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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Breaking The Bronk - The Torture & Abuse Of Ammon Bundy

The Instances Of Abuse Ammon Bundy Is Experiencing by The US Marshalls, CCA/Core Civic/Southern Nevada Detention Center, the For Profit Prison System, Judge Gloria Navarro Make the Short List, Must Be EXPOSED!  Every Individual Should Make It A Point To Shout This From the Housetops and Expose These Criminals Who Demonstrate Power Over Us.  This is an attempt at doing this.  Listen Up!  You Judges, Department Of Justice, US Marshalls, you Wardens, Prison Thugs!  We don't care what non-disclosure agreements you have signed in secret.  We know you should have sworn to an Oath to protect us and our constitution and we are holding you to it!  We will ask you to produce your signed oath, which is required by LAW, and take your names and prosecute every last one of you who abuse us and your "power".

Please!  Anyone and Everyone should Read this and Share it far and wide.  This abuse must stop and these terrorists need to be held accountable.
From The Inside - US Justice System A Gang Of Guards

 Ammon Bundy was Acquitted in a court trial in Oregon in 2016

The US Government continues to hold him violating his protected right under the Eighth Amendment

Learn About the Oregon Trial here
NDAA Detaining Americans Without Due Process


September 5, 2017

Ryan Bundy, Ammon's Brother, called Jared Green to tell the public about the recent abuse during a series of strip searches Ammon suffered at the Southern Nevada Detention Center in Nevada doing business under the name Civic Core Of America Corporation.  This abuse was done under the full knowledge of Judge Gloria Navarro and the US Marshall's Office.  The phone call can be heard/viewed by visiting the link below or clicking the photo.


The Brave Little Lamb (An Obvious Oxymoron)


August 7, 2017

Phone Interview with Ammon Interrupted by Warden:

Ammon called back to say he is very sorry for the interruption. All prison phones were shut down for 90 min as soon as he hung up with us the first time. No explanation or reason has been given by the guards. He is anxious to share more about his discovery and that will be his focus for the next few videos. God bless you all and keep sharing, keep learning and by all means, KEEP STANDING!
#Freethehammonds #freethepoliticalprisoners #justiceforlavoy


August 21, 2017

Ammon Bundy will be missing two interviews today due to he and Ryan being in solitary confinement again. We apologize on behalf of our injustice system for the pre trial detainees who are subjected to all kinds of human rights violations.
There is no right to a speedy trial, right to present a defense, right against unwarranted searches and seizures, right to bail, right against cruel and unusual punishment or a right to call witnesses in your defense. We're sorry if you were still under the impression that the courts submitted to the US Constitution, they in fact do not.


August 24, 2017

Ammon Bundy is very disappointed in Core Civic/Prisons for profit right now. After going back on their word regarding him NOT being strip searched, they handcuffed him (and his brother Ryan) and then cut all his clothes off with scissors and hauled him into solitary confinement last Friday, where he now sits. But the first 3 days he had NOTHING; no books, no legal documents to work on, no Bible. Just walls to stair at for 72 hours while being fed through a small hole in the door. All the while his co defendants were being declared NOT GUILTY. Such irony. Then they finally gave him some books and a note pad but would not give him his pencil to write with. He not only journals every day but he also writes all the things he finds in discovery for later research in the Law Library for his upcoming trial. (He's been learning much about Steve Myhre that he says will make your mouth drop in shock)... He would appreciate being released from solitary confinement but at a minimum he would like a pencil to continue working on his case.
Perhaps you could call the jail and let them know that profiting off of hostages is a sin and slavery is illegal and that Ammon AND Ryan would like to be released from the hole immediately.
As always, be courteous but firm. This must stop.
And since this may end up in the next trial as evidence, the cows were shot and buried, Ammon was tazed multiple times, BLM snipers pointed their weapons at women and children, Dave was thrown to the ground and  arrested simply for videoing the BLM, Aunt Margaret was thrown to the ground and a 1st amendment area was set up forcing the public into like a  herd of cattle. SUNLIGHT IS THE BEST DISINFECTANT

Call CCA/Core Civic/ Southern Nevada Detention Center and ask to speak with the Warden.


August 31, 2017


We must correct a false and damaging narrative that continues to perpetuate throughout the media and the supporting community.
Imagine for a moment you've been taken hostage. You've been denied your God given rights in every way imaginable and you never did anything to deserve the shackles on your hands and feet. Then, your captor says, 'If you just take off all your clothes, and let me inspect your private body parts every day, you can step outside for just a second of fresh air.' You refuse, because your convictions tell you that is immoral and wrong and you choose liberty or death. Then your captor goes around telling people YOU refused to walk free in the fresh air and have chosen  to stay hidden away as a hostage. How would you feel when you heard of what the public was saying? As you screamed from your bed, 'I want to go free, I don't want to be here!'
Ammon Bundy has NEVER refused to come to court. He has NEVER refused to see his attorney or see visitors. He has NEVER refused to come to a hearing. Brace yourself for this: AMMON BUNDY HAS NEVER RESISTED TO BE STRIP SEARCHED.
Ammon only refuses to help in the unwarranted search. He knows he is a captive with guns and force that stand between him and freedom. So he DOES NOT RESIST to strip searches. You heard me right, he DOES NOT RESIST to strip searches. What he doesn't agree to, is removing his clothes himself. Because this would be him willingly agreeing to be violated and he won't participate in his captor doing so. He can not participate in a 4th amendment violation of an unwarranted and unreasonable search of his persons. So, he stands before his captors and says, 'Do what you must, but I will not help you violate me.' They refuse to remove his clothes themselves, so they cuff him, cut his clothes off with scissors and throw him in the hole. But not because he refused a search. Only because he refused to join in the violation with them and remove his clothes himself.
Do you see the difference? And all the while, he is saying, 'I must be at court, I must meet with my attorneys and prepare for trial.' And yet the media and public continue the false narrative saying, 'Ammon Bundy refused to come to court because he refused his strip search.' And this of course is a flat out lie. What to hear some irony? He is only being held because they say they want to guarantee he'll show up to hearings and trial.... but since he won't help them morally violate him, they refuse to let him attend his hearings and trial. Ponder that for a moment.

Please help us correct the narrative. Sometimes, the details matter.
Ammon was not at court today because the guards refused to let him attend his own hearing. Ammon missed meetings with his attorneys because the guards refused to let him attend the meetings. Ammon Sits in the hole now because he refused to participate in being morally violated. And in case you thought these procedures occur for everyone, let me tell you, many of the defendants in his own trial NEVER get strip searched, even for hearings at the court house. This is targeting pure and simple to break his will to stand. And yet after 19 months, still he stands.
Perhaps you might call CCA/Core Civic/ Southern Nevada Detention Center: 775-751-4500 and politely ask them to release Ammon Bundy from Solitary Confinement for his birthday tomorrow (9/1) so he can prepare for his long awaited trial.

"Some things are more important than your life, freedom is one of them." Robert LaVoy Finicum

September 1, 2017

Sharing with full permission:

Ammon Bundy was aggressively strip searched 3x before yesterdays court hearing with Scott and Eric. They first took him out of his cell and told him the strip search would not occur, to which he was greatly relieved, this was at 4am which is normal on court mornings. Then they changed their story, put him in a cell and they came in every 20 min with a video camera rolling and said, "Will you submit to our demands and remove all your clothes so you can attend court?" He replied, "I do not consent to being morally violated but I will not resist you if you must violate me." They did this 3 times, and after each reply they came in with a brute team, removed his clothes, examined him and threw him back in the hole. Then they said, "All your other co defendants have submitted to us, YOU are the only trouble maker, Even your brother Ryan finally gave in and complied (which is a lie, he was not stripped naked and examined before or after the hearing AND he was released from the hole), so why don't you just make this easy and take off all your clothes?"
He would not give them consent to violate him and he did not resist them as they video recorded and violated him, yet searching him 3x was not enough to allow him to attend his own hearing since he would not give up his will and rights. The public is told, "Ammon won't submit to searches, so for the safety of the judge and marshals, we can't release him to their care." Even though they searched him 3x and knew he was of no threat to anyone.
This is a power play, to break his spirit, and they are now using the other defendants and even his own family's compliance to try and break him so he will submit to that which he knows is wrong. He will not give up something that he knows is a violation of his moral beliefs and his constitutionally protected rights! He can not, he will not! He is innocent unless proven guilty and he maintains that right even if only in his own spirit.

The final offer they gave was this: "We will let you skip your strip searches from here on out if You let us watch you shower without the privacy wall up when you're nude."

Are you listening to this? Are you hearing this and seeing the physiological torture going on?
Perhaps you might call CCA/Core Civic/ Southern Nevada Detention Center: 775-751-4500 and politely ask them to release Ammon Bundy from Solitary and stop violating him with strip searches.



September 9, 2017

Ammon Bundy is set to go to trial in 30 days yet he still is locked away in Solitary confinement. Because he's a threat to the other inmates? No. Because he has not been strip searched and checked for drugs or weapons? No. He has been strip searched multiple times since they locked him in solitary confinement. He is there But because he will not give consent to the abuse he has endured. So he sits in the hole everyday until he will verbally consent to being violated. Presumed innocent or already convicted? You tell me.
If you think a Not Guilty verdict will bring Justice, then you would also believe the same if someone stepped on your head 24/7 for 20 months and then by force of a jury was told to remove their boot from your head and let you stand up again. That is not justice. The removal of torture is not the same thing as justice. Our framers would be disappointed to see what we tolerate as acceptable behavior from our corrupt and abusive government now a days.
Ammon believes that if he consents to that which is wrong, then he truly never had the right against unwarranted searches and the presumption of innocence in the first place. He knows it is our responsibility to defend our rights and never surrender those gifts which God gave us if we are to return to being a free people.

Pray for Ammon today. That his suffering would end and that he can return home to his wife and 6 beautiful children. He has harmed no one and is a political hostage.


September 13, 2017

What if it were you? Would you want anyone to come to your aid or just leave you to sit and suffer in a dark and cold room alone while you're "presumed innocent" as every guard just passes you by without a second glance?
Ammon's trial begins 10/10 and he sits in solitary confinement so the jail guards can assure the judge he is not in his right mind to fight his case like he should be able to. They want him tired and weak and disoriented from the mental abuse of solitary because they know he has already beat the giant once in Oregon and they don't plan to allow that to happen again. Ammon is strong but getting tired. I can hear it in his voice as it echoes in the concrete box he sits in. Consider calling the jail and ask that Ammon be released from solitary immediately so he can prepare for his trial where he faces life in prison if convicted.
This is abuse of authority.
This is the new America if you allow it. 


September 15, 2017

The sheriff's office sent an officer over to check on Ammon Bundy the other day per our phone call requests. The officer called me back on Wednesday and said she went to the door and was able to ask Ammon if he was being fed and clothed and if he had any needs. He replied he was receiving 3 meals per day and was clothed. She told me, "He is in good health and is doing fine." I asked her why she is okay with a human being held in a concrete box for 3 weeks? And if anyone can be "in good health" while being denied natural sunlight and exercise and human contact? She said she is not authorized to get involved in how the prison manages its rules and consequences for non compliance. I asked her if an adult or child didn't follow my rules on my property would it be okay for me to put them in a concrete box until they complied or would she come arrest me for kidnapping and neglect? She said she can’t be  involved in the prisons rules. I explained to her the constitution and the bill of rights and how they were written to protect the accused from situations just like this. That Ammon Bundy is supposed to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Yet he sits in a solid Concrete box 24 hrs a day and has been denied access to his legal counsel and to attending his own hearings and can not go to the law library to work on his case. I explained to her that he has been strip searched multiple times and has never posed a threat to anyone yet he sits in the hole for not helping the guards search his body, and how this is abusive to force a human to participate in his own violations of his God given rights. She listened and continued to say she has no authority over the private prison.

I'm now waiting for a call back from the sheriff herself to discuss this further but it's been 2 days now so I guess I have to call her again. I'd like someone to explain to me why a sheriff has no authority to protect people from abuse and neglect in her own jurisdiction. Especially those not convicted who are being held only to guarantee they will appear before the judge for hearings and trial. What is the point of a Constitution, or a trial by jury if you can be held as a convicted criminal and receive the same treatment as them for 2 years before being vindicated? Do you not think this abuse and confinement will affect these men the rest of their lives?
Continue to pray for Ammon Bundy for strength and courage and for his family who suffers right along with him. Trial begins 10/10/17 please attend if you can and let's pack the court house and the steps outside with support for these innocent men.
An assault on one American is an assault on all Americans. Shame on you CCA Private Prison for the abuse and to the Sheriff who does nothing to stop it! #stand 


September 18, 2017

How is Ammon doing? Still sitting in Solitary confinement with no windows or natural sunlight, eating soy food and not being allowed to see his family or attorney, while being told he is still presumed innocent of all charges unless proven guilty by a jury of his peers. #CCAhostageCenter


September 19, 2017

119 days today in solitary confinement just this year alone.
Welcome to America, Land of the Free because of the brave. But Ammon  says not to focus on making things nicer for him in jail, focus on learning the Constitution so you can teach others about property rights and liberty and how a crime must involve a victim and restitution and how the authorities job is to ensure this process takes place. Not to financially profit off of others in a system of involuntary slavery. If we focus too much on his abuse and neglect in jail we will forget the bigger problem: he shouldn't be in jail to begin with.


September 21, 2017

Let's talk about welfare, the family unit and foreign
wars. Who is the real enemy of the people? Listen to what Ammon thinks on these topics from solitary confinement at CCA/Prison for Profit in Pahrump Nevada. He has been detained for 20 months waiting for trial, and in Solitary Confinement for the past 121 days now. 

Ammon Bundy - Another Jailhouse Interview September 21, 2017

October 6, 2017

Don't believe Judge Navarro's narrative.  She is working with CCA/Core Civic Of America to keep these two men who were found NOT GUILTY in the Oregon Trial out of proceedings, once again trying to convict them in absentia!


October 6, 2017