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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fast-tracking The Homeless Shelter The Bullet Train To Disaster

Salt Lake County Mayor

Ben McAdams


Utah Representative

Steve Eliason

Try to railroad two Utah Cities into

adopting new Homeless Shelter expansion

It's a SHOCK to most Salt Lake County residents to find out that the Governor,Gary Herbert, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and Representative Steve Eliason quietly drafted legislation to expand the Homeless Shelter Program into neighboring cities surrounding Salt Lake.  Mayor Ben McAdams put together a Steering Committee back in 2015 assembling "stakeholders" to get the wheels moving on this locomotive.  Several things I find interesting are the Salt Lake County Office of Regional Development, you just need to read some of my previous posts to understand what "Regional Development" is.  Another interesting fact is that the Mayor of Midvale City was asked to sit on the committee, no better way to keep the homeless shelter out of your town than to be on the steering committee, and it doesn't hurt that your city is a total buy-in to Agenda 21 Sustainable Development!  And if you're a bank, like GE Capital, you can bet you'll be benefiting through the financial workings of their plan.  The Pioneer Park Coalition?  I get that one, because they have been trying to get that mess cleaned up for decades!


This plan is being fast-tracked by the Utah Legislature with Steve Eliason acting as railroad engineer, Eliason also sits on the Board Of Trustees for the Road Home .  If you follow what goes on on Capital Hill you'll understand WHY these sketchy bills are fast-tracked at the end of the Legislative Session, because they think people are too tired to care, and no one's listening.  Mayor McAdams, Steve Eliason, and Wayne Niederhauser know there is great opposition to the expansion of the Homeless Shelter, that's why no one has been successful in their promise to move or expand the shelter since 2009.  And, what better way to ram your bill through the Utah Legislature, by having two legislators who don't live in Salt Lake County sponsor your bill.  Francis Gibson lives in Utah County and Ann Millner represents Davis, Morgan and Weber Counties.  That way these two representatives don't hear opposition to it, because, anyone who has tried to contact a legislator to let them know of opposing views or support knows that they ignore you unless you live in their district, even though the legislation they pass effects ALL OF US!  Mayor McAdams played this "last minute trick" on Salt Lake County residence with his "Community Preservation Act" holding last minute community meetings only giving his point of view and not letting the community, the residents, speak their minds about it.  Eliason and McAdams are up to these same tricks as West Valley City and South Salt Lake are the ONLY cities on their short list to accommodate their expansion plan.  Governor Herbert secured the funding/tax breaks, as usual.  There's something fishy about this funding deal.  Wonder what McAdams, a Democrat, did to get Herbert re-elected?  Maybe this $20 million deal is compensation in a close election?  And media outlets can't even agree on the price tag!  One report says $10 million and another reports $20 million, give or take a million, or 10 for that matter, who cares?  Steve Eliason, and McAdams with his "talk to the hand" backroom deals.  Now Mayors of West Valley City and South Salt Lake and their residents and business communities are reeling from the locomotive racing toward them.  Members of these communities say they have been "put under the gun", yet McAdams says, "they've been transparent and are listening to people's input", yet their only invitation was to Salt Lake County's Site Evaluation Committee — comprised of county leaders, homeless services providers and other stakeholders, who will stack the room and pitch their plan claiming that Communities who house these facilities, "are welcoming, safe for all who live, work, and recreate, receive services or do business there".  And, "neighborhoods with a high concentration of homeless services offer access to employment, job training and positive activities during the day".  May I just say a word?  BULL-CRAP!  This committee language should be no surprise since a handful of the entities on the steering committee have first hand experience with the Road Home Homeless Shelter downtown.  Anyone who knows anything about Pioneer Park knows what a problem the residents of the homeless shelter are!  I know!  I had a business downtown 50 yards from the Homeless Shelter and a block from Pioneer Park!  It was bad for business!  Our only saving grace at the time was Gateway Shopping center, and when that went belly-up because everyone jumped ship for City Creek, that was the end of my business.  I want people in West Valley and South Salt Lake to know this will be very detrimental to business owners despite the tripe Utah Government leaders tell them.  It's was a constant battle trying to make sure my surroundings were clean and appealing so customers felt safe.  Scouring the property for needles, liquor bottles and beer cans, condoms, and the trash they left behind, including cardboard beggar signs, (one sign blamed Obama for putting him out of work).  I got a kick out of that one as they weren't afraid to tell the truth.  Make no mistake, it will not produce the results in the flowery language above, that's only meant to make you feel better about it, or brow-beat you into it!  The truth is there are real numbers associated with the financial burdens to cities and the cost to the community.  It isn't an "unknown"!  Salt Lake City should have been asked for documentation to furnish to West Valley City and South Salt Lake so they could determine if it would be beneficial to their community or to determine if this is a risk they are willing to take.  There is no excuse for not furnishing them with this report, but maybe there is, because not one of these city governments were given the slightest clue this was coming!  And I suggest the residents of these "blue collar communities" vote ALL of these people out of office.  Ben McAdams is famous for saying, "I was elected to make hard choices", NO Mr. McAdams!  You were elected to represent the people, and your not communicating with them on the up and up and pushing your predetermined plans has got to stop!  This is just more of the same from Ben McAdams, he's set a track record for these types of shenanigans.  It's always the "cart before the horse" with him, and the taxpayer's in these communities are going to have to eat what he's feeding them.  Check the codes for a recall election! 


My sources tell me there were a thousand, or so, people at the meeting at the Cultural Center in West Valley last night, and this was a last minute meeting hoping the community wouldn't get wind of it and not show up.  Tonight's meeting is scheduled for the State Capital from 6-8 p.m.  Why not have another meeting at the Cultural Center in West Valley?  It boarders South Salt Lake and maybe even the folks that camp down in the river bottoms will come.  The business community has been lobbied by County leaders trying to sell this proposal to them, but as reported by the media it's a tough sell.  From experience, I can assure you, all their fears will be confirmed, and all the problems they currently have will be magnified.  And again, talking from experience, the government doesn't care about your small business!  They are only concerned about picking winners and losers, and putting money in their cronies pockets, and that doesn't include small businesses.  You will have to suffer the loses or foot the bill to risk a move.  Another thing you should know, especially if you are a West Valley City resident or business owner is that, West Valley City already has the highest volume of Emergency Medical Calls in the Salt Lake Valley, with the exception of Salt Lake City.  The increase in these types of calls will put a further burden on this public service paid for by the property owners within the city limits, and I guarantee you the call volume will increase!  Like I said, I was a business owner in downtown Salt Lake City and was a witness to the activity.  It goes without saying that the cities police force will also experience a higher volume of calls, South Salt Lake ditto.


I hope you'll all try to attend the meeting at the Capital tonight, if you can't attend contact your Utah Legislator and tell them you oppose the expansion of the Homeless Shelter they've renamed Homeless Resource Center.  Use the links for contact information and resources.  Help put a stop to this freight train that wants to unload it's cargo in your community.

The Office of Governor Gary R. Herbert
350 North State Street, Suite 200
PO Box 142220
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2220
Phone: 801-538-1000
Toll Free: 800-705-2464


Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams

2001 South State Street, Suite N2-100, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84114 
 Phone:  385-468-7025


Wayne L. Niederhauser

President-Utah State Senate


Mobile Phone: 801-742-1606
Home Phone: 801-942-3398
Fax: 1-866-283-7751

Bill Sponsors-
Francis D. Gibson
Phone: (801) 538-1029

Ann Millner 
Mobile Phone: 801-900-3897
Bill Co-Sponsor
Mobile Phone:  801-673-4748


Today Draper Mayor Troy Walker, along with Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, held a news conference to announce that Draper City would like to volunteer to house one of the new Homeless Shelters slated by the Utah State Legislature and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, renamed "Community Resource Center".  The proposal was welcomed by Utah House of Representatives Greg Hughes who also helped drive the legislation.  The press conference took place March 28, 2017 around 2:00 p.m. at the Salt Lake County Complex.  The video below contains the proceedings of the press conference.  Listen carefully and pass it along to your friends and neighbors.

Just a few thoughts regarding statements that were made during the press conference.

Draper City does not currently fund the Utah State Prison.  They will end up funding the Homeless Shelter expansion, as Governor Herbert has only allocated a $20 Million Dollar one time incentive, there is NO continued funding.

Operation Diversion, which violated the Fourth Amendment, has only been successful at obtaining TWO in individuals in drug rehab therapy!  (I have personal knowledge of this).  They rounded up many, the media reported 90 individuals, but the results are shabby, and it just pushed the problem South to Utah County.  Just beware Mayor McAdams is touting he and Sheriff Winder's entrapment "dragnet" as a success, it was not!

If you've read my other posts you will see that my prediction of bringing TRAX to the new Draper Redevelopment Project is true!  Transit Oriented Development is coming your way.

Some other good suggestions as to how to combat this problem are coming from the people themselves.  May of us believe that service to our fellow human beings should be facilitated by the compassionate service of religious organizations or the private sector not the government, as this new agency known as "Community Resource Center" will be.  A great suggestion was made on the County's website suggesting a smaller, more close to the community approach be implemented.  One person wrote:

"Mayor McAdams,
I am Robert Kaiser.  I have a unique perspective of what to do about homelessness in Utah.  The plan to build shelters is terrible, and will not work, and will be expensive and controversial.  I have experience in this matter and have a solution.  Instead of thinking shelter that cost money, think small and medium sized co-ops that cater to specific areas of need that provide short, mid, and even long term living space for those that need it.  Instead of just housing people, those in the co-op can help each other overcome what ever is causing the homelessness in the first place.  Although it should probably not be a money maker, it certainly would be self supporting with people paying small amounts and working in the co-op if not able to pay for themselves.  Various organizations could sponsor the type of co-op that suits their needs. mostly for space for single men and women, would be the greatest need, but also struggling families would greatly benefit from the synergy of a secure co-op.  Ones that cater to those with addiction and alcoholism, as well as gender issues, and juveniles.  This would mean that the only shelter that helped the homeless would remain where it is, downtown, acting as an intake and emergency shelter, in bad weather, assigning most of those needing assistance to co-ops within a day or two.  This plan actually solves your problems, instead of creating super expensive government warehouses that nobody wants.  You will have these beautiful self-supporting communities that are an asset to the area around them.  Creating affordable solutions is the best route out of homelessness, and I believe, that co-ops are the best solution." 


I am sure there are other solutions better suited for our communities.  Get the real "stakeholders" involved and you might just come up with a solution.  Remember, Draper is just added to the list of options.  If you listen to McAdams in the Press Conference Video he says this.  No one is off the hook.


Video of the Press Conference


The Open House in Draper will be tomorrow, March 29, 2017 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in Draper City Council Chambers 1020 East Pioneer Road Draper Utah 84020 801-576-6500.  Public Forum for comments is only available for those with an account. 



The Meeting for March 29, 2017 has been moved to Draper Park Middle School 13133 South 1300 East Draper Utah 84020   


Although Draper and Bluffdale residents turned out en-mass, media reports 1000+, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams is taking the whole bag of marbles to his meeting with Utah Legislator for Homeless Shelter expansion despite Draper Mayor Troy Walker rescinding his offer to house the shelter.  Draper offered two sites and Mayor McAdams is going to run with it!  Like I said earlier, Draper's two sites are just being added to the list.  The decision is supposed to be made today, the committee has been given the dirty work to save McAdams' A$$!  This trouble with this whole debacle is that it's all codified into law, thanks to the Utah Legislature and Governor Herbert who signed the legislation.  Our only recourse now is to get this legislation rescinded.  Can we do it?  That is the question.


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