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Monday, November 3, 2014

Securing Utah's Vote

Is Purple the New Red?

Although many throughout the nation see Utah as one of the most conservative states, thereby suggesting that Utahans "get out to vote", that may have been true, it is no longer.  In fact, Utah previously ranked number one in voter turn out, but statistics show, as of July 2014, we rank at the bottom, Minnesota ranking in the top spot now!

Like once Whole Milk, fortified with Vitamin D, we've been diluted to 1% or Skim by an influx of progressive liberals from back east and California among other places.  Many Conservative Utahans have become frustrated, and with political representatives like Orrin Hatch, once one of the most conservative legislators, has become a progressive liberal, currently earning only a "D" in conservative circles.

As we are only days away from a Primary Election, and memories linger of the last election in which many were stunned by a republican loss to secure the Presidency, it is important to dissect not only "get out the vote" strategy but, what methods should Utah use and how to "SECURE" those votes.

There has been a push nationally in the last 6 years to broaden the scope of methods in which we vote and relax the criterion of "who" should vote.  Utah is no different.  In fact, this year the Utah GOP and SLCoGOP are, for some reason, making a "big push" for Vote By Mail.  This is being telegraphed by others too, as evidenced in several newspaper articles, and championed by Salt Lake County's current County Clerk, Sherrie Swensen.  Swensen was even quoted by a local news paper as saying, "I know some people like to go to their neighborhood polling place on Election Day, so it will take some time for them to get over that."  Now, when Constitutional Conservatives, original Tea Party members like me (before the term was "coined", I HAD to resort to writing Washington when Bush 43 was President and Ted Kennedy was asked by him to write the Education Bill and Orrin Hatch Championed the Prescription Drug Bill.), hear a plan like this your instincts SCREAM "Voter Fraud!"  Swensen and other progressives don't limit themselves to vote by mail, but are also advocating for online voting, a version of vote by mail on steroids!  In a day and age where identity theft is prevalent, Edward Snowden is in exile as he tries to "blow the whistle" on governments diabolical effort to spy on , not only foreign entities but on every US Citizen as evidenced in the building of the biggest computer server ever built for the that purpose, that popped up overnight in Bluffdale Utah of all places, not to mention a group of Defense Department Officials like William Binney, who developed programs of code breaking.  And, let's not forget people like Catherine Englebrecht and Becky Garrettson ,two of many individuals and groups who sought to educate and advocate for voter turnout and securing the vote, were TARGETED by the IRS, a taxing authority for the US Government!  How does anyone in their right mind advocate for such voting methods as those that will put our liberty at risk?  Like progressives always do, they will "fly the banner of FREEDOM and trumpet their belief that the "right to vote" is to restricted and that the poor and infirm are inconvenienced or "disenfranchised" by our current methods and for the skeptics, "won't you enjoy voting online so you don't have to stand in one?"  All the while concocting their diabolical efforts to water down conservative beat back of the progressive agenda.  Don't get me wrong, RINO's are also keen on these methods, but they are only progressives in the end as documented in Utah's Count My Vote "debacle" last legislative session, a progressive effort by prominent Utahan's and their money in an effort to rise to power locally and nationally.

In the push for VBM (vote by mail) in particular, many proponents advocate touting "increase voter participation", looking past the FACTS that it only increased voter participation initially.  As Utah's Governor's Office assembled a committee to research if the governor's office should champion an effort with the Utah legislature sponsoring a bill.  The facts indicate the voter participation spiked only the first year of VBM do to advertising and advocacy efforts by States and Municipalities that this was the method that would be used, in some cases exclusively!  Every election after that the participation rate declined.  Although there is some evidence that VBM is somewhat effective in municipal elections exclusively, it still begs the question, "how secure it it?"  The governor's committee of experts surveys indicate that 83% -87% of Utah's prefer choice in voting methods currently offered such as, early voting, vote by mail/absentee voting with the standard precinct polling method.  These numbers should not be taken lightly!  I think you'll find the VBM report to the Governors Interim Committee (VBM info. starts at the 7:54 min. mark),very enlightening as the facts are laid out, along with some concerns about how to SECURE the vote and the inherent cost that will inevitable follow, while advocates progress toward broadening the methods for casting a ballot.  In the audio you'll hear Wanda Amann, challenger to current county clerk Sherrie Swensen present some questions to the governor's committee.  I have personally talked to Amann about SLCoGOP's deliberate push for VBM this primary election and my concern for the opportunity this presents for voter fraud, and she indicated to me she had the same concerns.  Since our initial conversation she has had a chance to personally experience the ballot process in the county clerks office and has witnessed several processes that "set off the alarms."  Amann said there are problems like ballot security, backlog of clearing the voter rolls, (this may be someone who is no longer residing in our state or county but more importantly deceased individuals that could be removed promptly, as any government agency may have access to death records through a current data base).  She also has serious concerns about ID and signature verification, among others.  Amann has assured me she is committed to SECURING THE VOTE for Utah and in Salt Lake County in particular.  I think we need a change.  As the last few years have shown a significant downturn in Utah voter participation.  I have also received mailings from Swenson's office advocating, (but it feels like a shove), towards VBM.  I've been concerned about this for many years, and now, I have an opportunity to stop it!

As I take to the polls this election cycle, I reserve my right to complain, and that I'll do in my wrap up.  I'm not an advocate for many and multiple methods to vote, outside of what we are currently doing.  I advocate to SECURE the Vote!  I am in favor of Voter ID Laws.  I think people should visit their precinct to cast their ballot whenever possible, and when it's not, we have options of VBM/Absentee Ballot, although that vote could be more secure.  In an age of illegals up the wazoo and people voting multiple times and votes being cast by the dead, circumstances demand it!  And anyone who wants to secure our Republic should insist on it too!  Although I still have concerns about the manufacturer's and programmers of the voting machines, it rivals the "hanging chad", both can be used to steal an election.  It is surprising to me that as so many others like me fight to secure our election process there are many who advocate to the extreme opposite!  Our own US Citizens telling us that ANYONE who resides in our country should have a say in our political process, no questions (or ID) asked!  Yet- every other country, and their are a lot of them, do not allow foreigners these same opportunities in their country.  Just look at Mexico law for starters!  I'm no body's puppet!  And no matter what UT GOP or SLCoGOP says, I stand as a barrier between their efforts to increase the opportunity for voter fraud in our elections, and I'll fight the establishment like Englebrecht, Garrettson, Binney and others are doing to educate others on the potential for voter fraud, and how to combat it!  If we want to remain FREE, we MUST do it!  Our posterity demand it!

Where Voter Registration Matters!

Watch The Video

In conclusion.  All said and done, I don't like the idea of this "top down" effort by Utah's Governor, Committee and Legislature in making law concerning our election process.  The citizenry must cast their vote if it wants to change it's voting process.  Any changes MUST be taken directly to the people!  Not like the Count My Vote conspiracy.  The Ruling Class Elite's took that out of the public hands touting "compromise", like playing mediator between the Hatfield's and McCoy's!  We have a republic, if we can keep it!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Hacking Democracy

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