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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chemtrails-The CON of Climate Manipulation & Geo Engineering

Look Heavenward!

What do you see?  I have always been one of those who over-ruled the cry of "Global Warming" with commonsense.  I am a religious person showing my devotion to him in worship and in studying his word.  I put my faith in Him knowing that he created the heavens and the earth and He has power over them.  I have seen how the earth can heal in a short amount of time despite some of the incidents that have happened do to natural disaster or human carelessness or accident.  Witnessing how the hills of southern Utah regenerate after the prolific fires of the last few years is one example.

Mother Nature is Amazing!  And, it confirms my faith in God's wisdom and creative power.  I relish the fact that thousands of scientists have jumped on the band wagon proclaiming their is no convincing scientific evidence that humans are causing global warming, the "Earth First" crowd refuses to hear their message.

Tin Foil Hat?

In researching the evidence in conjunction to how NGO's and Government Regulation has had an effect on communities and their resources I kept running across information from ordinary people and experts alike about the effect upper atmosphere aerosol spraying and their radio wave activation systems is having upon the natural evolution of weather systems, vegetation, sea life and crops.  I was taking note of the big money donors and global governing types along with government and corporations diabolical experiments being conducted on us without our knowledge or consent.  My head was spinning and I thought, "I am officially a member of the tin foil hat club now!"  I've never been a "black helicopter" type, but what this government and their crony's are doing to us sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, or maybe what the Nazi's did to the undesirables during the 1930's.  I hope to present enough information containing links to help you all see what is being done to us in hopes of controlling the earths climate and it's population and food supply.  Some of the names may be familiar to you and you may come to understand why these people have those "evil smiles" on their faces in every photograph.  At any rate...Welcome To The Club!

The Terms-

If you want to control the agenda you have to control the language, as any good progressive knows!  Don't let the terms scare ya, it's all a part of the plan!  The point being, the "powers that be" have resorted to re-naming global warming to Climate Change...the scary thing is their evil experiments are meant to bring about a change in climate to get their results.  The official term is Geo Engineering and some are using Climate Remediation all in the name of Climate Manipulation.  Other terms you'll find are Greenhouse Gas Remediation, Carbon Sequestration, Solar Radiation Management, Cloud Brightening, Climate Engineering among others.  Basically, those bent on ridding the planet of their global warming fears, have been conducting a Geo Engineering master plan which includes, carbon dioxide removal, solar radiation management, ocean fertilization and carbon capture/sequestration, deploying atmosphere reflectivity systems by aerosol injection, not to mention removal of dark landscapes in favor of lighter reflective cover, and to keep the methane from being released in the oceans, deploying ships to dispose sulfuric acid to keep the polar ice caps from melting, and phytoplankton/algae fields in the ocean.

The Team-

As Riley Duren advocated in a presentation at NASA, "humans are now a geological force."  He speaks of "carbonization of the world" as if it's a nuclear bomb waiting to go off!  A sign of why the list of players to become a monstrosity. Tracing the players seems as difficult as untangling a spiders web, but these are a few in an effort to expose the many.  David Keith, Steve Rayner and David Victor advocate that small countries, large corporations along with wealthy individuals like Bill Gates working in concert with NASA, NOAA, CIA, EPA, FDA, DHS, US Postal Service, National Science Foundation, US Military and Colleges and Universities among others.  It's tantamount to the Federal Government.  Our Constitution instructs us not to make treaties with other nations.  A leviathan so big and self righteous that it is making regulation that end up as law on our books in which WE THE PEOPLE have no recourse against.  The lines are blurred here and that's why we are literally living in a fog!

Delivery/Deployment Systems-

It's not that hard to disguise these experiments since they are deployed using transportation vehicles like boats and planes and a system that is seen but not heard HAARP ELF radio wave radar.  Watch 2 HAARP Events that took place in Utah within the last year.  One was a Northern Utah event, the other Southern Utah event.

Northern Utah HAARP Event

Feeling Abnormal Lately?

You're not alone!  Experts and whistle blowers alike say that a significant amount of us have not seen organic sky's/weather in our life time.  Research shows that major deployment of geoengineering experiments have been going on since 1950's.  I remember lying on the grass as a child looking up and watching the "con trails" go on forever, only now learning that authentic con trails only are emitted for approximately 15 seconds.  With all the health problems my family and I, not to mention our friends and neighbors have experienced, and at a young age mind you, I'm no spring chicken but to young to have some of the problems I do.  I have friends and family members experiencing fertility issues, crones disease, respiratory problems, some not revealing themselves until 20-30 years of age, sleep disorders, and learning disabilities among other things like memory loss.  My sister won a bout with lung cancer and she's not a smoker and there is no family history for it.  I think smart meters may complete the activation grid, a form of dragnet if you will.  To tell you the truth, I don't think there is anything on this list me or my family have NOT experienced!

Is Mother Nature Trying to Tell Us Something?

You may have seen photos or heard reports of animal and insect deaths in large numbers.  Flocks of birds (visit this link and use the find function and see that thousands of birds were found dead within DAYS across the globe), large amounts of fish, decline in the bee population and in Utah specifically, eagle deaths and sickness.  Heck!  This is our National Bird!  There have also been reports of cattle being frozen to death in large numbers in South Dakota.  An October storm, not seen in over 50 years, rolled in killing the cattle.  Experts in geoengineering point to climate manipulation due to aerosol spraying for the deaths, since cattle inherently survive cold winter storms, they indicate that the chemicals covered the hides of the animals, kept active on the cattle causing their hides to freeze killing them.

Common Ground-

The fight against geoengineering doesn't require leave your religious or political makeup at the door.  People from all walks of life are joining the effort.  People on the forefront like Dr. Stan, Rosa Korie, Rosalind Petersen and Weather War 101 are doing great work fighting Agenda21 Sustainable Development Climate Remediation.  In my video postings, you'll listen to these people and hear that they may have liberal/progressive political leanings, but they are willing to lay that at the door in expressing concern and educating us on the subject.  Some of them have even expressed being blacklisted and silenced by corporations and the political establishment in their efforts.  From the banning of the incandescent light bulb by the EPA, which now requires a haz-mat cleanup and disposal, they all agree that geoengineering experiments are having the opposite effects on the earth in that they have evidence that the whole in the ozone layer has actually increased in size since aerosol compounds have been released in our atmosphere.  Damage to trees and loss of crops and perpetual dingy sky among other things is having the OPPOSITE EFFECT on the earth as a whole.

Self Rejuvenation-

If you follow the hot links and view the videos you'll learn that scientists and commonsense environmentalists agree that consensus is developing, that we should leave the earth alone and let it heal itself if we are to perpetuate our existence.  The problems is educating everyone of the criminal act of geoengineering for the common good, all across the globe I might add, it is being done without our knowledge by anybody and everybody who has an agenda, however sinister it may be!  We have put too much trust in our leaders in Washington and the bureaucracy, and now is the time, in yet another issue, we the people must stand up and put a stop to this madness!  We have got to put a stop to people with an agenda acting on our behalf in promoting programs that, in the long run, are detrimental to the human race.  Take DDT for instance, it has been the most successful substance at ridding the planet of Malaria, but after it's ban, we've seen it regenerate and is, once again, causing deaths world wide.  Many of the substances global warming alarmist claim are damaging the earth are naturally occurring in it's makeup and evolution like, carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gasses, and are not causing catastrophic heating of the earths atmosphere.  They are not disrupting the earths climate.  In fact there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments on earth!  Just like a hillside rejuvenating after a fire, the oceans natural ability to cleanse itself after a toxic spill and the atmosphere to deal with a volcanic episode, in the long run, the earth can deal with these catastrophic events on it's own.  IT'S A MIRACLE!  In it's creation and it's evolution!  "God don't create no junk", as someone said.  I acknowledge the hand who created it and I reverence and awe it's ability to deal with seemingly serious circumstances, and I put my money on MOTHER EARTH!

Crazy Quotes-

"the historical arc of faith in technology from steam power to geoengineering with this observation: “We demand deliverance. This is apparent in our virtual obsession with technological development, in our extravagant anticipations of every new technical advance – however much each fails to deliver on its promise.” It may be that geoengineering represents only the latest technological development that we have adopted due to faith in its promise, without a guarantee to deliver."

  “the scariest thing about geo–engineering, as it happens, is also the thing that makes it such a game changer in the global warming debate: it’s incredibly cheap.” He is concerned by the number of multibillionaires in the world who could potentially take immediate action to singlehandedly reverse climate change.[60] Geoengineering projects may in fact be easier and cheaper to implement than national and international emissions reductions. “What is new is the idea that we might want to deform the Earth intentionally, as a way to engineer the planet either back into its pre¬-industrial state, or into some improved third state.”
"Opponents of geoengineering see active management as inherently unnatural."   He defines geoengineering-as having three characteristics: “global, intentional, and unnatural."  He further stated that "carbon capture probably has no adverse effects, [and] will probably not scare anybody or provoke religious objections. If it works it may be exceptionally valuable.”

"scientists cannot understand the complex interactions or predict the impacts of geoengineering proposals."  Although an article in Scientific American acknowledges that aerosol injection was “the best–studied proposal,” but also identified the significant expected dangers of this method. These included that: “sulfates would slow or reverse the recovery of the ozone layer; they might also reduce global rainfall, and the rain that did fall would be more acidic,” in addition to other potential unforeseeable risks.  Fears over unintended consequences of geoengineering are also being raised for proposals aimed at reducing incoming solar radiation."

Scientific American- “If technology got us into this mess, maybe technology can get us out of it.”



"the low cost of geoengineering proposals means that we can dispense with national and international negotiations altogether because some geoengineering projects can be performed by “exo-national” programs—programs not confined to national borders. The idea is that wealthy individuals, corporations, or foundations have the resources to implement geoengineering proposals without the need for national or international agreement and the desirability of exo-national implementation of geoengineering proposals, is that “the scariest thing about geo–engineering, as it happens, is also the thing that makes it such a game changer in the global warming debate: it’s incredibly cheap.” [we must be] concerned by the number of multibillionaires in the world who could potentially take immediate action to singlehandedly reverse climate change. Geoengineering projects may in fact be easier and cheaper to implement than national and international emissions reductions." 


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