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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Utah County Voice Silenced For Sounding The Alarm On Vaccinations

Looking back, I never considered the fact that I would become skeptical of my government.  I have voted in every election as far back as I can remember upon eligibility.  I trusted my government had my best interests at heart and never expected them to do anything contrary to the Constitution, if that happened there would be consequences.  I also felt the same about my family doctor.  All of this really came to a head in 2000 as I watched federal government usurp our liberties and take over part of our lives through dictatorial policies and programs that I thought would be better managed by us!  We The People!  It was then I started writing to my senator and congressman letting them know, "I'd like them to leave me and my family members alone, we can make better decisions about our lives on our own and would be better off."

In the 90's I was misdiagnosed by my family doctor, given an explanation that made NO sense at the time, prescribed a remedy, which included prescription drugs, and sent on my way.  I left SCRATCHING MY HEAD!  His diagnosis made no sense!  I followed his advice none the less giving priority to his authority as a doctor over my own gut!  After suffering, do to his advice, I seized treatment.  Including disposing of the prescription drugs, I went on to try to forge my way forward, despite the destruction that had taken place in my life.  The set backs, the time my family had lost with my "old self"!  This began my realization that doctors don't know everything, but their decisions on my behalf ruined my life in more ways than I care to go into here as they are very personal.

In the last 10 years, like many others, I have felt it my duty to look at the world around me and learn more about the subjects that interested me.  As a youth I felt like I got gypped in school.  Subjects that excited me only to be shortchanged by only the mere mention of important, factual events.  I have found out more about "conspiring men" than I every would have conceived of!  I have spent countless hours researching on a myriad of subjects, some I never would have imagined.  One thing led to another opening my understanding to all.  I found the "gems" of our society hidden from our view.  I wondered, "how did I not know about these good people sounding the alarms?"  I think I have gained a wealth of information with very little out of pocket expense, as opposed to many paying thousands of dollars to a system that is more about indoctrination than the truth.  I wouldn't trade the knowledge I have now for anything in the world.

As a parent the convergence of this learning has caused some outrage and sorrow on my part, as I trusted to much in the "system" and not enough my own understanding.  One of my biggest outrages comes from vaccinating my children.  I remember taking them in to the county health department and being asked to read those disclaimer forms which, I read, every word.  I sat in my chair in the waiting room with the uneasy feeling about the warnings given and all the possibilities of what COULD happen.  I reluctantly signed the forms and proceeded to wait until my children and I were called back for the procedure.  Looking back after my research on vaccinations, I am appalled at what they contained, what is now injected into their system which can never be removed!  Substances that have changed their DNA forever!  And now it's vaccinations on steroids, and my grandchildren are the guinea pigs!  In an effort to alert my children to the facts I post this blog.

I learned the difference between vaccinations and immunizations.  In the 80's they were called immunizations.  We kept "immunization records."  I have since learned, almost like anything spearheaded by people with a hidden agenda, everything is opposite.  Immunization is, for the most part, what I received as a child.  I experienced the Mumps, (swollen jowls and all!  I'd post a photo of my 2 sisters and brother and I all lined up in bed together eating ice cream, but I think you get the picture:) Measles and Chicken Pox, therefore I have a lifetime immunity to these diseases.  And, "um-mm!  The ice cream!"  I can remember, even when my children where young, family and friends informing us that their children had chickenpox.  Many times the response would be, "send them over, we want to get it over with."  It was, most likely, "going to happen anyway" might as well get it out of the way.  In the majority of cases it was not fatal.  That is how you become IMMUNE.  In modern day medicine they have provided vaccines.  They are man made substances.  They are pharmaceuticals.  They are manufactured, and inconsistently at that.  They contain substances they don't tell you about.  (You'll never look at a piece of chewing gum the same again!)  Even in the 1900's they contained foreign substances.  But, people like me put their trust in the system and my children were vaccinated thinking this would be the "be all, end all."  Even back then there were damaging, and even fatal, results.

I am also posting this as one of Utah's Papers is silencing opposing views to vaccination.   The Utah County based Paper, "The Daily Herald", employed a freelance writer Pamela Romney Openshaw.  She submitted an op-ed entitled, "Forget Compulsory Vaccinations" to The Herald for posting, in hopes of awakening the Utah County public to the dangers of such, and to encourage fact finding for parents, to open the public's eyes as to why vaccinations?  And, what they contain, WHO is behind them.  Her article was met  with criticism from a Daily Herald Executive David Kennard, doctors, including Russell J. Osguthorpe who penned his endorsement of vaccinations while at the same time advocating parents work with their healthcare providers to make sure their children receive vaccinations, encouraging inquire, but only if you seek answers through "his" recommended source.  I have linked to a copy of Openshaw's editorial in The Daily Herald from their archives, neither Kennard or Osguthrope provide links in their rebuffing.  In fact it so enraged Kennard that he published two of his own articles back to back on the subject a day after Openshaw's article!

I'll leave it to you to read each of their articles, I just dedicate my space to addressing some of their points, written or implied.  

Dr. Osputhorpe points out that the few physicians Openshaw references are, "only a few."  I would remind Osputhorpe that he and his co-signers are also "a few"!  Openshaw advocates research of these physicians and their findings while Osputhorpe, through the Herald, wants to put a stop to independent research or inquire to suit [their] own interests.  Most physicians get their marching orders from big pharm incentives and with the US Supreme Court protecting them, it makes it too easy.

Now to David Kennard.  In his first article where he compares Amish to LDS, his conclusion is with a "get back in line" attitude where he states, "Get vaccinated and get your children vaccinated. It may not be the law, but it certainly is the responsible thing to do."  'But, we are wiping our site clean of Openshaw's "take a look see" editorial where individuals are alerted to facts they can investigate, information the Main Stream Media, even if it's your local paper, will not publish'!  In his second article, published one day after his first, he uses Jan Rogers letter where she "calls out" Openshaw for posting undocumented information on the truth of vaccinations, (although anyone can find the facts right from the "horses mouth!"  Take the "lazy" route.  There are lots of videos on YouTube in the doctors own words, many of which have been maligned by the main stream because they dare to speak out!)  Rogers goes on to speak for the LDS Church, quote, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actively supports measles vaccination campaigns." but provides no link to official press release or other documents to back up her claim.  As Rogers is an employee of the Utah County Health Department her letter is proof that she also believes that parents and individuals don't have the freedom to think and act for themselves!  To all my readers, living in Utah and being LDS is a two edged sword!  Public and Press alike, like to blame everything on the "Mormon Culture" and this case is no different.  Although we understand everyone has their freedom to choose, in this case, the Main Stream Media, Healthcare Professionals and Employees of the State alike, are telling the LDS Community in general to, "sit down and shut up!"  Obey your "leaders", (although undocumented in this case.)  Don't "look behind the curtain."  "Substitute someone else s judgement for your own."  "You are free to make your choice, as long as it is the one [WE] give you!"  In politics this is what "condemns" them!  Truth Be Damned!  (I'm sure that if Leaders of the LDS Church knew vaccinations contain aborted fetus "material" they would have a different opinion.)  Opposing positions will not be tolerated!  All that aside, Kennard was so incensed he pulled out the "big stick" of opposition, trying his best to silence the debate!

Pamela Romney Openshaw was dismissed without acknowledgment by The Daily Herold.  She simply disappeared!  "Scrubbed" by the paper who published many editorials by her, followed by many who received the paper.  When some who followed her column regularly wrote asking the paper,  "why she hadn't appeared in the paper following the vaccination article?" Some are being told, "she was not dismissed, she can write and submit editorials at anytime."  In the case of Openshaw "there are several issues here--freedom of speech and press, of course, but also the shutting down of opposing information that denies us the right to make informed decisions; the inappropriate power exercised by special interest groups. In addition, "the potential for compulsory vaccinations on adults and children--can you imagine what that could do? Even if it doesn't materialize, the discussion should be challenged.....Of all the issues with this, the most disconcerting is the lack of freedom of speech. It is the purpose of a newspaper to present both sides of the story so others can discover--not find, as it already exists--the truth. When one side is shut down, truth is the victim. 'Openshaw's' column obviously did its job--it created discussion. As a general principle, any group wanting to stifle discussion should be suspected of manipulation."  I couldn't agree more!  Had I not done my own research prior to Openshaw's editorial I would not have come to the defense of the truth.  I only wished I had this information available to me as a young parent.  

So, to my children, I ask for your forgiveness for putting your little beautiful, growing and developing minds and bodies through the "forced vaccination" program.  Your DNA has been changed forever, and who knows how much of what you suffer health-wise today and in the future, is do to those foreign substances you were injected with?  I encourage all my readers, do the research.  Decide for yourselves.  I will provide links to many of the facts that helped me.  My regret?  I didn't have access to information given to me at the State Health Department or my family doctors office informing me of my CHOICES, they only presented me with the dangers they could cause.  They sought my consent without telling me I wasn't obligated.  My only hope is that it will influence others to act to protect them and those they love.

I found this little "gem" as I concluded my post.  Information I wished I'd had had in the 80's, as this woman was experiencing her nightmare at the same time.

Whistleblower William Thompson On Vaccination

Update: August 2016- Zika virus does not cause birth defects in human babies. This hoax is now officially debunked.

Enjoy the videos and links!

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