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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Salt Lake County Community Preservation Act Town Hall September 28, 2015...

Since we were not allowed to speak at the Town Hall Meeting here is "My Two Cents."

"First-I appreciate Salt Lake County sending me a post card alerting me to the meeting tonight.  This is the way government should work, although I have to say I was shocked that this process was not known to me, as this is the first notice I received about a process put into action by the County Mayor through the Legislature (SB-199) that would put my private property rights up for sale to the highest bidder.  Like Count My Vote, where the Utah Legislature galloped in on their "white horse" to "save us" from ourselves, stripping us of our Neighborhood Caucus' and extinguishing the Republican Party.

I did listen to the Public Comment Session held in June online, therefore, my following comments.

I am a life long resident of Salt Lake County.  I purchased my first home on a County Island and have lived there for 33 years.  Unlike Millcreek and Willow Creek, I have not received "impeccable service."  I reside on a small island I lovingly refer to as "the black hole."  We have 2 streetlights.  Our street is so dark we can't even get trick-or-treaters to our home on Halloween night!  The first time I saw a yard waste container was before the election where Peter Caroon ran against Nancy Workman, and it's been hit and miss ever since.  There is a constant battle to get our street and circle plowed in the winter, although our island is closer to the snow plow facility.

Every City/County is contracted by the citizens to provide Police, Fire/Emergency Services, and Public Works, nothing more.  Nothing less!

Let me say a few words about Sandy City and their contract to provide water, fire and emergency services to our island.  We have had no less that 6 water-main breaks in the last 3 years, and it is common knowledge between fire departments in the valley that the Fire Department is not properly compensated for putting their lives on the line everyday for the citizenry.  These two things concern me, as Sandy is involved in mass construction projects of multi-family dwellings where you have to share a wall with someone.  This will definitely over tax these services.

Now to the "Process."  Why this?  Why now?  Why was Zions Bank awarded the contract to do the study?  Why not give it to Tax Watchdogs and Private Property Rights Advocates?  I'll tell you why...because there is an Agenda here!  Zions Bank is a SHILL for Wasatch Front Regional Council!  A COG!  A non-profit Planning Organization that legitimizes itself by surrounding itself with elected officials from every city and county along the Wasatch Front.  They claim credence by way of the Utah Legislature.  They have incestual relationships with Zions Bank, Envision Utah, UCAIR, the Governor's Office and more!  It is unconstitutional "Regional Government", not elected by We The People!  It is nothing more than a money-laundering scheme that takes our tax dollars and then doles them out again as grants to Zions Bank, Sandy City, Cottonwood Heights and other cities in order to implement an International Agenda.  Our county tax dollars have been funding ICLEI-the International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives, which is tied to United Nations Agenda 21-Sustainable Development-Smart Growth.  Let me use this opportunity to insist that the county STOP sending our tax dollars to this entity.  Senate Bill 199 was written in a way that "Planning and Zoning" be a part of the language.  And that's the catch!  Planning and Zoning is the vehicle every city who is a member of the "Regional Council of Government" is using to bring about this Agenda.

In the public comment session in June, Mayor Ben McAdams said, "Our Founding Fathers left us a messy process"!  No! Mayor.  The process is very simple.  If government would operate under the prism of the Constitution!

In closing, the "Community Preservation Act" is anything but!...Government should not be a Corporation!  I don't want any corporation dictating my God Given Rights!  The government resides in The People!  I am declaring my Independence, and I hope my fellow citizens will do the same and remain in Salt Lake County."
September 28, 2015 Community Preservation Act Town Hall Meeting Eastmont Middle School Sandy Utah 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

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