ordinary business operations”.

The letter signed by Attorney Bryan Pitko of the SEC Office of Chief Counsel was sent in response to a 36 page document submitted by PepsiCo attorneys in January, 2012. In that filing, PepsiCo pleaded with the SEC to reject the Shareholder’s Resolution filed in October 2011 that the company “adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.” PepsiCo lead attorney George A. Schieren noted that the resolution should be excluded because it “deals with matters related to the company’s ordinary business operations” and that “certain tasks are so fundamental to run a company on a day-to-day basis that they could not be subject to stockholder oversight.”

Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, the organization that exposed the PepsiCo Senomyx collaboration was appalled by the apathy and insensitivity of both PepsiCo executives and the Obama administration. “We’re not talking about what kind of pencils PepsiCo wants to use we are talking about exploiting the remains of an aborted child for profit”, she said. “Using human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) to produce flavor enhancers for their beverages is a far cry from routine operations!”

This story has been updated to reflect that:
Public boycotts, along with Shareholder pressure achieved a great victory in forcing PepsiCo to end their partnership with Senomyx distributed by Ajinomoto and Firmenich (who are not based in the US) and removed PepsiCo products from the boycott list.  Kraft/Cadbury Adams has also discontinued its use of Senomyx and has also been removed from the boycott list.  Both effective November 2017. 

At this date the other products and companies remain on the boycott list.  It is important that we continue getting the word out that there are still some companies that are not discontinuing their use of Senomyx and HEK-293 in their products.  This is an outrage!  As Phillip Morse was punished severely in 1999 for using nicotine as an addictive substance, and used false and misleading advertising claims and continues to pay for it today.  Congress should apply due diligence to the companies that are using this substance and should suffer prosecution by the Department Of Justice under the Rico Act, and the head of the FDA and its' board should be fired and also subject to prosecution.





Saturday, January 27, 2018

One Cowboy's Stand For Freedom -LaVoy Finicum Family Files Civil Complaint

LaVoy Finicum's Wife Jeanette and Their Children File A Complaint In Oregon Federal Court On The One Year Anniversary Of His Murder


LaVoy Finicum at a cattlemen meeting organized in opposition the proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument, Moccasin, Arizona, May 1, 2015


I remember with deep sadness this day, January 26, 2018, the one year anniversary of the assassination of one of my heroes LaVoy Finicum.  I didn't sleep for three days as I worried and searched for information about his demise.  I was one of those who followed the events of the protest at the Harney County Resource Center religiously, otherwise known as the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge.  I was suffering a great illness days before the rally for the Hammond's in Burns Oregon, which continued throughout the protest.  I had trouble finding enough strength to sit up.  I was prompted to get up out of my bed and look at my phone.  I checked my accounts and opened up twitter and shortly found a video, which I watched, but ignored for a short time acting upon doing anything.  After not finding much else I decided to re-tweet the video asking for help in the Hammond's behalf.  I try to bring a voice to things I think are important to the cause of liberty like property rights, so I sent it out to my followers.  I thought that was it and went back to bed.  My mind would not let me find rest again, so I said in my mind, "ok, what do you want me to do"?  I got back out of bed, went back to my phone, while lying on the floor feeling deathly ill, I started searching for information about what was going to take place in Burns and "who are these Hammonds"?  I searched and searched finding out bits and pieces about these subjects.  And finally, hours later, began to come to an understanding about the Hammond's and their situation.  I went back to bed and could not rest.  I finally said, "OK, what do you want me to do with this information"?  I was told, "write something".  It wasn't until after I started compiling my post that I heard Ammon repeat those words, "I was told to write something".  I had my post ready for publishing on January 2, 2016 but I had put together some videos I wanted to include but was having great difficulty in getting them uploaded.  I was still very ill, but went to a UTGOP meeting at the local library a few days later, one I could have missed as I sat there listening to people just wasting my time because the presenters were not prepared, but I did see a few of my friends there and was able to tell them about my upcoming article, as I knew they would all be interested in the battle for property rights.  I told them I was having some trouble with the video but it would be up soon.  I told them it had to do with the biggest news story to break in the last 2 days!  It took me a few days but the post was finally published.  I didn't have to "remake the wheel" so I updated it with the breaking news.


Long story short, I was glued to my computer continuously searching for the most recent information on the happenings 35 miles from the town of Burns Oregon, despite my illness!  I was able to watch a lot of what was going on through Pete Santilli's live feed.  I published no additional posts until the ambush on a cold snow covered mountain on the road to John Day.  I knew from watching the live video something was going down, in a bad way.  I knew two people had been shot and one may be fatal, I watched live as cameras were outside the local hospital awaiting ambulances.  I could go on with the details that culminated in Pete Santilli being surrounded outside the Sheriff's Office/FBI Compound in Burns as he asked them questions but some of you may be aware of all that.  After Pete's feed went silent, I came upon Mark McConnell's phony story about what happened on the mountain.  I didn't believe a word.  It was difficult to find information after that.


Almost 2 days later the FBI came out with their press conference with Harney County Sheriffs and Oregon State Police.  It was their version and I didn't believe a word!  All I knew was that they wouldn't even say LaVoy's name out loud for three days.  It was all process of elimination to know who was shot dead, and the video that was released about a day later said it all!  I put together a short video and waited for more information to come out, and it did.


So, sparing you all the gory details from my perspective, we come full circle with the Finicum Family Attorney, Morgan Philpot, filing a Civil Complaint and Request For A Jury Trial on the anniversary of LaVoy's death January 26, 2018.  The Complaint lists as Plaintiffs - United States Of America, the FBI, BLM, Special Agent In Charge Daniel P. Love who was ultimately fired for ethics violations, BLM Office Of Law Enforcement Security Salvatore Lauro who failed to report abuses by Dan Love, Harry Reid former Senator from the State of Nevada who labeled Bundy Supporters "Domestic Terrorist", FBI Agent In Charge Oregon Greg Bretzing who was second in command at the Utah office of the FBI previously and was reported to have been responsible for national security breaches, fraud and corruption and more.  Joseph Atarita who apparently fired the shot that entered LaVoy's truck roof upon his hitting the snowbank and shattered the rear window.  The State of Oregon, Oregon State Police, Oregon Governor Kate Brown who communicated with Valarie Jarrett to ramp up operations to "get rid of the virus".  Senator for the State of Oregon Ron Wyden famous for his comment " a situation where the virus is spreading" being scrubbed from the internet.  Harney County, Dave Ward who was appointed sheriff at the time, Steve Grasty who was on the County Council and also held the position of "judge" according to the residents of Burns a clear violation of the constitution and separation of powers doctrine.  The Center For Biological Diversity headed by Kieran Suckling who staged protests at the refuge and continues to infiltrate property rights groups trying to catch them saying something he can use against them later (shown in several videos interviewing Ammon, Ryan and Cliven in the case in Nevada), and "John Does" 1-100 (those the government continues to hide from the public as to keep their criminal behavior silent).
Click the above document to read it in full.

The document outlining the Complaint is riveting and everyone should read it.  It is the story of a government at war with its' people.  I have included several videos that help tell the story associated with the Complaint.








Multi Level Coverup In LaVoy Finicum Shooting - Todd McFarlane.  Click to Listen.



Todd MacFarlane Interview with Peter Wells "The Final Days" Oregon Standoff.  Click to Listen.


January 9, 2017

Arizona road to be named after LaVoy Finicum

Members of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors approved a request Monday to rename a local road after LaVoy Finicum, the Arizona rancher who was involved in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, last year.

A portion of Yellowstone Road in Cane Beds is set to be renamed after Finicum, an outspoken gun rights advocate who often spoke publicly against what he deemed as government overreach.

Finicum was shot and killed on Jan. 26, 2016, at a roadblock on a rural Oregon highway. Law enforcement officials claim they opened fire as Finicum, who was well-known to carry a firearm, reached toward his pocket, while video taken from inside Finicum’s truck shows bullets flying as Finicum exited his vehicle with his hands in the air. The incident remains under investigation.

“He was willing to take a stand for things that most people will never have the courage to do,” said Jennifer Jones-Esposito. “We should never forget what happened to LaVoy. I would erect a monument in his honor if I could afford to do it personally, but changing the name of this one road is absolutely the very, very least we can do to honor his memory.”
Click the Photo To Watch the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony



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