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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What Evil Lurks In the Hearts Of Men...

Only The Shadow Knows!

  A Blog Episode You Really Have To LISTEN to.


“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” The opening lines of the “Detective Story” program captivated listeners and are instantly recognizable even today.  One of the most popular radio shows in history debuted in August 1930.

"A figure never seen, only heard, 'The Shadow' was an invincible crime fighter. He possessed many gifts which enabled him to overcome any enemy. Besides his tremendous strength, he could defy gravity, speak any language, unravel any code, and become invisible with his famous ability to “cloud men’s minds.”

Along with his team of operatives, the Shadow battled adversaries with chilling names like The Black Master, Kings of Crime, The Five Chameleons, and, of course, The Red Menace."



It all started as I was doing some group training Monday night August 8th. LISTEN: One of the members shared a scant bit of information that he had heard that Ryan Bundy was "missing" from the jail in Oregon in which he's been incarcerated since January 27, 2016.  I immediately went to searching the internet for details and could not find anything!  Not a peep from the Oregonian/Oregon Live!  Later that evening, while working with another group, I asked them "if they'd heard anything on the subject"?  "Nope"!  I also asked if there was "anything we could do"?  I asked the leader of the group if he could contact Shawna Cox and ask her if she could find out what she could on Ryan's status, since she was in Oregon for hearings, and get back to me ASAP with the details.  I waited for days without word from him.  I spent many sleepless nights as the details came trickling in, via social media, detailing the abuse Ryan was being forced to endure by the DOJ/Courts, US Marshall's, Sheriff's Department and Jail Personnel.  It seems that not even his family had been notified of his taking and the abuse with injuries he suffered!  Finally on Thursday, while listening to the radio, I heard Kelli Stewart's account of what information she could find out regarding Ryan's "abduction" and abuse he endured by all of the above.  Instead of being informed by my group member, I had to hear it second hand on the radio after tipping him off.

You can see how it's not hard to draw the parallel between a 1930's radio series that portrays a team of operatives who uncover the "sinister" and battle unsavory adversaries.  In short.  We now have evidence, from multiple sources, that "evil" exists in our "Justice System", or in-justice system.  In today's backwards world where parental rights are being abolished by government agencies for homeschooling their children, exempting children from being vaccinated and refusing to "chemo" their kids with cancer!  Let's put "the system" to work investigating these men and women who are committing obvious abuse against "we the people".  Why are these operatives exempt?  Why are they still "on the job"? Why do these people still have their wives and children? Why do they HAVE a job!  All of their actions are unconstitutional all the way up the chain!  These operatives are just as bad as "the Black Master, Kings of Crime, the Five Chameleons, and the Red Menace"!



The evil perpetrated on Ryan during this "incident" has been witnessed by several people and they should serve as affidavits against the DOJ/Courts, Judges, US Marshalls, Sheriff Department and Jail Personnel, cameras be damned!  I believe that one of the reasons they inflicted this "mayhem" on Ryan, and also their retaliation on Ammon after testifying of Ryan's abuse by ransacking his cell.  Removing his belongings. Charging him with having "contraband" consisting of salt and pepper, and putting him in solitary, is that the public have been doing their do diligence in watching how the prisoners are being treated and petitioning for their release.  Also, if they remove the bullet the government removes the political prisoners defense.  Kelli herself testified to the fact that they were making an example of Ryan, Ammon and the other 31 prisoners and the other 3 they beat up.  We are putting you on notice.  We are watching, and we will testify to your evil deeds!  We will clean up our government by taking control of the courts and the injustice system our "government" has created.  We need to cut off this "cash cow" of a system that funds judges, attorneys, sheriffs departments, and government at all levels.  It is operating as a for profit system and this takes the constitution and compassion out of it.


We have an opportunity to up-root this system in Utah.  With the new #prisonmove in which Utah "lawmakers" voted to move the existing Draper prison to Salt Lake City and greatly increase its size.  Utahan's should be ever vigilant in making sure NONE of these injustices continue in our system.  We need to insist on public oversight that guarantees EVERYONE'S constitutional rights are preserved.  That we NEVER have a for profit system here.  That our county Sheriff's Department is accountable to the public for the operation thereof.  That the incarcerated don't have to pay for their own incarceration including GPS tracking devices, this is the governments way of asset-stirpping the incarcerated.  This "big build" should alert everyone to something...they intend to put us in it.  Their intention is to make big money at it, and to make you poorer, to take away your right to vote and your firearms and to have you labeled "crazy" insisting you be medicated.  It all sounds pretty sinister, but that's the agenda.  Utah, be vigilant!

We, as the people, are insisting that a grand jury be assembled.  That an investigation be conducted regarding the justice system, the jail, the sheriff's department including personnel involved concerning this incident involving Ryan Bundy's abuse and mistreatment including the subsequent actions against Ammon and the other 31 persons retaliated against in respect to Ryan's incident.  That the personnel be removed from their assignment or terminated at the jail including, and especially Sergent Sanders, Deputy Rose, Sergent Jacobs, Captain Petersen, Lieutenant Alexander, US Marshalls and all those the grand jury investigation uncovers.


A list of our grievances are the following: 

 On the spot hearings not on the docket and held without an attorney present.

 Mandatory medical exams, x rays, including surgery.

 Abducted from jail and driven around town without notifying family or others of removal.

 Head being hit on concrete.

 Being pushed down the stairs.

 Jeering/laughing by on duty officers while watching abuse.

 Turning off phones to silence public outcry.

 Legal Docs vandalized and confiscated.

 Gash on back of head.

 Bruises on face.

 Not informing family and attorneys of whereabouts.

 False accusations of officer abuse.

 Limiting phone call time.

 Denying phone use.

 Being left in holding cell for hours on end without breaks or food.

 Solitary confinement.

 Mental/psychological abuse.

 Rooms being ransacked.

 Photos being ripped of walls and vandalized.

 Secret proceedings.


 False and fraudulent documents.

 Assassination attempt.

 Fowl play.

 Insufficient notice of hearing.

 Violating constitutional rights.

 Not allowing preparation for defense.

 False reports.

Among others.  The American People will have justice if it takes overhauling the whole system including the American Bar Association and it's Judges.

The People are, and have been, filing legal documents on behalf of the wrongfully imprisoned including Affidavits, Habeas Corpus', Letter of Clerk Concealment, Jurisdiction Memorandum, Motion to Release and Order of Protection among others.  A copy of the Oregon Docket is available here and Oregon Contempt of Court Documents are here.  View the files and updates to court filings here.  This is no joke!  We are holding their feet to the fire.  They must comply as we play by "their rules".  Justice will be served...constitutionally.  Join us!  Educate yourselves and your neighbors.  Make a phone call.  Write a letter.  File an Affidavit.  Make a record of their "evil deeds".  Help us uncover this corruption.  With patience and compassion we will act as we "battle our adversaries".  They will "lurk in the shadows" no more!


LISTEN: Hear the chilling testimony of the July 18, 2016 court hearing in which Ryan and Ammon Bundy testified and LaVoy's testimony was heard via video and the DOJ heaped on false claims.

                        ~Ollie Smith Colorado

LISTEN: Ammon Bundy's Letter to female Oregon Deputy, one of whom is violating his rights.  Sounds a lot like the grievances I recited with my call to Oregon and Nevada.

LISTEN: Ammon Bundy testifies of abuse and assault to Ryan August 8, 2016.

LISTEN: In Ryan's own words, he tells of the account on August 8, 2016 in which a conspiracy took place in which he was lied to and assaulted and abused.  He also releases the "bombshell" that three of the female nurses who looked after his arm and LaVoy Finicum on the night of January 26, 2016 have mysteriously died!  He also lists his injuries which occurred, in part, when Sergent Sanders tried to throw him down the stairs where another inmate was paralyzed do to a "fall" a week prior by tactics by the same officer.


Injuries Ryan Suffered At Hands Of Jail Personnel:

 Wrists dislocated.

 Left thumb dislocated.

 Spinal vertebra dislocated.

 Bruised and swollen right knee.

 Left knee also sore.

 Many bruises on head and face.

 Loss of faith and hope having no protection from sworn servants.


A Gross Miscarriage of Justice-The Hammonds In the Hands of a Corrupt Government


Oregon Rancher Writes Letter To The LDS Church Seeking Support For The Political Prisoners In Oregon and Across America.


Public Abuse From Every Level Of Government



August 24, 2017
Call CCA/Core Civic/ Southern Nevada Detention Center and ask to speak with the Warden.
Ammon Bundy is very disappointed in Core Civic/Prisons for profit right now. After going back on their word regarding him NOT being strip searched, they handcuffed him (and his brother Ryan) and then cut all his clothes off with scissors and hauled him into solitary confinement last Friday, where he now sits. The first 3 days they deprived him of his belongings; no books, no legal documents to work on, no Bible. Just walls to stair at for 72 hours. Then they finally gave him some books and a note pad but would not give him his pencil to write with. He not only keeps a journal every day but he also writes all the things he finds in discovery for later research in the Law Library for his upcoming trial. (He's been learning much about Steve Myhre that he says will make your mouth drop in shock)... He would appreciate being released from solitary confinement but at a minimum he would like a pencil to continue working on his case.
Perhaps you could call the jail and let them know that profiting off of hostages is a sin and slavery is illegal and that Ammon AND Ryan would like to be released from the hole immediately.
As always, be courteous but firm. This must stop!



September 13, 2017

Ryan Bundy's Stand By Counsel, Angela H. Dows, Seeks Withdrawal As Counsel. 




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