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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What are the CHANCES Utah is GAMBLING on Weather Modification?

5% ROI-The Gamble of Weather Modification in Utah

After my first post on Geoengineering/Climate Manipulation, I came across a post which included a link to a legal notice published in the Salt Lake Tribune, among other Utah newspapers.  Several things struck me as I read it.  First of all, almost every county in Utah was endorsing the "Weather Modification" being performed, and second, aircraft seeding was also taking place in addition to the stationary devices perched in our Wasatch Mountain range state wide!  On further reading I noticed that the states Utah Division of Water Resources provides the permits and North American Weather Consultants performs the work.


As an Investment MAYBE-At the Crap Table PROBABLY NOT!

In my research into North American Weather Consultants printed material, I found that they promote their success as a 5% - 10% return on investment in their cloud seeding operations.  Now, if this were real money in a basic savings account in this economy, it may sound like a good idea, but as a gamble or program evaluation...not so much!  I would recommend the program be cancelled, and I wouldn't "bet" on those odds.


My Interview with Utah Division of Water Resources

Accompanying Video 

Con-Trail vs Chem-Trail

What conditions have to exist to create a "con-trail?"  I've found it is really difficult for even experts to distinguish between the two trails planes leave in the sky.  A meteorologist I spoke to insists these trails are only con-trails by commercial and military aircraft.  If that is the case, the only aircraft I have witnessed in the sky not leaving a trail are small "prop" planes and those commercial aircraft on approach and takeoff from Salt Lake International Airport in the valley I live in.  Every other plane I witness has a trail!  I have also asked myself this question, "if commercial and military planes continue to fly all night, (in most cases), why is the sky natural looking when I arise in the morning, and only gets filtered as the day goes on?  They are supposedly still creating con-trails!" Things that make ya say, "hum?"  They have become so commonplace that we don't even consider the possibility that we are "down-winders" breathing and ingesting chemicals left in our air, water and soil.  The victims of the Nevada Atomic Bomb Testing (whom Ut Rep. Jim Matheson championed.  He's silent as the dead now), had better investigative reporting, studies and congressional defense than any American born after the 50's testing period.  Just like the "fallout" it's silent but deadly! 

Ever Feel Your Life Experience Has Been a Manipulation and FAKE?


I wonder if any of the weather, or even clouds I've experienced in my life have been authentic?  I'd like to think so!  I was a "cloud watcher" as a child.  Many times I'd marvel at the beautiful blue sky and let my imagination run wild as I'd watch the clouds morph into animals, faces and objects I was familiar with in my childhood eyes, but now, as I read and studied literature on the subject of geoengineering and weather modification in Utah I found that cloud seeding started in earnest in the 1950 and was allowed by law created in 1973!  And like all government expansion, a non-governmental agency (NGO) has been allowed to create regulation and receive the peoples tax dollars to fund it.  Had I been subjected to chemical and heavy metal manipulated weather and clouds?  I'm sure my parents weren't even aware of this practice and did not shelter or warn me of the dangers associated with it.  I have to admit that it wasn't until the last couple of years that I started questioning what I was seeing in our sky's, listening to "transplants" to our state, and residents alike complaining about air quality in Utah.  I have not been an alarmist on the subject, defending and combating the rhetoric about our bad air, location and topography to boot!  In 1983 we had such flooding here that we had the State Street River, which brought about the Great Salt Lake Pumps.  In my town hall meetings this legislative session I was so fed up with politicians and refugees alike, "may I suggest massive FANS on the west end of the lake?"  Even with the approach of spring I would open my blinds and say, "another day of filtered sunlight-GREAT!"  So I did, as many are beginning to suggest, "Look Up!"  As I searched for answers, I began wondering if that's why, for several years now, my home garden was struggling, even failing.  Wondering if the dead tree I took down about 6 years ago was poisoned by these chemicals and heavy metals?


I am SICK of Filtered Sunlight!

For you people always complaining about the bad air, if planes are only creating con-trails in the sky that end up filtering our sunlight, shouldn't we have "No Fly Days?"

At the very least, we should be outraged about the "pollution" planes are creating!  Meteorologists, and the DOT in Utah are famous for announcing "No Drive Days", shouldn't we now include "No Fly Days?"  Which begs the question...How many commercial airliners fly across our state daily?


If Not Utah Then Who?

After my interview with Utah Division of Water Resources I asked myself, "if these elements hanging in our sky are not being produced by the North American Weather Consultants ,who has been given a permit for aircraft seeding and is not performing this function, then who is?"  So, let me pose this question to you, "Do you want to GAMBLE on weather modification in Utah?"  At 5% Odds, "are you in?"  Speak out!  Contact your County, State and Federal Government Officials and let them know you are not on board with this "experiment" being conducted on you without your knowledge!  I guess they think, "what they don't know won't hurt them!"  Do you and your family have health problems that can't be explained?  Have you had a failing garden or trees and shrubbery?  Ever notice the large amount of dead trees in the remote areas on your drive through the back roads of our state?  We've been told that it's due to insect infestation.  I questions that now!  Experts say, "it's do to stress", what if the stress is brought about by chemicals and heavy metals?    The jury is still out in my book.  It's going to take some more questioning and investigation.  One thing's for sure...I want answers!  But this post was for the "skeptics" and maybe "deniers" out there.  I haven't, to this point, been effective in convincing them that there is a good possibility that geoengineering is being conducted without our knowledge.  All I ask is that you "Look Up" a little more often.



A Recent Find Added to blog July 2, 2014


Download the complete report and see conference video here

Owning the Weather by 2025

  Call me crazy, but it looks like I have company! I just found this on twitter. I heard nothing I didn't know before, but it may me helpful to you.

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